Top Business Technology Degrees For 2024

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In today’s digital world, no business can ignore technology. From business applications to the way people interact with businesses worldwide, technology has penetrated almost all sectors of the business world.

The increase in technology adoption in the business world has led to the increased demand for tech professionals.

Taking a business technology degree gives you the edge over the competition given how competitive the job market is.

The good news is that the internet has simplified learning.

With distance learning, you don’t need to avail yourself physically in a classroom.

You can join a business technology degree program of your choice online and study from the comfort of your home.

We’re going to share with you some of the best IT courses someone interested in the business sector should take in a moment.

But before that, let’s understand a few things.

Why Take a Business Technology Degree?

The adoption of new technologies such as the internet of things(IoT), cloud computing, and many others have forced companies to look for employees with competent skills in business and technology.

Studies suggest that the demand for computer and information technology professionals will increase by 12% by 2024.

Pursuing a business technology degree helps to increase your competency in different areas like:

Remote and global communications

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses of all kinds had adopted the modern modes of business communication such as email, webinars, video conferences, etc.

As people are greatly embracing the work-from-home culture, there is a need for employees to be proficient with these technologies.

It prepares you for management roles

If you’re planning to get into a management position, you need to have skills in IT, internet security, networking, and project management systems.

Pursuing a business technology degree equips you with management strategies to better manage teams.

These are just a few of the benefits of pursuing a business technology degree.

Sounds good?

Alright, let’s find out the hottest technology degrees for business professionals.

1. Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems

These days, the well-paying jobs in the business world revolve around technology.

Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in management information systems can help to equip you with the knowledge and skills to take up technological roles.

The degree course doesn’t only prepare you for success in the business world but it also helps you understand relevant business theories and practices.

Some of the company goals cannot be achieved without applying technical skills. Equipped with computer knowledge, you can help your company achieve its goals.

The good thing about taking a bachelor’s degree in management information systems is that you gain a lot of knowledge in different areas such as computer programming, mathematics, software development, etc.

This means that you gain ample coding knowledge that could help you develop computer programs for the company you work for.

Remember that coding is one of the hottest skills for the future.

You can also use your computer knowledge to foresee company problems and help avoid them or navigate around them.

What’s more, a degree in MIS can help you land lucrative job roles like computer and information systems manager, database administrator, etc.

The median wage of a computer and information systems manager is approximately $80,160 per year.

As a database admin, you can help your organization in creating, maintaining, and securing the electronic databases that store the organization’s information.

A database administrator earns a median salary of around $93,750 per year.

2. BSc in Business Technology and Analytics

Do you love numbers and enjoy leadership roles?

If so then this degree program is for you.

Bachelor of Science in Business Technology and Analytics- Business Administration is yet another great business technology degree for 2024.

The Bachelor in Business Analytics degree equips students with knowledge and skills they can use to interpret business data to improve business activities.

Some of the coursework undertaken in this degree include financial markets, statistics, mathematical modeling, and many others.

As stated earlier, graduates with the combined knowledge of IT and business are in high demand in today’s century.

A degree in Business Analytics prepares you to work together with innovative industry leaders- think Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, and many others.

The curriculum used in this degree is informed by market leaders; and covers real-world education in different areas including systems design, analytics, application development, databases, etc.

Coursework included in this degree includes ethical principles, theoretical, etc that help learners understand how to use data to improve business processes while maintaining privacy and security.

You will also learn skills that help you to question findings, data, etc.

What Roles Can You Take With a Degree in Business Analytics?

A business analytics degree prepares you to take the pedals and stabilize the technical and business realms of an organization. There are many roles you can take as a business analytics graduate such as IT consultant, auditor, and analyst; project manager, management analyst, and many others.

Let’s take salary potential for a bachelor’s degree in business analytics

The salary potential for graduates in this degree varies broadly depending on various aspects such as the industry, the area of specialization, the city, etc.

For instance, the average salary potential for an average business analytics degree is around $83,477 whereas that of an analytics consultant is around $80,588 per year.

As you can see, a business analytics degree has a huge salary potential that can give you a comfortable living.

3. Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology (Decision Support Systems)

Do you have a passion and interest in understanding business concepts and how to apply technology to improve business processes?

If so then a B.S. in Business Information Technology is a great degree option for you.

The Business Information Technology degree equips you with skills to use IT to serve business needs.

Graduates gain knowledge and expertise in the development and application of sophisticated business-related computer systems and quantitative modeling methods to solve business challenges and make managerial decisions.

A degree in business information technology provides students with skills that help them to take up business roles such as management, product management, technical analyst or consultant, and many more.

What’s more, major options include decision support systems, operations supply chain management, cybersecurity management, and analytics, etc.

4. BS in Information Technologies

No organization can run smoothly and successfully without information technology professionals. These professionals ensure all computer systems are running as required and securely.

The BSc in Information Technologies provides you with strong skills and knowledge in all aspects of IT.

The degree program introduces learners to the latest technologies that businesses, government, schools, organizations, healthcare, and many other institutions need to run smoothly.

Learners gain theoretical knowledge and practical expertise to develop core competence in technology infrastructures like software, applications, communication systems, etc.

What’s more, a BSc degree in Information Technologies provides learners with expertise in developing effective IT systems for the future.

In summary, the degree program will introduce you to:

  • Basic operating system concepts and principles;
  • Data, process, and network modeling;
  • Human-computer interaction, software design, etc.
  • And many other skills.

5. Associate of Occupational Studies – Business Technology

Take a Business TechnologyAssociate in occupational studies degree and gain skills that prepare you for general business operations.

Yes, you heard that well.

The Associate of Occupational Studies degree provides you with expertise in interpersonal skills, communication skills, and business planning skills. All these skills are currently in high demand in today’s ever-changing business world.

Apart from learning how to use computer software applications required in the business world, learners also gain knowledge in leadership training.

If you’re interested in taking up roles in marketing, hospitality, human resources, banking, advertising, and other business-related fields then this could make a great degree option for you.

6. Associate in Arts in Business Technology

Are you interested in getting into administrative and professional fields?

Take the Business Technology associate degree. This degree program provides you with knowledge and expertise that could help you take technology roles in different areas with an organization.

For instance, graduates can take up positions like web content manager, business office manager, data entry specialist, executive office assistant, and many others.

Learners are introduced to advanced office software classes like database reporting, digital literacy, project management, spreadsheets, creation of digital content, etc.

Associate in Arts in Business Technology graduates gain the following skills and abilities:

  • Leadership, information processing, ethical decision-making, etc.
  • Implementation of project management processes and proficiency with project management tools.
  • Application of software skills to solve business challenges in different situations.
  • Etc.

7. Associate of Applied Business in Business Information Technology

When you take the Associate of Applied Business in Business Information Technology degree, you gain in demand skills such as critical thinking, software proficiency, business communication, and many others.

This degree program provides you with expertise in how businesses use data and information in their daily operations.

Of course, you’re going to encounter different job descriptions but professionals in this field share common duties.

As a business information technology professional, you’re going to take up roles that involve the provision of information to customers, suppliers, and co-workers, working with data,organizing and maintaining files, managing projects and preparing documentation, and many others.

In this degree program, you can pursue many different careers such as office manager, information specialist, technology specialist, digital projects specialist, etc.


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions by students looking to pursue business tech degrees.

What are the great tech jobs for business-savvy professionals?

Now that you have learned about the seven business tech degrees for 2024, you must be asking yourself…what can I do with a business tech degree?

Don’t worry.

There are a lot of profitable jobs for business tech degree graduates out there.

Granted, business and technology industries need each other and rely on professionals from each side to avail their products and services to customers.

Besides, job growth in these two fields is growing tremendously.

Undoubtedly, there are many jobs for these careers that pay top salaries than you can imagine.

Some of the great technology jobs for business-savvy professionals include data analyst, product manager, quality assurance professional, cybersecurity analyst, etc.

Is a degree in business information technology worth it?

A degree in business information technology is worthwhile especially in today’s business world where everything is done online.

Taking a business tech degree will not only prepare you for a top salary but you will also have job security.

Another thing is that most of these programs can be taken online and are relatively inexpensive.

Why do we need to study business technologies?

This question can be framed in another way like…why is technology important for business?

Unless you have never used a technology gadget or conducted business without using technology, you already know how important technology is for business.

Technology improves business communication, financial record-keeping, optimizes production, etc.

Think about the impact of Artificial Intelligence in business. Business functions that could require a huge team of employees to complete can now be completed fast without needing too many employees.

Technology has saved businesses a lot of overhead costs and has expanded business capabilities.

What are the most common types of business technology?

There are many types of business technology that are applied in different fields from healthcare to business, and many other areas.

However, the most common types include Accounting systems, computers, networking, inventory control system, software, telecommunication, etc.

Final Thoughts

What are the top business tech degrees for 2024?

  1. Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems
  2. BSc in Business Technology and Analytics
  3. Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology (Decision Support Systems)
  4. BS in Information Technologies
  5. Associate of Occupational Studies – Business Technology
  6. Associate in Arts in Business Technology
  7. Associate of Applied Business in Business Information Technology

Do you know any business tech degrees we missed on our list?

List it in the comment section.

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