How SharePoint Innovations Help in Improving Enterprise Collaboration?

SharePoint Innovations

SharePoint is a very powerful technology that offers various innovative services to developers to create unique solutions and make collaboration an easy task. Especially when it comes to having an effective collaboration, there are many challenges that come around but SharePoint is the technology that comes with innovations and techniques that can solve this issue very easily. It helps enterprises in collaborating their data and allowing their departments to interact with each other very easily without any hassle. So, to have a robust and strong company-wide collaboration, the majority of the companies choose SharePoint technology to create a great strategy.

With the increase in popularity and new innovative features coming into the picture, SharePoint has become the first choice of many enterprises. It offers multiple collaboration capabilities to the companies. In this blog, we will discuss more SharePoint technology,  its innovations that were announced at the Virtual Summit and Ignite, and see to it that those innovations can help in improving enterprise collaboration.

What is SharePoint Development?

SharePoint is one of the most popular technologies in recent times. It is a versatile and unique development platform that enables the SharePoint developer to create client-side components, software solutions with varying scopes, and add-ins that can help in addressing a wide range of clients’ requirements. Besides this, SharePoint developers can learn more about this technology, its features, capabilities, & models and offer great services by going through its developers guide. Basically, SharePoint is a platform that enables the developers to create a content management system and help the clients in collaborating their data to make their employees’ life easy. With the use of SharePoint technology, enterprises can easily manage their employees’ data, information, and documents.

SharePoint development company can offer different types of solutions with the use of this technology and those are –

What are the Capabilities of SharePoint?

 SharePoint is a technology that has a lot of capabilities and offers a lot to the users. Some of the extended capabilities of SharePoint that add more features to its system are –

  • Social: It offers social networking capabilities like news feeds, profile tagging, and profile searching with the capacity to locate, search, and interact with other people.
  • Site: Here the user finds out the collaborative aspects of the most popular SharePoint technology.
  • Search: The user can search the content from anywhere through SharePoint with a real-time view of the documents.
  • Content: The content feature of SharePoint offers the capability to explore and manage the content with the use of workflows, web pages, and apps.
  • Insights: The integration of Microsoft Access with SharePoint enables the SQL server and Excel to use and display the data on a web page.
  • Branding: SharePoint has the capability to change the look and feel of the user’s website by using built-in templates.

Top 4 Ways SharePoint Innovations Improve Enterprise Collaboration

Here are the four different ways SharePoint technology innovations help the enterprises to improve the collaborations –

1. Improves Data Security, Compliance, and Integrity

SharePoint is a technology that provides excellent security capabilities like multi-factor authentication and this clearly helps the SharePoint development company to protect the information that is related to collaboration from ransomware. Besides this, this technology has the power to help developers retain data integrity by securing it from corruption or file deletion. The best example of this is File Restore. It is one of the new self-recovery services of SharePoint technology that enables the development team to restore the files from anywhere within the 30 days of loss. In addition to this, SharePoint technology also provides intelligent compliance that stands by compliance regulations like HIPAA or SOX when it comes to collaborating with images, audios, and videos.

2. Streamlines Content Collaboration

It is quite impossible to carry out productive enterprise collaboration without sleek management of various data types. SharePoint has the capability to offer collaboration on content and here we will see how –

  • New Pages

Share technology enables the creation of new pages by using web parts that can be personalized as per the company’s needs. It also enables the users to add documents, embed images, videos, site activities, and Yammer feeds into them.

  • Modern Lists & Libraries

With SharePoint innovations, new document libraries and lists can help users to easily and quickly create, edit, and organize SharePoint content with mobile friendliness. This proves that SharePoint offers such a modern experience to the users that they can easily copy and move documents and files using the command bar, pin the files & make them remain at the top of the document library to highlight them, and the users can also add files as links. Besides this, the modern touch of SharePoint enables the users to resize, filter, sort, and group columns, create customized views and improve the display of document lists with proper column formatting.

3. Eliminating Physical Boundaries Between Staff Members

SharePoint technology not only provides 24/7 accessibility to the users on all mobile devices but also helps in erasing physical boundaries between staff members with SharePoint Spaces. It is a feature that enables the SharePoint development services providers to bring mixed reality into the environment of collaboration. Basically, SharePoint Spaces is something that puts employees into VR with a pair of specialized headsets. This enables the creation of vivid immersive experiences. With this feature, the SharePoint development company is able to provide more effective collaboration between employees from different countries. It provides a strong emotional impact on the employees as the SharePoint Spaces features can help them communicate more personally regardless of the distance.

4. Smart Collaboration

With the advancement in technologies, Microsoft has introduced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence into SharePoint technology. The integration of these technologies has brought a new collaboration experience for the users to improve file search and accessibility.

  • Content Customization

SharePoint is a technology that provides web parts that offer support customized recommendations with the use of the intelligence of Microsoft Graph. Basically, Microsoft Graph is a developer platform that is used to create APIs that can connect different services with the products of Microsoft. The recommendations that this system offers to the users are the results of the insights that Microsoft Graph offers after analyzing the user’s content and activity. This shows that the recommendations that the SharePoint platform offers completely depend on the user’s role or position on the project.

  • Chatbots

When chatbots get integrated with the SharePoint environment, it helps the users to search, navigate, and work with more effectiveness. This enables the chatbots to get personal assistance. The chatbots not only provide quick access to all the required information but also notifies the users about policy changes, document updates, or events. Besides this, chatbots can help users in booking the meeting rooms, running a survey, scheduling a vacation, or kicking off a workflow.

  • Intelligent Search

SharePoint technology is something that offers a modern search experience to the users that enables them to see results as they start typing, and after that, the results get updated as the user’s type. Besides, the search function of SharePoint technology offers a proper display of search results through its advanced search functionality. For instance, when a user searches a file, he can not only find a word document but also find a PowerPoint presentation. In addition to this, SharePoint also has the ability to identify the location of the pictures taken, recognize the objects, and also extract text from images, videos, and audios. All this is possible because of AI integration. It enables the searching of different files by metadata and keywords. On the whole, the intelligence of SharePoint can help the employees to find documents at a faster rate and easily share it with other team members.

  • Automated Face and Transcription Recognition

The integration of SharePoint Online and Microsoft Stream web part has offered the users automated transcription services for all the audio and video files. Transcription is something that captures the spoken words and then converts them into text. The text is then shown in a separate window together. This enables the users to easily navigate through any audio or video file without any hassle. This concept of transcription is useful when the employee forgets the key takeaways from their audio or video conversation with the client. Besides this, Microsoft Stream also enables detection of the human faces in a video and provides a timeline.


As seen in this blog, the recent innovations and updates of SharePoint development technology have made enterprise collaboration an easy task. With the integration of the latest technologies into SharePoint, the collaboration has become more advanced. The new functionalities that SharePoint technology has come up with have enabled the developers in enhancing the collaboration due to content personalization, smart search, immersive experience, and compliance. Besides this, SharePoint is also integrated with Microsoft Graph and Office 365Gropus. Therefore, if you are a business owner who wants to transform their business, hire an exceptional SharePoint development services provider who can stretch the potentiality of collaboration and help the client in transforming his businesses into a modern approach.

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