How to Recognize New Trends on Google 10 Things to Consider

With so much competition in the marketplace, it’s often difficult to recognize new trends as they occur. However, it’s very important to know what Internet users are searching for to best identify the new topic in various marketplaces. Finding the best ways to recognize new trends is very important. Take Google Trends, for example, it is a great source to turn to stay on top of some of the most popular trends that are occurring in different industries.

If you need to keep abreast of the latest trends to improve your business’ performance, below are 10 ways that you can do so using Google Trends.

What is Google Trends?

Before we dive in, first we’ll explain what Google Trends is and how it could impact your business. Google Trends is a website established by Google. It is designed to analyze all of the popular search queries that take place in the Google search bar across multiple segments, languages, and regions. The site uses tools such as graphs and other tools to compare search volumes. The searches are comprised of a wide variety of queries within a designated time period of time that represents different regions.

Google Trends was launched in May 2006 and is used by marketing professionals across the globe. Below are 10 ways that you can use Google to recognize new trends.

  1. Identifying New Trending Topics

One of the first things that need to take place is to identify what new topics are currently trending, such asmost popular topics, how often they’re being searched for and which geographic location the searches are coming from.

This information could be provided in various segments or from various regions. For example, trends such as football versus American football or what’s trending today versus the past several days.

  1. Identifying Trending Keywords

Google Trends can be used to identify trending keywords in a particular market. Various keywords and keyword phrases that are used by potential customers can be evaluated and used for planning purposes. This is helpful to SEO professionals and content developers who need to add relative keywords to their content and overall marketing strategy.

  1. Recognizing Seasonal Trends

Some trends are seasonal and are reflected in various search tools based on a particular season. For example, the word umbrella would likely be used more frequently during the winter months than during the spring and summer months. In addition to that, certain trends can shift in certain parts of the country. Some states that have hurricane seasons may experience search terms such as umbrella used more frequently in southern states during the summer months than states like California that are located on the west coast.

Companies who are interested in determining the best time to use seasonal terms or launch promotional campaigns for seasonal products can refer to Google Trends to identify the best time of the year to launch a relevant promotional campaign.

The great thing about following seasonal trends is that it allows marketers to develop marketing campaigns and strategies far in advance and launch them in the appropriate season.

  1. Capitalizing on Current Trends

It’s important to capitalize on what’s currently trending, but what’s also important is to keep in mind is that some current trends could experience a downward spike once the trend is no longer relevant. Take Mother’s Day, for example, it’s no longer relevant the very next day. As a result, it’s important not to allow a sudden decline in search volume to be misrepresented.

To best capitalize on current trends, its best to look at them on an annual basis, maybe even for the past several years. Armed with this information, marketers can predict which topics will be trending in the future and develop campaigns accordingly.

  1. Using Google Trends to Develop Content Calendars

Another great use of using Google Trends is to use it when developing your content calendar. It allows marketers to easily see what’s coming down the pike earlier enough in the year to create great, relevant campaigns.

  1. Identify New and Emerging Markets

When various search trends have gained a lot of popularity in certain markets, you can monitor other geographic markets to determine which ones begin to embrace the new product or service that you are monitoring. In doing so, you can make more informed decisions about the best location to promote your next product or service.

  1. What News is Trending

Part of Google Trends includes a Google news Initiative whereby Google works directly with journalists and other members of the news industry.

Google makes the latest tools available for those needing trending information concerning the news and journalism industry.

  1. Technology Trends

Monitoring new and emerging technology trends is critical for technology-based companies. Especially since some technology has a shorter lifespan than others. Google Trends allows marketers to identify peak periods during life lifecycle of technology-based products as well as the decline of certain products. However, a decline doesn’t necessarily mean that the product has reached the end of the life cycle, it could also mean that consumers have gained the knowledge and understanding of how the product works have later purchased the product. When this happens they no longer need to perform a search for the product.

  1. Identify What Your Competitors Are Doing

As a marketer, it’s important to understand that competitors are also developing marketing strategies as well. Most also refer to Google Trends, which allows them to determine the best regions to promote their products and services.

Using Google’s tools that they make available allows marketers to see which regions have the most queries within a designated period of time.

  1. Subscriptions and Alerts

Google Trends and alerts allow marketers to subscribe to various keywords and terms. They can then receive updates on those terms as they begin to trend or due to other factors.

Once the subscription has been added, simply add the keyword that you’d like to try.

Basically, Google Trends is a great way to assist marketing professionals to measure the popularity of various brands. For more information about how Google Trends can assist your business, please contact Scout Market Intelligence Australia to learn more.

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