The Dos and Don’ts of Offshore Software Development Center in Vietnam

Whenever we talk about the concept of “offshore software development”, what we usually think of is the geographical distance, time zone, and cultural difference. However, things may have progressively altered over time, as shown by the advent of an increasing number of organizations specialized in providing software outsourcing services – exporting software to other nations.

Vietnam, for instance, is likely one of the rising yet very renowned locations in recent times. As a fresh face in the software development industry, Vietnam has progressively established its place in the worldwide market with several notable accomplishments that have contributed to the global innovation of technological life. And if you are considering establishing an offshore software development center in Vietnam (ODC), here are some dos and don’ts to consider.

May ODC be useful in a variety of situations?

  • ODC provides professional software engineers and cutting-edge infrastructure to offer different services.
  • The knowledge and skills of the engineers are the main factor that ODC has put a strong emphasis on, whose aim is to keep abreast of the latest technological developments and services.
  • When it comes to on-time delivery, ODC team members are continuously looking for methods to maximize their resources. In it, the working process and team members will always be considered to scale up or down flexibly.

In a nutshell, an offshore software development center in Vietnam is the assignment of a piece of work, a few tasks, or even a complete project with all phases to a third-party unit. It might be a prominent software firm or just a vibrant development team, but regardless of the size of the partner, they will all be situated in a distant offshore nation where geographical distance is regarded as relevant.

The aforementioned question already has an answer, thus bullet points might be helpful when referencing an ODC that already has that response. More than simply a technical team, ODC is seen as an important part of the client’s business, with engineers doing their utmost to assist and the two sides maintaining a tight relationship.

When to Think of Using ODC?

  • 40 or more participants are required for the application.
  • Projects begin with a blank slate in terms of criteria.
  • If the organization relies on software that has to be protected with the utmost care.
  • The company’s current endeavor is of enormous scope and importance.
  • For companies intending to establish a presence or a headquarters in a foreign country
  • The client needs long-term help from a different nation.

Setting Up an ODC in Vietnam, What to Do Ultimately?

Here are the dos you should consider and don’ts you should avoid if you want to get the top offshore software development companies in Vietnam:

Checklist of Setting Up an ODC in Vietnam

Don’ts Dos
Ignore the existence of partner certificates.

Lightly consider the issue of the qualifications of the engineers/employees involved in the project.

Forgot to examine the reliability of the partner firm using the official location, tax code, and existence in the registry of enterprises in that nation…

Consider the carrier transparency you’ve targeted.

Estimate the potential budget and expected time of project implementation.

Research on the feasibility of the offshore software development market in Vietnam.

Become aware of the local tax structure so that you can promptly address any issues if they arise.

Consider employee recruitment and administrative personnel selection.

Typical Steps of Setting Up an ODC in Vietnam

Don’ts Dos
Only assign such research to your staff. Better yet, the business owners themselves need to take some time to get themselves the most objective information and perspective possible.

Do not prioritize legal matters.

Forget to prepare well in advance for promotional campaigns.

Research in advance the work items you need.

Find a seasoned legal advisor.

Create a formal legal organization to represent your facility.

Explore the host country’s office infrastructure, where your technical team will be located before you reach.

Implement a marketing push.

Factors to Note When Setting Up an ODC in Vietnam

Don’ts Dos
–        Disregard the research about the destination you want to target, including the number of talents available at that location, political conditions, and professional development conditions in the software development community (if any)…

Hesitant in choosing a firm with seasoned experience, many talented engineers… has a higher price than another team full of young experience and has not yet reaped many obvious project achievements…

Forget about the testimonials. It’s also very important!

Disregard how the two parties communicate, coordinate, or handle the projects.

Don’t give a second thought to security and privacy concerns.

Consider the location: What locality or city do you want to target? It can be dynamic Ho Chi Minh City, the capital Hanoi or the coastal city of Da Nang.

Take into account the partner: Choose a partner who can assist you with almost anything, from recruiting talent to legal and administrative matters.

Evaluate the costs: You may need to consider all expenses you may have to pay shortly and in the distant future.

Methods of communication: What platforms do your ODC service providers use to communicate information? Keep in mind to question them attentively.

How to Handle Projects: What platform do you use to manage tasks, projects, personnel, and so on? Because incompatibility, even when utilizing different management systems, may quickly lead to project disagreements and failures.

Team skills and knowledge: The desirable offshore team should include seasoned engineers and a project manager. Everything must be accomplished on time and following the timetable.

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