Top Android App Development Companies in 2024

Whether it’s a startup or a large-scale organization, Android app development services have become a crucial aspect of every business domain.

In today’s competitive business world, Android applications are consistently dominating the market with their massive user bases and smooth user experiences. As a result, several companies across the world are looking for custom Android app development services to expand their business and engage with more customers.

However, when it comes to choosing the best Android app development company, there are a number of options to choose from. In this blog, we will talk about the top 10 companies that make a massive impact in the app development industry. Let’s get started.

Top 10 Android App Development Companies List

Android App Development Companies

1. Sphinx Solutions:

  • Year of establishment: 2010
  • Location: US, India
  • Top clients: Vivino, Zenyum, The Yarn Bazaar, Etisalat, and more

Sphinx Solutions is one of the pioneer IT service providers, renowned for its cutting-edge app development services. With more than 13 years of industry experience, the company is transforming businesses proficiently.

As a CMMI level 3 & ISO (9001: 2015) certified company, Sphinx has already built a strong reputation by delivering 500+ successful projects across multiple industry domains. From custom Android app development to app migration, Sphinx delivers end-to-end solutions for enterprises, startups & SMEs.

2. Belitsoft

  • Year of establishment: 2004
  • Location: US, Israel, US
  • Top clients: Technicolor SA, Berkeley University, ElearningForce, and more.

Founded in 2004, Belitsoft is known for its comprehensive range of Android app development services. With more than 19 years of experience, the company has been offering cutting-edge digital IT solutions across multiple industries including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, finance, hospitality, and more. Belitsoft believes in data-driven approaches and methodologies that help them resolve all business challenges for their clients.

3. Resourcifi

  • Year of establishment: 2009
  • Location: Delaware, USA
  • Top clients: Proximity Learning, UmbLearn, Dow, and more

Resourcifi is one of the top Android app development companies that offer a diverse range of app development services. The company has a strong team of developers who take care of every aspect of the mobile app development process including UI/UX design, quality assurance, app testing, maintenance, and support solutions. From healthcare to education, Resourcifi helps every sector with data-driven solutions with accuracy.

4. Innowise Group

  • Year of establishment: 2007
  • Location: St. Petersburg, FL
  • Top clients: TopCon, NFT PRO, OneStop Pro, IMT, CoreLedger, QCentris, and more

Innowise Group is an award-winning Android app development company that is known for its cutting-edge digital IT solutions. With a highly passionate team of app designers and developers, the company specializes in developing tailor-made and reliable apps for multiple industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, tourism, logistics, lifestyle, finance & more. As the leading company, Innowise Group focuses on seamless functionality, user-centric design, and high-end performance to create mobile experiences.

5. Sciencesoft

  • Year of establishment: 1989
  • Location: McKinney, TX
  • Top clients: Walmart, IBM, eBay, Rakuten Viber, Nestle, T-Mobile, Tieto, and more

Sciencesoft stands out of the crowd for its immense commitment to technology-driven digital IT solutions. With a proven track record and industry specialization, the company consistently explores cutting-edge technologies to make the apps powerful, reliable, and scalable.

As one of the leading Android app development companies, Sciencesoft assures a seamless and sustainable mobile experience for its potential clients. Sciencesoft’s tailor-made app-making solutions not only meet the client’s needs but also drive effective business growth & user satisfaction.

6. Mercury Development

  • Year of establishment: 1989
  • Location: Aventura, FL
  • Top clients: Thomson Reuters, Fitbits, DOW, HSBC, and more

Established in 1999, Mercury Development is known for its immense expertise & specialization in custom ios and Android app development solutions. Be it hybrid or native apps, the company optimizes UI/UX designs and implements codes to build high-quality with the latest industry standards to ensure top-notch performance. From a startup to a large-scale enterprise, Mercury Development has built a strong reputation by delivering unparalleled digital IT solutions to every client.

7. Cheesecake Labs

  • Year of establishment: 2013
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
  • Top clients: Sodexo, MercadoLibre, AES Corporation, and more

With more than 10 years of industry experience, Cheesecake Labs has been delivering a diverse range of Android app development software solutions. Having a specialized team of developers and industry professionals, this app development company collaborates with its clients to achieve all project requirements to provide best-in-class digital IT solutions. As the leading development firm, Cheesecake Labs focuses on value-driven development approaches to help businesses with remarkable digital experiences.

8. CitrusBits

  • Year of establishment: 2005
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Top clients: Quiksilver, Burger King, DuPont, J&J, and more

With more than 100 million worldwide users, CitrusBits has built itself as one of the premium Android app development companies. Whether it’s a UI/UX design or AR/VR development, the company has got you covered with end-to-end app development services.

CitrusBits has a strong team of developers and industry experts who excel in managing highly complex projects and delivering best-in-class solutions. From e-commerce app development to restaurant ordering, CitrusBits’s strong knowledge of app development enabled them to deliver impeccable experiences for their potential clients.

9. Alpha Information Systems

  • Year of establishment: 2007
  • Location: India, UK, US
  • Top clients: Bias, Luxe Street, PREFD, Zaffori, and more

A leading Android app development company, Alpha Information Systems has become a big player in today’s competitive market, known for a diverse range of digital IT solutions. With more than 15 years of experience, the company has been offering end-to-end mobile app development solutions for potential clients.

Alpha Info Systems focus on advanced technologies like AI, IoT, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality to develop native and cross-platform mobile apps. From hospitality to agriculture, the company has built a large client base in every sector.

10. Interexy

  • Year of establishment: 2017
  • Location: US, Poland, UAE, and UK
  • Top clients: MetaMine, Physact, Medico Stores, and more

With a strong team of 150+ developers, The Interexy Group has been delivering a wide spectrum of mobile app development services for SMBs, tech startups, and large-scale enterprises. The company focuses on full-cycle app development processes to help businesses achieve massive growth in this fastest-changing world.

Interexy focuses on cutting-edge technologies and trends to create cross-platform and native mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. Apart from that, the company also pays extra attention to security, ensuring that all its products meet the highest level of industry standards of user privacy and data protection.


The above-mentioned companies are unique in their domains and help your business with a comprehensive range of Android app development services. They successfully transform your ideas into reality by developing the next-gen mobile apps. Whether you’re an enterprise or a tech startup, partnering with any of these companies will unlock the potential of your business ideas in this competitive mobile landscape.

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