Product Photography Tips – Beginner’s Guide to Product Photography

Are you a manufacturer who wants to increase the quality and beauty of your products? Or are you a person who likes to photograph your own products to upload them to your website, or blog, or store? If yes, then I hope you know how important the term “Product photography” is?

Product photography is one of the basic pillars of any e-commerce business. When the client does not have access to the physical product, the photograph is the product.

The strength of a visual message through your photos is much more potent than what you can tell in writing. I do not mean to say that you should not take care of your content, product description; storytelling.

What I want to say is that if you upload to your website or blog a striking, luminous photograph, which tells a story that, removes feelings, you will be able to capture the attention of your clients, and that is wonderful.

Well, today in this article I am going to tell you the Top Product photography tips. If you are a beginner, these tips will help you to get many satisfactions and possibilities to get customers. Let’s enjoy it!

Note: According to Robert Capa (one of the Top Photographers), “you are not close enough to the sale when the Product photographs are not good enough.” There is another saying about photography is that “better photographs, better sales.”

The basic Product photography tips:

  1. Ideal background for product photography:

The first step to succeeding in a product photo is to have a good background. Always choose a neutral background, which does not deviate the view of the product, but rather enhances it. , never use bright colors that draw too much attention, rather than increase the product, so colors like black, gray, or white are used.

Although there are also exceptions since if you present bright objects, as it can happen with clothes or textile products, they usually use similar colors that combine with these, even so, always with a soft tone.

The best product photography is to make it on a white background and then in the processing, change it if necessary for another that attracts us more.

It is also recommended to use a black background that can create exquisite effects with transparent products. The black background highlights the reflections of the product and enriches it.

  1. Get the perfect light for each product:

Light is one of the essential things in photographs, but in product photography, you have to pay special attention. The first thing you must take into account is the material if it is bright or opaque.

Bright objects such as metals or crystals reflect light, so you have to be careful since any object can appear reflected. It is wise to take a photograph with darkness. Keep the lighting only for the product and look for the family of angles to place yourself so that you do not appear in the object.

As for the opaque objects, they are easier to treat, since their reflection will always be more tenuous and only that touch of light will appreciate.

  1. The objective:

The product photo should look professional and show the highest degree of detail. So must use a quality product. Choose a macro lens so you can focus on your subject even if it is very close.

This type of lens is the one used to photograph insects in which they show all the detail. You will surprise what you can do for your product photo.

Note: According to the experts in product and photos, “If you have a small space to make your product photo, use a long focal length of 90 mm, with which you can do both general and detail plans.

The 50mm lenses prevent deformations of the products but at the same time reduce the depth of field, so you must take care of your background.”

  1. Tripod Recommendations:

Excellent support is essential to achieve a good photo. Consider that it is very likely that you will move your tripod a lot to get the best angle of your product.

The most usual is a frontal framing, but this will depend on what you want to send. You can do several tests, but always with the excellent support of your tripod.

Also, with the tripod, you can make long exposures. This will allow you to make several shots keeping the same angle and framing if you change the position or the components of your product.

Note: According to the photography journals, “A good tripod is a great help to capture any kinds of photos, especially photography.”

  1. Accessories & tools for Product Photography:

You will find many tools and accessories out there that can help you to get the best Product Photography. These are including:

  • A home studio to photograph products
  • A folding table
  • Safety pins to keep fabrics and clothing is place
  • Tape and glue drops to keep products still in the same position

Tips for Editing Product Photography:

Editing Photography is one of the most significant tricks to fix any problems in your taken photographs. The background removal is one such familiar editing trick, especially in product photography.

It is the cause that you are capturing your photographs or images on a white background. Also, you can remove the white background by using photo editing software. The background removal enables you to alternate the color and keep a clean and attractive artistic.

You will find some available photo editing programs to manage background removal. These are including Photoshop, Microsoft Paint, and PowerPoint.

However, if you feel confused you can get the help of professional background removal services. They will help you to have your product photography with a good background that attracts buyers more.


Product photography is the type of photo that requires more care. A successful product photograph stands out from the rest for its quality & perfection.

I hope that by following the Product photography tips mentioned above, you can make your product images standalone to the others. So don’t hesitate, go ahead, comment, clarify, consult, show your results, recommend … It’s your turn!

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