Things To Keep In Mind When Designing Professional Website

Things To Keep In Mind When Designing Professional Website

Do you know that the conversion rate of your website can increase by 200-400% when you have a properly designed interface?

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It is a fact that best content and beautiful design will not make your website a success. You need to think about your users and bring about the style in your website which can offer them the best functionality and experience on the first visit.

Today the beauty lies in the eyes of the “mouse-holder”. Businesses are different and so they need different styles but, for all, you need to follow certain rules which can help to build the best appearance of the website. For all this, you need to have right web design company in place like Web design Edmonton.

There are a number of tips which can help you achieve it and they are:

Website design: Build homepage with fewer elements

No one takes the pain to read everything on the website! We look for keywords and sentences we want to see through quick scan. So it would be better that you don’t go for word count during website design rather consider the emotions. When designing make sure there are less things to read and less things to do. Make it clear what you expect them to do at the first place. Using right call-to-actions are important and using icons and images can go well.

E commerce design: Design website with easy navigation

You may like to experiment with design but, navigation is not the right place to do so. You don’t want your visitors to go on a treasure hunt just to shop on your site. Help them reach their destination quickly and easily. Again, decent navigation will help you find a better place on search engines as it will index you on a better place on search results. Follow some common practices like linking logo to the homepage, placing the menu on top of the page, placing menu vertically, placing important things on the footer, etc.

Custom website design: Know your customer

Businesses are different and so are their needs. For a small business, it is important to know the customer well if they wish to grow in the business. So it is important that you try to get in the head of the customer! Try to know what they want to see when they are on your website. If you can find answer to the question you will have a list of things to place there. Just be sure you don’t go for the template theme and get a customized design for your website. Trying to get feedback from your current customers to know what they think of your website and what kind of improvements they expect from your end.

Simplicity of design is very important

You need to have contents which are easy to read and follow. When designing the page, make sure you use the right words and phrases which your people can recognize. Users will be able to scan the website quickly when the readability of the website is high. Using contrast is a good idea. You should follow this rule between the text and its background. You should choose the colors that goes well with the brand and represents the company.

Using right font size is another important thing. As the rule of thumb, the font size should be 16pt at least. Again, don’t use too many fonts on your website. There should not be more than three. When using more than that ensure things are clutter-free.

Final words

How your website looks and feels to the end user is all about the efforts you put in your website design phase. So it is equally important to the codes you put behind the doors. So follow the tips mentioned above and come up with amazing website that is effective, efficient and user-friendly at the same time.

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