Mobile App Optimization Tips For Higher Ranking

App optimization is an important marketing strategy for your apps since close to 70% of apps are discovered through app store searches. It is one of the most used approaches to finding and downloading new applications.

App optimization entails various factors that are similar to the current Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics. Below are some of the tips of how you can optimize your app’s discoverability in an app store.

App Optimisation tips

Make Use of Keywords

Keywords significantly increase the chances of your app being found via search. Apps that include keywords in their title rank around 10.3% higher than those that don’t. Therefore, choosing a relevant and a common keyword regarding your target customer base is an essential strategy to keep in mind while developing an app.

You should choose keywords that are memorable. You can use keywords in the title of the app, promotional messages section, app description section and any other section that asks for related keywords when uploading your app.

When choosing a keyword, always consider the relevancy of the keyword to your app, competition and search volume. Performance analysis also is important. Ensure you regularly check the rankings of your app and update the keywords when necessary.

Choose the Right App Title

An app title is essential for the first impression to potential visitors. It is the first thing potential users look at, after the icon. So it is essential that you use a minimum of 255 characters to get the best results from app optimization.

Use relevant keywords in your title and characters that are URL friendly because this can cause some problems with identifying your app’s ID when scanned for relevant keywords. A study by INCIPIA shows that when keywords are included in the title of the app, it ranks 2x better than the specific keyword field.

Create a title that’s short, catchy, attractive and also clearly identified. The name of the app should represent powerfully what your brand offers. It’s important that the name is easy to pronounce and sounds good.

Capitalize On Promotional Text

You might consider using promotional texts if you want to share important updates more frequently. The promotional text of your app appears above app description and allows up to 170 characters.

Although keywords in the promotional text aren’t indexed for searches, it may lead to a conversion shift of about 35%. Use simple phrases and short words that are easily understandable to make a good promotion of your app.

Get an Engaging Description

Before creating the description you should extract your keywords strategically based on your customer target. Your description is the ultimate call to action and the source of changing potential customers mind to choose to download your app instead of the competitor apps. The language should be straightforward, include all the benefits and innovations the app offers and compelling to the potential users.

Work on creating an eye-catching description that highlights the functionality and features of your app. A good description is a clear and informative paragraph that entails a brief list of important features. Dedicate your creativity to it all starting from the first three lines to grab the attention of your customers. Be steady and follow the regular updates that are done to your app, as they change your description should be re-edited to portray the extra features that have been added.

Localize your app

You need to reach out to as many people as possible to get your app downloaded.

By doing so, you need to consider using a language familiar to your potential users. Research reveals that 72% of people prefer using their native language when shopping online. You need to adapt your style and ways of communication to the needs and wants of each of the audience you are targeting. By doing so, you make your readability and discoverability easier for potential users from various places around the world.

You need to check on the performance of certain keywords in each country. Select keywords according to its relevance in these countries. Also, be careful when choosing screenshots and icons since different countries have different choices of images and colors. Localization is more of a business strategy than an App Optimization tip.

Keep Track Of Your Competitors

Since you are not alone in the market, you need to occasionally check on what your competitors are offering to stay unique. There are various tools online that can help you track your competitors’ listings, keywords, and positions in the top charts as well as the cost of their apps.

One way to track your competitors is through using the category ranking. Simply write the keyword that is specific to describing the functionality of the field you are searching, you can create a list by writing down the apps that are shown.

That is the map which shows you the territory of your competition. You have to do the element verification of the app page in the app store, do some more thorough analysis based on the certain activity of each competitor, and even download the app.

Another way to perform the tracking is focusing to follow 4-5 apps for the next month. This takes a lot of hard work because you will need to analyze a few pages every day and keeping a sharp eye on the highest search index.

Use Backlinks

Backlinks have a direct impact on App Optimization. They are a good way of advertising your apps in the App Store and Google Play. If you need to rank high, then get quality backlinks with great content. Great content can attract the attention of others. If influential people or big brands link to your app’s app store URL, your rankings could rise immensely. Eye-Catching Visual aspects have a great impact on the conversion rate. The icon of your app should be relevant to your brand. You should also have a clear background if you plan on including short texts. Keep the text vertical so that they are visible in all devices.

Keep your app updated

It is proven that releasing app updates regularly is advantageous. It helps in linking with your users well since they know you are working into improving your app to fit their experience with the app. It is recommended that you update your app at most once a week and at least once a month. Ensure that the update adds value. The update could fix something in the app or include a new feature.


Your app’s success purely lies in your hands. The chances of it doing well in the app store depend on the effort you put in after you’ve placed the app on app store. The above tips ensure your app has a higher ranking on App store and help you get the most from your app.

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