Importance of Telecommunications

The term telecommunication has a vast meaning, but in simple words, it means the transmission of various types of signals through wires, waves, optical or electromagnetic systems. In other words, telecommunication means the exchange of information between two or more participants using technology.

The role of technology is to offer a way to exchange information between people or radio devices through wires, wireless networks, and satellites. With the advent of internet technology on a global level, humans have entered the information age.

Importance of Telecommunications


Our everyday communication depends mostly on telecommunication technology. People cannot imagine living today without the use of this technology. Every industry present today makes use of telecommunication in their day to day operations. Let us explore the importance of telecommunication in major sectors.

Telecommunication in the Education sector

The working of the education sector has changed a lot in the past decade. Earlier, the primary task in education was students attending schools in the school hours. However, the way in which the education sector works has been completely changed due to the use of internet technology.

E-learning or online classes are an example of telecommunication in the education sector. In this era of the Covid-19 pandemic, the educational institutes in almost all countries have switched from physical classes to online classes.

Online education has made many things easier for students as well as teachers. Students can join the classes from a teacher in any part of the world. The internet technology and video conferencing apps like Google Meet and Zoom have brought teachers and students closer.

The healthcare sector

Telecommunication has also changed the healthcare sector and the way it works. Now patients can get in touch with their doctors from their homes unless there is a need for physical examination. Doctors can also prescribe the medicines to their patients by asking them the symptoms on video conference. Physicians can mail a copy of the prescription to the patient on their phone or email. A patient can download this prescription and show it at the store to buy the medications.

Moreover, some physicians have tie-ups with medicine stores, they can directly send the patient’s prescription to the store and send the medicines at the patient’s address. This is a simple way of how telecommunication helps the doctors to treat their patients. However, the role of telecommunication is not limited to the communication between physicians and patients.

Some patients suffer from multiple health problems that need to be treated by different specialist physicians in a hospital. Telecommunication helps these physicians to communicate with each other and share the reports of a patient and work as a team for complete treatment.

Businesses use it daily

Telecommunication plays a vital role in businesses to make their communication convenient than ever. Most businesses have a customer care team that handles the queries and complaints of their customers. All customer care processes are run by making use of telecommunication technologies.

Other than customer care, employees of an organization can also intercommunicate within the company through text messages, emails, and video calls. There are special applications that are designed to assign work and create reports. Team leaders and managers can make use of these applications to assign work to employees. Similarly, employees use a report creation application to create and send their daily or weekly reports to their manager.

It is not possible for every staff member to be present in the team meetings, especially those who are required to go on tours for their work. Such employees can attend the team meetings using video conference or web conferencing application. There is a variety of video conference software available like Google Meet and Zoom, which businesses use for meetings.

Not with the vast use of tablets and smartphones, organizations make use of mobile communication to streamline their daily workflow. Employees can use their phones and tablet PCs to access the apps required for emails, presentations, and teleconference conversations.

Work from home

In the era of a pandemic, businesses and organizations are directed by the governments to work from home. Employees can work from their homes by making use of telecommunication technologies to coordinate with their teammates and managers.

These technologies have proved to be a boon in this era of the pandemic. Even though many people lost their jobs due to the non-working of the companies, many have retained their jobs due to the availability of the internet at their homes. The work from a home model of working has been made possible due to the telecommunication technologies.

Employees can mark their attendance and send reports on emails, excel sheets, and other applications. Managers and employers can receive and check the reports with the help of applications like emails, skype, and other software.

Telecommunication and Governance

Communication technologies also contribute a lot to governance. Telecommunication helps the government to keep its citizens informed about everything. Citizens of a country are now much aware of what is going on in their country.

The readily available information has pushed the governments of many countries to be accountable to their citizens and maintain political transparency. Moreover, these technologies allow citizens to participate more actively in matters like elections and other major decisions.

With the availability of information about how a government is working, citizens can make a better decision in the elections. They can choose the right party based on the information they consume about the works the governments are doing in their country.

Relationships in Daily Life

As there are multiple sources of communication available, they are helping people to stay connected to their loved ones. The global figures show that the number of people migrating to the areas away from their family is the highest of all times in the present era. People need to move to study or work in jobs or businesses. So, they need a way of communicating with their parents and family members.

Earlier, there were fewer sources of communication, but now they can communicate in multiple ways. You can communicate with your loved ones using phone calls, emails, text messages, and video calls. There are phone and computer apps available for every type of communication.

In addition to these simple ways, social media has made communication easier than ever. There are many social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, WeChat, Viber, that allow people to communicate via text messages and video calls.

In addition to the text messages, images, and videos, people cannot send documents in word, pdf, and other formats to others.

Money transfers

The development of money transfer applications has made it possible to send and receive money to others in any part of the world. Before the development of such services, it was very difficult to send or receive money from others. People who work in foreign countries need to visit their parents to offer them money. However, now you can transfer money with the help of a smartphone application.

Businesses also make use of such applications to make small and large financial transactions. Every bank has their smartphone and web application that its customers can use to transfer money. Online transactions have made it much easier for businesses to send and receive money.

Environmental awareness

The innovation in telecommunication has enabled us to spread awareness about environmental issues. Technology has made it much easier to contribute to the implementation of environmental programs and educate people to follow those programs. Consistent local initiatives can help improve the quality of the environment and people’s health.

Economic Growth                                                       

Telecommunication also plays a vital role in the economic growth of a country. It has a strong impact on all the economic activities of a country. The education and healthcare sectors are a part of economic growth. Another sector that has a significant effect on economic growth is the agriculture sector. Let us check the role of telecommunication in different sectors of an economy.

Agriculture sector

With the help of telecommunication, the government of a country informs the farmers about the upcoming disasters. The government can also inform them about how to deal with such disasters and save their crops in adverse conditions. Therefore, farmers can take proactive steps to save their crops from natural disasters.

Most governments have a mobile application that farmers install and receive messages on the same. A country can communicate and send important information about the price updates, weather information, and tips on agriculture through an app to the farmers and keep them informed.

Transportation sector

Telecommunication also plays an essential role in the transportation industry. The airlines, land transportation, and marine transportation networks use advanced telecom systems for communication. Without using these network systems, it is not possible to run transportation networks efficiently.

The present-day communication systems have made it much convenient to manage a fleet of buses, taxis, or airplanes. Fleets of vehicles, ships, or airplanes can coordinate with their control rooms and offer the best services to customers.

Defense Sector

The defense forces of a country also make use of telecommunication devices to work as a team and coordinate with each other. The machines they use depend on this technology for working and communicating with other departments. For example, the police of a state need to coordinate and communicate with public administration and defense forces in some cases.

Also, the technology is extremely important in public administration as it helps all the three tiers of a government coordinate with each other. Not only the defense forces, but all the departments of a government can also coordinate with each other using telecommunication technologies.

Telecommunication through light

Many telecom giants have started offering services for telecommunication through light. It is the process in which information is coded and transmitted on the light waves. Many telecom companies have replaced their infrastructure and networks with fiber optics that allow high compression date, a higher rate of exchange, and greater bandwidths in less space.

The transmission of data through light is much faster than ever. While the ways of transmission of information may change from time to time, the purpose of telecommunication will remain the same, which is the transfer of information and communication to achieve common goals.

Artificial Intelligence and Bots

Many businesses are using bots to help their clients and customers sort out the basic level of problems. Bots send automated replies based on the fed information and use artificial intelligence to answer the queries of people.

AI bots help businesses to engage and entertain the customers without the need of a dedicated employee to handle their basic queries or complaints. For the queries that need to be addressed by a human, the AI Bots forward them to the customer care team.

In this way, using AI bots, businesses are reducing the workload on their customer care teams and saving money by hiring fewer customer care executives.

Reduce the required cost, time, and effort

The communication network has reduced the cost, time, and effort required to bring the business to market. Business promotion, information dissemination, and services only one click away. Your business can be identified beyond the boundaries overnight.

Help serve customers regardless of time zone and distance.

Customers are considered “divine” in business, and serving them is the foremost and foremost task of any business. Telecommunications have made this task very practical, easy, and fast. Through calls and text messages, customers can be served without delay. Any help in solving problems is quick, thanks to the global networks.

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Final Words

Telecommunication is the need of humankind in this information era. As we are living in an era of information and connectivity, we cannot imagine a life without telecommunication. It is an essential part of your lives and helps us to stay connected to our workplaces, colleagues, friends, and family.

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