How We Interact With Artificial Intelligence On a Daily Basis

Artificial intelligence is everywhere and it comes in forms that we cannot even imagine. This particular technology has become an integrated part of the industrial economy, teaching people how to conduct business and optimize their personal lives. Some people are interacting with artificial intelligence on a daily basis as it is being adopted by almost every platform ranging from social media companies to public service authorities.

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How Is Artificial Intelligence Implemented

The integration of artificial intelligence is quite obvious and as a matter of fact, people usually do not even realize that they are interacting with artificial intelligence unless someone points it out. For example; the voice assistant in smartphones is a pretty good example of you using artificial intelligence 24/7. Moreover, when you sign into a website, you come across chatbots that are customer representatives and are there to facilitate you.

Nowadays, a lot of companies are investing in artificial intelligence in order to launch chatbots for customer representation because this decreases the long-term cost of hiring individuals for assisting the customers. You can see the latest news on TV with Mediacom cable packages to find out how artificial intelligence is growing and making progress in several industries. These chatbots are designed to answer customers regarding their queries and can carry out a smooth conversation with them regarding the products and services offered by the company.

When you ask your smartphone for directions, you are talking to a non-human entity that is powered by artificial intelligence to answer the questions that you ask the program. Virtual assistants use NLP (Natural Language Processing) to understand what we humans say to them and then they provide us with the results.

Social media websites use artificial intelligence to serve the users to find their friends, locate restaurants or to post location details. Twitter is working towards the improvement of its interface using artificial intelligence in order to facilitate the current users and to attract more people to join it in future.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Improving Our Lives?

Artificial intelligence is making our lives much more convenient and easier by improving our standard of living. Companies use this technology to enhance the function of the apps that we use for a better lifestyle. For example; the ride-sharing app uses artificial intelligence to improve its interface so that customers can easily find rides when they need to go somewhere. The machine learning in such apps provides you with the estimated time of arrival so that you know the time when you will get there. In addition to this, these apps also take into account the traffic that is on your route and lets you know the details of your ride along with the charges that you will have to pay at the end of your journey.

Why Use Machine Learning?

Machine learning is quite a useful system that helps you predict future trends using algorithms and historical data. In addition to this, you can gain insights regarding consumer interests and market trends so that you know when to react to the changing environment. Moreover, machine learning gives your business flexibility by allowing you to rapidly change your operations and adopt the latest trends so that you can serve your customers better.

Machine learning can help you collect and analyze data which can be very useful for research-oriented companies as they have to conduct thorough research before they can carry out their tasks.

Artificial Intelligence and Its Human Touch

As astounding and beneficial as artificial is, it always needs human supervision in order to ensure that the machines are working fine effectively as well as efficiently. As technology is advancing on a daily basis, scientists and developers are making machines that are capable of producing better results than the previous models. Deep learning is a recent innovation that has the ability to interpret data and make sense of the information which can be more useful for the users. It is safe to say that deep learning is a computation that is capable of learning just like humans as it takes feedbacks and makes improvements in areas that need attention.

Although deep learning makes it possible for the machines to learn just like humans, they are not capable of making a human judgment which means that they cannot sense danger or threat coming their way. In addition to this, the data that you enter in the deep learning system won’t be reasoned as to how and why it exists in the first place. So, you will need human minds to draw conclusions from artificial intelligence with proper reasoning and judgment.

It is true that deep learning is well-known for producing successful results for problems that are defined well and the data is properly labeled but machines are not capable of delivering reasons for the data. Humans, on the other hand, have the ability to conduct research in order to know the background of the data and to know the reasons for the existence of the data presented. Experts suggest that machines like deep learning platforms are capable of providing businesses with solutions that are well calculated and well defined with positive results, and this feature can be useful for the companies that are aware of the benefits and can reap the maximum advantage of having such a technology.

It is worth mentioning the fact that artificial intelligence is constantly improving because companies like IBM are consistently working towards state of the art technology to make artificial intelligence more useful and beneficial for businesses and households. People are already dependent upon artificial intelligence for their safety as it enhances the security aspect and also helps provide directions and public services.


Recent studies illustrate the fact that companies that have incorporated artificial intelligence into their business structures are ahead in the market than those who lag behind in technology. Early adopters of technology had great advantages in the past because they achieved an edge over other competitors in the market and outperformed them in most of the departments. However, it is never too late to adopt the latest technology and therefore, you should implement artificial intelligence in your business as well in order to expand your operations and profitability.

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