How To Boost SEO With Internal Links?

“The ability to embed natural links in the content is where the real growth lies.” The basic need for any website across the World Wide Web is to rank well. And, it is the internal links that can help you stay ahead in the race. How may you ask? It is the ability to navigate through your website in the best manner possible that, in turn, helps Google to get an idea about your website’s structure. By offering a relevant link value to your content, a hierarchy gets established that further assists in improving the overall ranking of the page.

How To Boost SEO With Internal Links?

The Internal link strategy helps in navigating through the various pages of the website. It is the best strategy when it comes to improving search engine rankings and the number of clicks on the website. However, one needs to be very clear about the strategies that help in boosting SEO with the help of internal links. You’ll see how it is done, but before that one needs to understand what really an internal link is.

Understanding Internal Linking

For instance, you are browsing through a website link, “,” and there is another link present in the content that points at “;” it is called internal linking. In simple words, a website navigating internally from page to page is defined as internal linking.

These internal links are highly essential for Google as it helps crawl websites by utilizing links through a newly invented bot called, “Google Bot.” The job of the bot is to arrive at the homepage of the website and start the navigation to follow through the first link that appears. Thus, these links form the basic criteria for determining where the search engine optimization ranking stand.

Strategies to Help Boost Your Internal Linking SEO

Strategies to Help Boost Your Internal Linking SEO

Here are the essential SEOinternal link strategies that you need to track to boost the reach and the turnover of your business.

  1. Transition From Blogs To Landing Pages

Most of the businesses around emphasize on creating attractive blog posts to attract the audience and increase their SEO rankings. But, you know where the problem lies? A blog post is least helpful in boasting high conversion rates of the websites. So, instead, one should try focusing on optimizing the landing pages, and it would surely lead your way towards success.


  • The first step should be to find landing pages with high traffic and corresponding low conversion rates. It is Google Analytics that will help you with the job by sorting out the URLs that enjoy high traffic evident through the number of sessions.
  • Do not overlook to classify the pages that enjoy a high conversion rate too. Next, link the high conversion pages to the high traffic pages. Whether they are the text links, image links, or even the banners; make sure you link everything appropriately to help solve the purpose.
  1. Deploy The Art Of Creating Attractive Content

The basic rule of creating internal links reflects in creating an ample number of internal pages. In simple words, if the content marketing strategy is in place, the internal marketing strategy would be a success all too naturally. You may ask how it would help. The fact is; when you have lots and lots of content, the linkable content is more too. “Better the number of links to other pages better is the internal linking strategy.”


  • Create relevant, creative, and attractive content that attracts the audience in a jiffy. If you have a perception that quantitative matter would be useful, do not be mistaken. It is the quality that matters in the end. If a website page has plenty of links offering required knowledge, things can take a turn for good.
  • Creating powerful and attractive headlines could be your best way to present the users with content they would consider reading through. Focus on keyword research and infusion them equally as it can take your website to the top of ranking games.
  1. Links That You Can Avoid

Not all links help in boosting SEO. It is not just any other link that you can embed in your content; there need to be some happy and useful links that any website owner should be focusing on. That is why; it is advised to hire professionals offering internal linking SEO campaign so that you do not have to worry about a thing. An SEO expert will easily be able to help your website become the best example of internal links in the market.


  • Avoid links that redirect the user back to the “homepage.” The idea should be to embed internal links to less visited pages to increase its overall visiting frequency. The homepage is a central page, and having too many internal links pointing back to the homepage is not a good strategy. Focus on linking the pages that lie deep beneath the structure of the main navigation menu.
  • If you are linking the contact pages, you are again making a mistake. If your website has a content telling the customers to make a call and infusing an internal link to the “contact us” page, you are not making a smart move. The basic reason behind this is that linking to pages that are already on the top navigation is not recommended.
  1. Natural Links Would Do The Job

The best SEO internal link strategy is to work smartly over the internal links present on the website. The internal links should be adding value and information to your website, and that is what would make for a perfect informative platform you provide the visitors. The major benefit of adding internal links is to boost the time a visitor spends on the website by navigating from page to page. This makes adding the page links all the more essential.


  • Maintain the internal links with the flow of the content. Nowhere should it feel that the content is not in synchronization with the message of the content. It is a surety that rich links will attract conversion rates no matter what. Make the content so enticing and lucrative that the user can’t resist browsing the link.
  • Content links should be relevant in every manner. For example, you are writing about cars. The internal links should be related to cars only instead of navigating you to a content talking about food. If you apply the wrong links, you are misleading the audience, and it would not work in your favor.

Wrapping Up

This is all about how SEO internal linking structure is the best investment that you could make to turn your business into a success. If you keep all the four strategies in mind and implement them tactfully; nothing can stop you from becoming the next viral sensation on the internet. A pro tip, consider infusing your old content with internal links too. It would make for a great marketing strategy.

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