How to Attach a Fax Machine to a Cellular Phone

Cell phones provide new ways of combining mobile connections and traditional phones among others. They provide a new way of using old technology including fax machine.

Fortunately, you don’t need to physically attach your cellular phone to a fax machine. Thanks to online fax services, your smartphone can send and receive fax communication.

This way, you can manage fax tasks on a mobile phone. Online fax services allow users to send and receive documents via methods cellular phone can support.

Using online fax services

The best way to attach a fax machine to a cellular phone is through an online fax service. Online fax services let you transmit and receive faxes via attachments to email messages and provides you with a traditional fax number.

CocoFax – The recommended online fax service 

With CocoFax, professionals can send domestic and international faxes online. CocoFax provides users with a 30-day free trial period after signing up for the service. To start, visit website for free trial of CocoFax fax service.

recommended online fax service 

Besides, its services have been featured in established media outlets like Forbes and the New York Times. CocoFax supports iPhones and Android smartphones.

The service converts your smartphone into a premium fax machine. It uses the latest technology to let you fax from your phone using CocoFax. Its features and capabilities allow you to fax using your mobile apps.

Digital vs analogue technology

Traditional fax machines use recognition and handshaking that allows them to negotiate a connection with other fax machines. Cell phones rely on digital technology, which makes it impossible to connect with a fax machine.

Since a fax machine uses an inbuilt analogue modem, these limitations remain when connecting with a VOIP line. It is a challenge trying to use an external modem to digitise fax to phone communications via the internet.

Cellular connections

Several cell phone providers provide hardware gadgets that let you connect one or multiple telephones. This allows them to call using your cellular phone minutes and bandwidth.

The base stations have standard phone jacks which accept cords used to plug regular telephones into wall jacks. Even though traditional fax machines use similar cords and cabling as your phone, they can’t support fax machines.

How to Attach a Fax Machine to a Cellular Phone using CocoFax

CocoFax lets you send a fax from your cell phone to a fax number. You only need to sign up for the service by vising the official CocoFax website. CocoFax will do the rest after signing up for the service.

How to Attach a Fax Machine to a Cellular Phone using CocoFax

In your CocoFax dashboard, you can send and receive faxes from traditional fax machines. It converts faxes from traditional fax machines into a digital format which makes it possible to access them on your cell phone.

In incoming faxes are in your inbox folder while outgoing faxes are in the sent folder. Just remember to use provide the fax number of the recipient in the ‘To’ field when sending faxes.

CocoFax dashboard

Also, for a note and cover page on your fax fill in the ‘subject’ and ‘fax body’ fields respectively. When done, click the ‘Send’ button to transmit your fax to the recipient.

What makes CocoFax stand out?

With a multitude of online fax services, CocoFax has some amazing features. Below are some of them.


Lifetime storage

CocoFax automatically archives all the sent and received faxes online. So, you won’t have to worry about losing your old fax communication as is the case with other online fax providers.

What’s more, CocoFax provides an organised way of archiving your faxes as opposed to traditional fax machines. Also, your online faxes can be accessed anytime anywhere provided your cell phone has access to the internet.

Safe and secure

CocoFax encrypts all communications to ensure your faxes are safe online and during transmission. It uses the latest security protocols that guarantee your faxes are only accessible by you and your recipient.

Professionals and businesses trust fax to send sensitive information over other methods like email. CocoFax ensures your faxes are more secure than using other vulnerable methods.

Free fax number

With CocoFax, you get to choose a custom fax number free of charge. A fax number is necessary for sending and receiving faxes on your cell phone. You only need to sign up for the service.

Best of all, you can enjoy this service free even during the first 30 days of a free trial. With a fax number, CocoFax transforms your cell phone into a high-end fax machine.

Multiplatform support

With CocoFax, users can use their different devices to send and receive faxes. You can use a web browser or even your email to fax with CocoFax. Also, you can use mobile phone apps to fax with CocoFax.


The process of attaching a fax machine to a cellular phone is possible through online fax services. These convert digital faxes into analogue and vice versa to make it possible to communicate with traditional fax machines.

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