The 10 Most Useful Plugins for Twitch Gamers

These days, Twitch streaming is becoming more and more popular because of the growing community of gamers online. As the community grows, so does the demand for quality game streaming. This is why any Twitch Streamer will need all the help he or she can get. Fortunately, there are a lot of useful tools for streaming that all Twitch streamers can use. Here are the top 10 plugins that are tested and loved by many in-game streamer communities:

1) Streamlabs


Every Twitch gamer needs to have a support system in his or her back office. This is where Streamlabs comes into play. Some of the basic features that Streamlabs provide are alert notifications, chat moderation, and donation management. The company that owns Streamlabs has also purchased AnkhbotChatbot, one of the most well-known chatbots in the industry and one of the more well-known tools for streaming. Basically, Streamlabs provide an all-in-one Twitch support back office, so you can monitor your community with ease.

2) Streamtip

If you’re just starting out and you’re looking for a more affordable option compared to Streamlabs, Streamtip is also a good one. Though it is free to use, it does offer a pretty well-integrated system that you can make use of. It includes features like simple donation management, notifiers, and an auto refresh. Of course, it’s not as comprehensive as Streamlabs but it does its job the way it’s supposed to. That’s why it’s part of the top 10 plugins in our list.

Although it does provide all of those interesting features, it’s most known for its donation management system. With Streamtip, your viewers can send over donations via various payment methods such as Paypal and many other e-wallets.

3) StreamElements


While StreamElements does market itself as an all-in-one Twitch gamer management system, what it’s really known for is its insights. It collects data and shows them to you in a comprehensive yet simple manner. You can see the statistics of pretty much everything in your Twitch account with this plugin. It also has a built-in chatbot that you can make use of right away.

4) TwitchTracker


TwitchTracker is one of the more popular Twitch monitoring tools for streaming on the internet. With the TwitchTracker, you can monitor who follows you, who subscribes to your channel, and who unfollows you. You’ll also be able to receive a wealth of data such as average views and followers per month, most played games, average streaming length, and much more. You can monitor the statistics of other Twitch streamers, who you think might be your competitors, as well.

If you’re going to be very serious about Twitch streaming, this will be an integral plugin for you. You’ll constantly need to check your stats– particularly followers and subscribers– so that you’ll know whether you’re actually doing well or not. If you see a drop in followers, views, or subscribers, then it’s a sign that you have to switch strategies.

5) OBS Input Overlay


With OBS Studio, you can easily create high-quality streaming videos through some cool editing. You can create split screens, inlays, and many more. One of the more popular plugins of OBS Studio is OBS Input Overlay. With the Input Overlay plugin, you can feature the keys that you’re pressing on the screen.

It’s a very useful app if you want to teach your viewers a few tricks that you have or a few cheats that need some button mashing. That way, you can illustrate to them what to do while telling them. This happens to be one of the best video editors for streaming and also one of our top 10 plugins to boot because of its really useful feature.

6) InfoWriter

InfoWriter has the ability to let you save shortcuts which you can use later on during your streaming. There are certain commands that you would need to do fast especially if you’re already on live. With the use of InfoWriter, you can easily define certain shortcuts during a recording and use them to further enhance your viewers’ experience.

7) TwitchSwitcher

TwitchSwitcher is another useful tool that the more advanced streamers will really find useful. It allows you to switch screen whenever you need to. Like if you want to change from the full-screen version of the game to the one where you’ll be talking, TwitchSwitcher will let you do that in an instant. So if you want to take a water break from talking or such, TwitchSwitcher can just switch your screen.

This tool can also help you if you want to make some changes in your stream while you’re recording live. For instance, if you want to change the title of your stream mid recording, you can switch screen first so that your audience won’t see you doing it.

8) TwitchEmotes

Whether you believe it or not, monitoring the emotes in your streams is really important. It can give you insight into the general sentiment of your viewers. TwitchEmotes is a useful tool that you can use in order to know the standard emotes of the viewers in your stream. That way, you’ll know which stream is the most liked or hated.

Another great thing about TwitchEmotes is that it can also monitor the emotes of other streamers as well. So if you see a streamer with a lot of positive emotes, you can copy his or her style. You can also get a few ideas on how you can make your next stream more engaging.

9) FrankerFaceZ


FrankerFaceZ is another very interesting Twitch plugin that has to do with emotes. With this little plugin, you can offer custom emotes to your viewers. You can create emotes of your favorite cartoon or movie characters. This will help make your stream much more interesting and entertaining. This can bring in more viewers which will eventually lead to a lot more followers after that.

10) TwitchNow


One of the most important aspects of Twitch streaming is collaboration. Instead of treating other Twitch gamers as competitors, most experienced Twitch gamers see their contemporaries as possible partners and co-workers in the same field. That’s why it’s always good to get to know them and know what they’re like. This is exactly what TwitchNow does.

TwitchNow has the ability to track all the live streamers that you are following and get some information about them. This way, you have the chance to know more about them on a deeper level and maybe have a chat with them. This could lead to possible collaborations in the future. Take note that this is a Chrome plugin so you have to use Google Chrome as your primary browser if you want to use it.


As the Twitch community is steadily evolving, so have the expectations of viewers. It is for this very reason that Twitch gamers have to be updated with all the latest tools that they can use in their craft. Only by knowing these tools by heart will they be able to optimize them and use them to have a successful streaming career. By far, these are 10 of the best plugins that are very useful for any Twitch gamer out there. If you’re a Twitch gamer, you should definitely know these 10 plugins and tools.


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