How SSL Certificates Secure Your Business

You put in a lot of efforts to grow your business and it is your life’s work. If you have a business website then your business is more vulnerable to attacks and mishap. Thus, it is important to ensure that your business data is properly secured.

A SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate secure sensitive data from getting leaked by adding a layer of security. It prevents exchange of data between web browser and server. All the sensitive data like passwords, username, credit card number, etc. that is shared online is encrypted and kept safe from hackers. Consumer centered businesses highly use SSL certificates to protect the information given by their customers and provide privacy.

SSL certificates don’t ensure protection to your website from all kinds of threats, But it is the best option to begin, especially for new businesses. This has many advantages than sensitive data encryption, like increasing conversions and visitors loyalty, appearing more professional, drawing in more customers, helps to optimize SEO, improving business reputation, and a lot more.

In this article we will see how SSL certificates can secure your business.

SSL Certificates


The primary function of SSL certificates is to secure server-consumer communication via encryption. In layman’s language, all the data is locked and can only be opened by a recipient(server or browser) having its key. SSL Certificates protect sensitive data from attackers. It changes the data into the undecipherable encryption technology.

Without encryption all correspondence between your site and visitors on your site is out in the open and unprotected. This implies that any intrigued outsider can take or control the information being sent to and fro. For your visitors this puts their own data and banking subtleties in danger. That is the place where encryption becomes possibly the most important factor. Without it, the information you’re gathering can be taken by outsiders. With it, that data is protected, equipped for being decoded solely by your site only.

You can’t comply with common decency request to your customers and visitors to fill-in their personal information or credit card details without giving them confirmation that the data they’re submitting to you is secured. A SSL Certificate does precisely that. It uses 256-bit encryption technique, which is unbreakable and used by many modern encryption algorithms and techs.

Installation of SSL Certificates is very important. It can be your business value proposition as it protects customers private data, you will gain customers’ trust. For website security, it is better to get an idea of your SSL requirement means how many domains you wish to cover under a single certificate. For instance, the website has subdomains and more will be added in future then a wildcard SSL certificate can do a great job instead of other types of SSL certificates.

Prevent Man in the Middle Attacks

Encryption serves more purpose than only protecting data. It likewise safeguard you from things like MITM(man in the middle) attacks and third party content injection. In an MITM attack, a third-party intercepts data and changes it, this can cause bad effects on your website, such as permitting somebody to counterfeit login certifications, crashing site, etc. Third party content injection is more or less similar to MITM attack. However in this generally third parties attempt to inject advertisements directly on your website with an intention to affect its ethics.

These attacks can adversely affect you and your customers. And these attacks are impossible on websites that have installed SSL Certificates.

Meets PCI/DSS Requirements

If you are thinking of accepting online transactions on your website then you should know what are the PCI (Payment Card Industry) requirements. To get online transactions activated, your website must be PCI compliant. SSL certificates is one of the 12 requirements needed by PCI/ DSS before you can process any online transactions on your website.

Hence, in this case it is mandatory to have SSL Certificates irrespective of your choice whether you want it or not.

Prohibit Cookie Hijacking

Cookie Hijacking, also known as session hijacking. Cookie hijacking is a situation where a hacker gains unauthorized access to cookies. Cookies are small bits of data. It stores all kind information – from login details of your customers to their ad preferences. Also it stores the session data of every visitor on your website.

By using SSL Certificates, you can prohibit cookie hijacking. As SSL encrypt all the sensitive data on your website, hackers won’t be able to break the encryption. SSL is even more important for e-commerce websites and finance businesses to maintain a strategic distance from meeting hijacking.

Ensure that your website uses HTTPS and not HTTP. Since HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP, a primary protocol used to transfer data between an internet browser and a website

Additionally, focus on certificate alerts and update to the most latest antivirus application. It might be ideal on the off chance that you excessively were careful while you are using public Wi-Fi.

Avoid Phishing Scams

Majority of data breaching is because of phishing attacks. Phishing attacks are one of the most common security challenges faced by companies and individuals to keep their data secure. Businesses are obviously worthwhile targets for attackers.

In phishing attempts, attackers imitate an organization and scam individuals into visiting a site and request that they enter personal information into a form or click a given link.

People can check whether your website is SSL secured or not. A site without a SSL won’t show the green padlock or the https. Visitors and Customers on your website can check the SSL Certificate by clicking on the lock icon. As an organization it is your responsibility to assure the visitors on your website that your website is trustworthy and they can enter their private information.

Also, give training to your employees on information security like what is their role in information security. As they have credentials and knowledge that is critical to the success of a breach of the company’s security.

Avoid Phishing Scams

Increase your Mobile and Cloud Apps Security

Going mobile is the pattern for entrepreneurs. What’s more, the cloud computing trends lead many companies to use cloud apps too. With regards to making sure about your online business, your site should not exclusively be your prime concern.

Hackers can infuse malware and trojans into apps and devices. This at point allows them to access all your data. Using SSL Certificates will secure your mobile and cloud apps, offering a safe and unmatched customers experience. Your business will boom only when your customers are satisfied with the services you provide.

Multiple Domains Security with a Single SSL

If you have a few subdomains then getting SSL Certificates for each subdomain can be difficult, and it will cost you a heavy sum.

Use digital certificates, for example, the Multi-Domain certificates can protect different domains and subdomains with just one certificate. It will save money and reduce time.


These are some ways SSL Certificates can Secure your business. Data security is an important concern, still sometimes it is compromised for several general reasons.  Losing sensitive data can cost you much more than the expense of installation of SSL Certificates will. Don’t aside data security at any cost. Not giving data security priority will make your website more vulnerable to hackers attacks. And you also lose your customers’ trust and this will hamper your business.

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