How to Prepare for Exams from NCERT Books?

When it comes to preparing for an exam, students usually get stressed. But, one thing that can help you out is the NCERT books. Using the NCERT books is always recommended because they are authentic and are curated by the experts. These books are easily available and offer chapter-wise solutions. But, it is always better to understand how you can fully prepare for your exams from the NCERT books, without neglecting your textbooks or classwork. Also, NCERT books are available for all the subjects.  So, read ahead to know more.

Reasons Why You Should Use NCERT Books

  • The language used in NCERT books is very simple, which means you don’t require the help of an adult or a teacher to understand the same. You can easily do it at your own convenience and without spending a lot of time on one single topic. NCERT books offer a better understanding and are present for all the subjects. So, you can use them once you are done with your textbooks.
  • The NCERT book solution is curated by industry experts and is only written and published after huge amounts of research. They have a set standard and provide only accurate information that can be used by students.
  • The final reason why NCERT books are your perfect companion is that they ensure you are able to grasp the concepts more easily.

How To Read NCERT Books?

You can either study the books chapter wise or after you have completed the entire syllabus. For instance, if there are 10 chapters in a subject, you can study one chapter from the textbook and then from the NCERT book or you can finish all the 10 chapters then move on to the NCERT books.

Other Tips To Study With NCERT Books

Have A Timetable

A timetable is one of the most important things you need before you study. You can either have one single timetable for your studies where you include studies from your textbooks, classwork and the NCERT books or have a different timetable for your NCERT books.

Make Notes

Although NCERT books will have notes of their own. You need a separate notebook where you jot down all the important points in order to make the revision a piece of cake. When you have all the important points in one place, it also makes it easier for you on the day before your exam. All you have to do is go through the book and you are all sorted.

Have To-Do Lists

You need a to-do list, which you will then divide monthly. It is like an extension of your timetable. But this includes revision, going through NCERT books, solving question papers, and more. Monthly or weekly to-do lists help you break things down and they are much easier for you to follow.

Don’t Overburden Yourself

Timely breaks, while you are studying, are very important. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So, take breaks in between and also work on your hobbies. In fact, you can also try the timer method, where you study for 30 minutes straight without any distractions and then take a 10-minute break and do the same thing till you are done for the day.

Solve Question Papers

Once you have thoroughly completed your textbooks and the NCERT books, it is time to move on to question papers. They will not only help you understand the format but can also be a practice to help you manage your time better.  Solve as many question papers as possible and check all the questions that have been repeated as there are chances that they will be repeated again.

Have A Positive Spirit

While you are going through all the books in order to ace your exam, it won’t be possible if you don’t keep a positive attitude. Make sure you stay calm and happy and make sure you believe in yourself.

Have Two Study Sessions

Every day, you can divide your study sessions into two parts. One can be for your textbooks and another for the NCERT books. This will ensure that you are not missing out on anything completing your studies fully the same day.

Make Use of Technology

Sometimes, simply sitting and studying can lead to burnout. In such cases, it is important that you try new methods. For instance, you can make use of technology to help you out. You can read about how others are preparing for their exams online or choose quizzes or online videos to help you prepare better. Thanks to technology, there is a lot you can do and several innovative ways to study. Therefore, see what works best for you and do it.

Talk To Your Teacher

If you are looking for any more tips to ace your exam, it is important that you speak to your teacher. They will not only help you but can also clear any doubts you might have. Don’t let any confusion interfere. Make sure you clear them before the exam so that you have time to go through them.

Things To Do On The Day of Exam

  • Make sure you enjoy a good night’s sleep the previous day
  • Eat a nutritious breakfast
  • Have all your stationery supplies in place
  • Keep your calm
  • During the exam, always read the paper thoroughly once and only then start answering
  • If you are unable to remember any answer, don’t dwell on it, move on to the next one and come back to it once you are done
  • Before you submit your answer sheets, check what you have written thoroughly

NCERT Books can be a boon but don’t neglect your textbook or classwork and it must be used as additional material to help you ace your exam.

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