New technologies Comes in 2024

2024 is now over and intelligent of 2024 are forming lots of new technologies. They also created over-hyped ICOs ‘Initial Coin Offerings’ to algorithms that created secret languages.

One important thing is that we are on a way to enter the 4th Industrial Revolution. Number of technologies are constantly improving and are now reaching a point of maturity.

Now, our society is changing day by day because of new tech. Our globe is developing day by day because new gadgets are producing.

The work of human being is get easy due to the gadget made by an intelligent. In all over the globe new gadgets are forming and work becomes easy.

Some advance technology are given below:

1) Artificial Intelligence Will Take a step Forward, without Human Data

In the year 2017, AlphaGo Zero game was develop and it is game of Go and within 40 days it became better than any artificial player.

It runs without any human data and purely played against itself.  It taught itself strategies and moves and arguably progressed the evolution of the game of Go exponentially in a very short time frame.

In 2024, AI developers of Google has built algorithms which can compete for scarce resources, resulting in increasingly advanced strategies to beat the part.


Google Brain also develops an algorithm which can create a new encryption methods, unlike any seen before, to protect information from other networks.

AI arms race is in full swing that’s why the governments and many organisations are increasing their investment for development of intelligent AI.

In September 2017, Putin said that ‘who becomes the leader of this sphere then he will become the ruler of the globe that’s why many countries are start developing their AI.

On other hand, China’ s goal is to outsmart the USA in AI with Europe. The AI arms race is scares the popular entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking.

AI arms race and artificial intelligence can trained without human data will result in more steps forward in 2024.

2) Blockchain Will Mature and the ICO Hype Will Slow Down due to Regulation

In 2017, smart contracts were use for ICOs ‘Initial Coin Offerings’ and in  November, 228 ICOs raised a total of $3.6 billion.

In the first month of 2024, the number of ICOs can continue to grow and governments, regulators will wake up and start to understand the impact of this new way of economic growth.

The ICO’s which organised better are getting millions of dollars and the first example is Kik ICO which is raising $97 million.


In 2024, we should use first block chain applications that will use by consumers and organisations. This application should not show the data of user and no one should know that they use blockchain technology.

Users of Amazon or Facebook do not knowing that how this website works but they are happy to use it. Blockchain has to become as pervasive as the internet.

In future, we should see more applications being developed and launched. Many of this applications are made by company of ICO that was do ICO in 2017. In 2024, shall be very interesting year in terms of Blockchain.

3) Our Privacy Continues to Be Threatened but a Solution is Coming

In 2017, we have seen that thousands of data breaches from the data breach of Equifax as a new low point.

In future, The more devices should connect to the Internet and more data create and more security breaches are provided to users.

Organisations that develop internet connected devices do not taking security seriously and not developing products like cardiac devices that can be hack with serious bugs.


In 2017, large organisations like  Uber and Verizon were hacked. Even Apple’s latest security feature, Face ID has been easily hacked several times.

Hype of blockchain can startups and working on a new technology which is known as Zero Knowledge Proof.

Zero Knowledge Proof improves verification processes, if an extent that one party can prove to another party that a given statement is true without revealing any information about that statement.

In 2024, we should see the continues development of Zero Knowledge Proof and making our society more private.

4) A New Approach to Data Ownership is on the Horizon

A new technology is making its entry and we should see a new approach to data ownership giving control back to the original creator of content instead of the platform where it was create.

This approach is not developed for consumer only, it is also useful for big organisations to share proprietary information with competitors without any afraid of theft.

In 2024, we will see the General Data Protection Regulation become enforced and changed the way how companies should protect information.

We will also see the launch and further development of platforms that enable secure and private data sharing. One solution Fujitsu Data Exchange Network is in work.


This platform is allow the organisations to share proprietary information without having fear about revealing confidential information.

Recently another platform also launch it is known as  IOTA Data Marketplace. This marketplace is focus on Internet Things devices and sensors.

Organisations can select any of this sensor across the globe and pay money to the owner of sensor and get direct access to the data stream and can use applications.

In future organisations will have to get consent of each customer to use their information vault and use the data for insights.

After two, we will see the first workable applications requiring organisations to prepare for a new reality of data owned and controlled by consumers.

5) Edge Computing Enables Intelligent Networks


Edge Computing is the key to make the things of Internet work and connected devices will generate so much information that transmitting, storing and analysing the data to the central location.

Creation data and sending it to the cloud for analysis and returning the results to the device should take too much time.

In future, we will add about 100 trillion sensors to our global economy and generates an unfathomable amount of data.

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