How to Save Money on SEO Tools In 2024?


Search engine optimization tools are a bit expensive and time taking. They are tricky to know and sometimes their extravagancy left no dime to your name. When you are short on time but have loads of money then it is not a bad idea to hire agencies, but if you are low on budget to pay to the third-party agencies then you must find ways to save money on SEO tools this year.

Since the pandemic happened, everything either became so expensive or vanished from the market. This left us almost empty pockets. To cover the expenses, we could hardly budget out for our business. And this is fine. Yes, tools can be a rapid boost to your SEO however optimizing your links without tools seems a pretty cool thing. I have boosted my site organically by using no tools at all and doing it all by myself.

If you are also the one who wants to save money on SEO tools and has lots of time. Then follow my tips to gain a ranking and accurate audience to your site without paying a penny.

  1. Refine Your Title Tags

A title tag is the HTML element used for specifying the title of your web page. It tells your visitors and the search engine what they least can expect from you. It is your first impression count and supplies brand leverage.

Watch out for your title length, if it’s too long, the search engine will cut it by length and add ellipses “(…)” to the rest of what is left to be read. This could also end up omitting important keywords which were to attract the audience. But now it is not. The best keywords help determine the value of each targeted theme. Übersuggest is a free Google Autocomplete scraper.

  1. Master Keyword Research

Refining for the best keywords is the most important yet the most tactic job. Your whole SEO program relies on keyword searches. These are the terms your audience will look up for you. And one of the kindest ways to get organic ranking. You must understand and get the correct knowledge about the words and phrases of the real searchers, determine keywords to be targeted and indicate the demand for your product. Do not assume that you know what your customers will likely see, what they want and what they search for. Search!

Google Keyword Planner is the free, go-to keyword research tool. You will be needing a google ads campaign to get access to the most useful data.

  1. Use Free SEO Tools

Running your SEO site on a limited budget is a challenging thing to go with. But the free SEO tools have made it much easier. However, you will be you can easily get a discount of 40 percent on power siteSEO shocked by the number of small business owners and startups that ignore free SEO tools. Today, there are tons of free SEO tools you can use to take your keyword research journey to the next level. You just need to know what these tools are and how you can get an advantage from them.

Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tool, Spy Keywords, and Google Keyword Planner are just a few of the free keyword researcher yet so powerful SEO tools.

Google Analytics helps you discover queries that are doing well in SERPs.

Spy keywords help you discover keywords your competitor is ranking on.

WordPress users can use the Yoast SEO tool that can monitor their posts in real-time.

SEO Analyzer Tool by Neil Patel helps you compare your website against 3 of your competitors.

  1. Look Upon Your Competitions

You cannot compete in the market without a good competitor. Competitions help you grow faster and motivates you to do better than before. Go through your competitor’s site and check what’s been there that you have missed. There would be something that is dragging more customers than you. It is always recommended to copy your competitors. Not in an exact way, but follow their high-end techniques which are making them successfully more than you. Because they have experienced the market challenges and following an experience is better than doing your experiments. Let’s say if they have made up to 50% more sales in Christmas sales, look what you are missing out on your site.

  1. Map Keywords

Map what your customers search and what phrases they use on each page of your site. Create a spreadsheet of your critical pages and navigate your sites primary and secondary keywords. And create new pages for high-value keywords. Use long-tail keywords in your initial period like “How to set up a home-based business”. The long-tail keywords drive fewer searches and are typically more specific in the blog posts, FAQ page and product pages.

  1. Enhance Your Site

Your appearance attracts more people to your site, and they would like to spend more time than usual, they do. Let’s say 5 more minutes to your site because they got impressed with how precisely you designed your site. Update the content on the pages to include keywords, create new pages for visual ads, videos with text and potentially graphics. And if you would like to launch a new keyword such as blog or educational part, that is a great implementation on your site to bring more traffic. Focus on the textual elements of each page the title tags, headings, description and body content.

  1. Build High-Quality Content

Create high-quality content for your audience. That’s quite a difficult task for any e-commerce or blog site. According to a good friend of mine at SavingSays every website owner have to publish at least once a week, if not then a month but consistency should be there. If you lose consistency your audience may lose the path which reaches your site, and some other site may get them. Your content should not be only text-based, use illustrations, designing, colour combination techniques should be applied, product photos and videos or any other content that help your customers come to your site again. Your site should be engaging to the customer’s interest and their need, otherwise, you have wasted your time and theirs as well.

  1. Get Benefitted From Guest Posting

Guest posting is free and sometimes really affects your site rankings. If you are on a limited budget you can give it a try on your SEO site for free. Guest posting is simple, it is a way of publishing your content on another website that includes links and those links will get the reader to your site. For better results, publish your posts on a relevant website that has a huge engagement with readers. However, blogging is a powerful technique to build your digital presence.

  1. The decline of Page Loading Time

Your website’s speed can make an audience or can break an audience. If the website is running too slow that is because it is loaded with heavy Html codes and heavy visuals. Because of a slow website, a customer will leave your site as fast as he reached there. This can determine your conversion rate and affect the reputation and google ranking. To improve your load speed, you need to upload compressed images, shrink down JavaScript, CSS, and HTML and decrease server response time.

  1. Build Your Social Media Network

Social media networks help you connect to your audience. The social media relationships increase the exposure of your content and it is likely possible that some will blog it or link to it. Consumers who shop online, likely to join you through Facebook and Twitter. Business to business companies usually use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and linked in. So, if you don’t have them, you are missing out on a big part of the audience. And if you are smart to have social media interaction previously then do not forget YouTube is one of the biggest business places.

  1. Master Long-Tail Keywords

When taking the initial step toward your startup, do not start with short tail keywords. At most times huge business owners find difficulty in ranking up for short-tail keywords. However, the long-tail keyword includes more than 3 words that have a great impact on commercial purposes. Long-tail keywords can be, “How to get rid of skin patches” or “Long hair health tips”. Short tail keywords include 3 or less than 3 words in it. Once you have mastered the keyword research then you can work on short-tail keywords as well. Ideally, long-tail keywords have less competition than short-tail words.

  1. Fully Draw On Blog Comments

In the blog comment section, people post their experiences about how they felt after going through your site. Did they get helped for what they were looking for? What they most loved about and what made them offensive. Not only yours, kindly go through your competitor’s blog comment section too. Customer’s feedback is the key to improving your skills. If the comments are very much overwhelming means you are going well, if not then you must look for the solutions to make your customers happy.

  1. Participate In Business Events

If you don’t want to have the budget to spend on hiring someone for high-end quality services and techniques, then participating in business events is the best alternative you have right now. Hundreds of business events are held each year and thousands of people join them. Some are to share knowledge and some attend it to catch knowledge. You participate in both. Ask questions that you want to get answered and note down the key points for what other’s share based on their experience. You’ll get a lot of things cleared without even asking and most importantly you will grow the social circle that might benefit you in the future sometime.

  1. Build Your Brand Awareness

Establishing yourself as a reputable content publisher is way easier to say than to attempt. It is one of the best ways to authorize your brand as a reputable site in the industry. Google wants to keep a happy relation between its engine and its users. And for that it allows you to publish something that people want to read. For that purpose, you need to build trust and good relations between you and google by keeping Google’s audience happy through your helpful content. Once you become an established content writer, you can win the combination trust of google as well as the audiences.

Creating the right strategy to win a high ranking without SEO tools is a bit difficult task. But it is not impossible. You will be getting all the organic sales and sometimes you even feel discouraged but don’t lose hope. Because slow and steady wins the race. Also, if you still feel discouraged to hang on to a successful strategy, remember that’s not the case with you now, you just got a load of knowledge and understanding on how to rank your site on a low budget.

Patience is the key to success. Even if you implement all the outlined strategies to your site, you keep patience, as great things take more time.

Just follow the above strategies and know that you worked amazing. Keep your hopes high after all everything’s going to work at the end of the day, sometimes later and sometimes sooner.

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