How to Track Someone’s Location without Them Knowing

Do you have a gut feeling that your husband/boyfriend/children/employee is lying to you about their locations? Well, your gut feeling can be true and you shouldn’t overlook it. Rather you should start tracking the real-time locations without them knowing about it.

If you are thinking that it’s a next-to-impossible task then let me tell you it’s not. You can make it happen if you have the right resources by your side.

I decided to come up with this article because many people think they can’t track someone’s location as they don’t have appropriate skills or are afraid of creating never-ending troubles.

By the time you will reach the end of the article, you will become a tracking expert.

Tracking Someone’s location in Hush-Hush Manner – Use Minspy


Technology has splashed out some of the revolutionary changes in our lives. We have apps and tools making things easier and hassle-free for us at very front and tracking someone’s location is no exception.

We have a whole bunch of apps to track someone’s location that will do the job in no time.

But, can you put your faith in any other location-tracking app? No. Absolutely not.

As we have said earlier that you will succeed in this only if you have the right resource, you need to make a conscious decision.

Minspy is the right choice. It’s that object d’art where technology and human intelligence mingles in the right proportions and gives you outstanding patronage.

You can fathom out the significance of Minspy in remote location tracking arena with the fact that it has millions of satisfied users in 190+ countries.

As if it was not enough, Minspy has gained positive word of mouth via various leading world media houses. If you are wondering about the reasons behind the huge popularity of Minspy, read review of Minspy and then this detailed explanation of its features:

Minspy is not an old-hat 

If you are still thinking that jailbreak/rooting is the only way to track someone’s phone location then I must say that you haven’t upgraded your knowledge in this regard.

Using these activities was a thing of the past and Minspy doesn’t work that way. It’s made for the future generation. Hence, it doesn’t use any of these.

Spyic is made of the most recent technology that works on syncing methodology. Now, using this latest phone tracking technology is like hitting two birds with one stone.

On one hand, you are using futuristic technology. On the other hand, you are getting rid of tons of worries that follow you after you decide upon jailbreak/rooting.

Unlike jailbreak/rooting, Minspy’s cutting-edge technology doesn’t toy around with the targeted device’s OS. It gets paired with the OS and fetches data for you. It was indeed a ground-breaking finding.

Another way via which Minspy has ditched the old approach and makes location tracking safe for you is not having your data on its server.

Many of the location tracking apps do that and put your data at risk. But, Minspy doesn’t follow the sheep herd. It makes its own way by keeping your safety at the pivot.

Minspy keeps your motive hidden

Can you imagine what would be the outcome if someone finds out that you’re tracking their location? They will freak-out on you despite knowing that you were doing for their good. This can be a set-back for you.

But, Minspy never let it happen to you as it works in a super clandestine manner.

Minspy for iOS comes with a 100% web-based interface and works without asking for any downloading & installation. You can use any device/browser to get started with this and enjoy secret location tracking.

If the target is using an Android-based phone then also your motives won’t be revealed to anyone. Minspy for Android is not any ordinary location tracking app. It’s an avant-garde that has incorporated every best element.

To begin with, it’s less than 3MB of size and still can track 35+ phone’s activities.

Due to its compact size, neither does it consume much of the phone’s space, nor does the phone’s battery drain out quickly. What you will have with this app is risk-free and hassle-free location tracking as it comes with stealth mode.

As soon as you decide to run the app in stealth mode, which you will do eventually, its icon goes missing from the app list and it goes backstage. No one, even the target, will be able to find out the app is on the targeted device and working for you.

Here, you can see all Minspy features at a glance:

Minspy features

Location tracking with a difference

One of the key reasons why the world is going ga-ga over Minspy is its ability to provide you the cut-above location tracking. The details that you get with Minspy are not half-good. It’s highly detailed and comprehensive. It updates you with every minute detail.

For instance, you get GPS coordinates and Wi-Fi-based location details. Also, every data comes to you with a timestamp. So, you not only know the exact location coordinates but also learn about on what time target what present on that location.

It was ground-breaking as no other app was able to give you such detailed information.

Using Minspy, you just need to choose a subscription plan & OS type after successfully signing up with it. Then, it will guide you through, making you follow a few steps here and there. 5 minutes of effort & the dashboard will be in front of you.

From the Minspy dashboard, you will easily be able to navigate to the location section and track the target phone.

Minspy dashboard

After reading all these high-end qualities of Minspy, you must be thinking that you have to sign a high paycheck to start using Minspy. But, the reality is just the opposite. You don’t have to be debt-ridden to enjoy all these facilities.

Minspy is not at all costly. In fact, using it for one month is cheaper than a movie date or your lipstick. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is. If this amazes you then what will you do when I will say that you can track the location of 25+ phones in one go with Minspy?

Won’t you jump off from your seat?

Won’t you pinch yourself to find out whether it’s for real or not?

No matter what you do, you should accept the truth and truth is you can actually do it if you buy the corporate subscription of Minspy.

Before we bid adieu to you

Tracking someone’s location with full diligence and without any compromise is not a fantasy anymore. It’s a reality and Minspy is what makes it happen. By the use of the latest technology, Minspy was able to pull it off.

You can enjoy ultimate peace of mind at peanut’s cost with Minspy. Waiting and giving a second thought to Minspy is totally time wastage. By the time you do that, your dear ones can get themselves into new troubles. So, don’t wait anymore. Try it today.

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