How to Prepare for Class 12 Accounts exam

Accountancy is somewhat similar to Mathematics as both these subjects involve a reasonable amount of commitment and sincerity. It is one of the core subjects in Commerce and is a scoring one if studied with the right approach and mindset during the preparation. With the right amount of willingness and hard work, scoring good marks in this subject is not that difficult. It may sound absurd to many students but, the fact remains that every subject demands hard work and practice. The levels of these factors may shift accordingly.

If you are worried about your performance in the Accountancy exam, you must go through the important tips mentioned in this article. Focus on implementation and improvisation rather than cribbing about your weaknesses. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses but concentrating on the shortcomings will only deteriorate your productivity. Refer to the DK Goel Solutions Class 12 Accountancy PDF for practising additional questions related to different concepts in Accountancy. The following tips will help you perform your level best in the Class 12 Accountancy exam:

  • Focus on Understanding the Basics. It is decisive to be thorough with the basic concepts in accountancy like- Ledger Posting, Credit and Debit Balance etc. With a strong understanding of the basics, you can tackle complex and rigid topics effectively. If you are well aware of these fundamentals, you are more likely to score good marks in this subject.
  • Classify the most critical units from the syllabus issued by the CBSE for Class 12 Accountancy. The accounts exam is generally lengthy and involves the preparation of Accounts according to the prescribed formats. So a proper understanding of the decisive units from the syllabus is a pre-requisite for scoring good marks. Go through the syllabus and highlight those topics that will require additional time and practice. Moreover, going through the syllabus will also be advantageous because the interpretation of the marking scheme becomes easy. CBSE issues a marking scheme that should be followed by the students while answering the questions in the examination. Each step carries marks in accounts. Thus, you cannot afford to lose crucial marks by skipping the necessary steps. Attempt the questions as per the marking scheme to avoid neglecting the mandatory steps.
  • Read the Theoretical Portions comprehensively from the textbooks, preferably NCERT as students fumble in the questions demanding clarity of the concept and meticulous reading of the theory. You should use different strategies such as Flowcharts, Flashcards etc. to remember the definitions of the terms mentioned in the theory. Sometimes, a one-mark question can become tricky if you skip understanding the appropriate meaning of these terminologies but, you’ll be able to solve all such questions. All it takes is adopting a creative style to remember the necessary information. You have to figure out your way of retaining information about these significant terms.
  • Evaluate your Progress using Sample Papers and Solutions. As you proceed to complete the units, it becomes crucial to assess the level of understanding you have developed and figure out the mistakes to avoid. Further, a rigorous practice of the sample papers will help you develop and work upon your accuracy in solving the questions within the least possible time. It is necessary to keep track of time while solving the sample papers because the calculations can become time-consuming in the actual examination. Even though using a calculator in the exam is permitted, developing a steady pace for calculations must be prioritized. Moreover, every question has to be answered according to the format mentioned in the question in the examination. So a proper usage of heading for each account is necessary. Solving the sample papers will help you develop a strategy for the presentation of your answers following the marking scheme, within a stipulated period.
  • Develop a habit of writing concise answers because you are expected to write short and to the point answers in the examination. Writing endlessly will prove more time consuming and the chances of committing mistakes will increase. It is worthless to attempt the questions in a manner opposed to the marking scheme if you want to score good marks in the exam.
  • Maintain Clarity in the answers throughout the examination. You should keep in mind that it is necessary to maintain legible and clear handwriting throughout your answer sheet because it will assist the examiner in gauging the level of your understanding. Follow the proper format and write proper headings and subheadings. You should maintain clarity and neatness, avoid cutting; scribbling and overwriting. All of these factors are the determinants of your performance in the examination. So, you must keep in mind that if you make the correction easier for the examiner, you are likely to secure decent marks in the accountancy examination.
  • Emphasize understanding over memorization. You must understand the units with a clear intent and avoid burdening yourself by memorizing each concept. Accountancy requires a balance between the theoretical portions and the calculations. So, you are likely to forget the theory easily because accurate calculations will require more time and attention. So, you must prioritize understanding the idea behind each concept instead of rote learning the information, prepare your notes on each topic to complement your understanding. Detailed notes will be advantageous during the revision of these concepts. One important thing that you must know is that working notes will carry a decent weightage in the examination. So, you must use them to your advantage in the exam.

These were the tips you have to follow to score decent marks in the Class 12 Accounts examination. The amount of hard work and perseverance you can put into achieving this goal will automatically aggravate the chances of scoring good marks and vice versa. Overall, Accounts is a scoring subject and with proper care and a comprehensive strategy, it will be easy to ace the examination in this core subject. It is a fun fact that the overall performance of students in the Class 12 examination is immensely affected by their performance in Accounts and Business Studies.

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