Top 10 Mobile Apps Built with React Native

Do you know how app developers create cross-platform mobile apps before the release of the React Native? They used to rely on Xamarin, Apache Cordova, and Ionic. Surely, these are some of the useful solutions for developers. However, they come with a few demerits. For instance, the native development environment is applicable to build apps only for mobile OS. It results in the need for hiring developers with different skill sets.

Created by the Facebook team in 2013, React Native comes as the best solution to this problem. When Facebook engineers have been working on the new mobile app development approach, they perhaps do not know that it will be a globally accepted cross-platform solution.

React Native – Origin of this technology

Since its official release in 2015, we have found the development of several successful apps. However, before making a list of those apps, let us talk about the basic details of JavaScript-based, cross-platform development framework- React Native.

With a single codebase, developers can create iOS and Android apps that have native-like performance. React Native relies on Javascript UI kit, designed by Facebook, to develop the app interface.

Moreover, it has pure components with side-effect-free functions. It helps in rendering the UI with the perfect native views.

Now, without wasting time too much on the technicalities of React Native, we are going to introduce you with apps designed with this framework.

Top 10 Mobile Apps Built with React Native

Mobile Apps Built with React Native

1. UberEATS

We are busy to place online food orders from our favorite restaurants. However, can you name the framework used for developing the app, UberEATS? React Native is the secret behind its success.

UberEATS developers have found that its dashboard is accessible to most of the mobile platforms. Initially, UberEATS was only a web application, and the company tried to make it available for mobile OS. However, mobile users were facing troubles, and restaurants started losing their deals.

Consequently, to solve this problem, UberEATS hired React Native developers to use native functionalities of mobile platforms. UberEATS users finally noticed a better performance of the app. Moreover, the company has found an increase in the number of downloads.

2. Walmart

Walmart’s major goal is to provide the best customer experience, and thus, it is taken an innovative approach to develop its eCommerce platform. Originally, Walmart’s platform was based on Node.js. However, after a few years, Walmart shifted to React Native to make a quality mobile app. Using the JavaScript framework, developers have shared more than 95% of the codebase between mobile platforms.

3. Bloomberg

Bloomberg is one of the Android and iOS apps designed for finance and business updates. It sends timely notifications to users and helps users to analyze the market scenario on a real-time basis. Bloomberg had taken steps to update Android and iOS apps separately.

However, at its headquarters in New York, Bloomberg’s team of engineers later used to React Native to refine their app development technologies. They found it as the best tool to create high-end cross-platform native apps. As they switched to React Native, they could refresh the code automatically. Moreover, it has become easier for them to release new features very fast.

4. Gyroscope

Although there are several health apps in the app market, Gyroscope is the popular one to track user data, including heart rates, steps, and calories burnt. It enables us to integrate some other health apps and productivity apps.

What does a user anticipate from this app? It has to reveal a high volume of data based on his needs. To satisfy the app users, Gyroscope has used to React Native. Thus, this app can now reveal the relevant data in a clear and attractive way. Users can find monthly and weekly data, and by clicking on every element, they can go through a detailed report.

5. Townske

Townske has become a favorite app for travelers, as it provides a city guide. Users may use this app without creating an account. With a low-level battery charge and low Wi-Fi connectivity, users may not find it challenging to use it.

Townske has hired the best React Native app developer to create a highly responsive UI. Compared with other JS frameworks, like MeteorJS and AngularJS, React Native is better for developing a UI-focused app.

6. SoundCloud Pulse

It is an open-audio app, which helps in distributing and sharing music. It enables users to upload audio and share it with a few clicks. Presently, SoundCloud has more than 150 million soundtracks. Designed with React Native, this app performs best on both Android and iOS platforms. Therefore, with its intuitive interface and smooth performance, it has become the right choice for music creators and artists.

7. Instagram

The video-sharing and photo-sharing app, Instagram, has gained great attention. As Instagram is a Facebook-owned app, it is not surprising to find the contribution of React Native to its success. The instant messaging platform helps you to chat with your friends. The Instagram developers encountered a few issues in their journey of app development. However, while relying on the React Native development solution, they have made the development process easier.

Instagram presently gets billions of users every month. Don’t you desire the success of this level? Thus, you may hire a team of React Native app development professionals for your business app.

8. Facebook

As Facebook is the creator of React Native, we have to include it in our list. React Native development was one of the hackathon projects of Facebook. Facebook had a goal of bringing web development advantages to React Native. Originally, Facebook created its React Native app for iOS users. However, after a few years, it has also made the app compatible with Android mobiles.

Moreover, Facebook has chosen to React Native to develop its Ads Manager app. Interestingly, the mobile-friendly Facebook app is not solely dependent on React Native. For other parts, it has used the native development framework.

9. Myntra an app developed with React Native

This shopping portal has gained high attention to online shoppers. One of the main reasons for its fame is the appealing interface. However, how did Myntra create a convenient and user-friendly application for online buyers?

With React Native, Myntra has designed an amazing look of its catalogs, order placement, and user profiles. Both iOS and Android users have found the best interface in this shopping platform.

10. Skype

As one of the tech enthusiasts, you may have learned that Microsoft has brought Skype to Windows 10 OS with the UWP framework. However, within a short time, Skype shifted to the React Native framework. Why? Microsoft has found it easy to make Skype accessible to any mobile platform. With a few tweaks, developers can use one codebase to migrate the app to Windows.

React Native has not only saved developers’ resources and time but also made Skype performance faster. Now, Skype users are enjoying a highly engaging app for digital communication.

Therefore, now, it is your turn to create a React Native app. Look for a reliable React Native app development company, and learn the potentials of this technology from professional developers. With the integration of the best technologies, they will build a smooth performing and attractive React Native app.

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