Upcoming Mobile App Technologies You Should Be Using

When it comes to mobile app designing, over the last couple of decades, new mechanisms and technologies have evolved. Those days of HTML and Java programming are long gone. These days, you can design your mobile app, even if you have no technical know-how whatsoever, It has come down to a couple of mouse clicks and a bit of creativity; that’s all you need to get a mobile app for you up and running. However, the importance of coding and other technical aspects related to mobile app designing is vital, as they wish to be. If you want your mobile app to be of professional quality, in that case, you can you need to apply coding to incorporate different types of features and designs to it.

Technical Aspects of Mobile App Designing

There are three essential significant technical aspects that you need to be aware of when it comes to designing a mobile app. Here is an overview of them.

Page Load Time

You need to ensure that your mobile app’s page load time is not more than 2 seconds. According to a recent survey conducted by Google, 70% of visitors tend to abort a mobile app whose page load time is more than 3 seconds. Therefore, for mobile app development, you need to ensure that you have sufficient server speed so that the pages can be loaded without keeping your visitor waiting for an eternity!

SEO Enabled

This is the age of digital marketing. You would want to make sure that your mobile app helps to attract the maximum number of traffic, which would result in more lead generation. In order to achieve it, you need to ensure that your mobile app is SEO enabled. This would ensure that your mobile app appears on the top search results generated by Google every time someone looks for a product or service you are dealing with.

Mobile Responsive

Almost 80% of internet users from all over the globe use their mobile phones to access the internet. Therefore, it is the need of the hour that you make mobile app development responsive to reach a maximum number of audiences. Whether it is online shopping or an entertainment portal, being mobile responsive is one of the critical features for a mobile app to reach the maximum number of people.

Apart from these, there are numerous other technical aspects you need to know, especially if you are a mobile app designer. However, if you have assigned the task to someone, in that case, you need to make sure that the mentioned points are being taken care of.

These are the three of the most crucial aspects in today’s world as far as mobile app designing is concerned. If you want your mobile app to become famous and generate business for you, then you cannot afford to ignore these points. You also need to make sure that your mobile app is designed in an attractive manner and has user-friendly features. Here are some mobile app development technologies you should be using.

Integration of the App with the Internet of Things

Internet of Things is steadily becoming popular nowadays with the emergence of smart devices. There is no denying that the Internet of Things has been able to create seemingly endless opportunities. Nowadays, people have become habituated to using technology in their everyday lives. IoT describes the growing network of devices connected online.

With IoT, users will enjoy automated control and convenience. Smart homes are an ideal example of IoT and mobile app development. Let’s take the example of smart lights nowadays. You can use your smartphone to turn on/off the light from a remote location. All these things are possible because of the advent of IoT. Hence, the integration of IoT with mobile apps will be a trend to watch out for in the future.

Cloud will play an Important Role in Mobile App Development

A large number of people out there still regard cloud computing as a thing of luxury. But that will no longer be the case in 2024 and beyond. A large number of developers and programmers are realizing the need for the cloud to create functional and feature-rich apps. With the cloud, mobile app development can be made fast and secure. Nowadays, it is quite possible to develop robust cloud-based apps with cloud technologies like AWS, Dropbox, etc.

Dedicated Apps for Foldable Devices

Do you know that foldable mobile devices are again staging a comeback? 2024 witnessed the release of a large number of foldable smartphones from reputed brands. One of the key features of these smartphones is that the screen can be folded or expanded based on the preferences of the user. From the perspective of an app developer, a foldable device presents various challenges.

In other words, they have to build an app with a different UI for foldable devices. The idea is to adjust the display as the screen folds and unfolds seamlessly. At present, foldable devices are not that popular. They are yet to be adopted by everyday people. But once these devices become popular, app developers have to create mobile apps tailored to the screen of foldable smartphones.

App Development for Wearable Devices

Wearable technology has been gaining prominence among a large number of users. From Smartwatches to smart bands, many people prefer using wearable devices. However, based on the views of many experts, wearable devices are yet to reach their full potential. Furthermore, the trends governing wearable devices have changed and will continue to evolve, much like mobile apps.

In 2024, Apple announced that it would integrate smartphone apps with wearable devices. In simple words, this presents a challenge to the app developers. They have to create apps that should be responsive both in mobile and smart wearable devices. That’s why in 2024, a large number of apps will be developed considering the popularity of wearable devices. There will be greater integration of apps and wearable devices in the future.


We all know how practical Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are in the context of app development. As we all know, AI is already being used in facial recognition features on smartphones.

A large number of app development companies are integrating AI and ML in their apps to increase their security. What’s more, the future looks bright for AI and ML. Both AI and ML will be deployed extensively in the future to provide geo detection and a better gaming experience. Ai and ML also provide futuristic apps to the users.

Mobile Commerce

When the context is about integrating mobile app technologies, you just cannot ignore mobile commerce. This has been the predominant trend over the previous few years. Nowadays, it seems like everyone is leveraging mobile applications to increase revenue.

From individual content developers to large enterprises, there is plenty of scope for mobile commerce. It is worth noting here that mobile commerce remains a top feature for app resellers to depict client pitches. In the future, experts predict that you will need a mobile commerce app to stay competitive. Every single start-up nowadays is competing with big retailers to gain a foothold.

Devising a Strategy in advance

As is with any platform, Android outlines a life cycle that must be followed for developing premium Android Apps. From the onset, you must have a clear notion of the sort of app that you wish, the way it must perform, its functionality, and more. In this way, you will save precious time that will come in handy for the marketing of your app.

Systematic Testing of Android Apps for Mistakes

Testing Android apps, whether it’s a large app or a small one, is vital. Google Play doesn’t impose any strict rules for the submission of apps. Thus, Android developers must do thorough testing of an app to ensure optimum performance on Android devices. It is also vital for meeting the anticipations of users. An app that is out of order will have a destructive impact on users. They’re going to think twice ahead of downloading the app that you developed.

Breaking down of Large Applications into Small pieces

Being a programmer, you must work on a work that involves the use of diverse industry verticals of varying complexity. In such a case, you should fragment large applications into manageable pieces for easier handling. In this way, you can code the apps easily, ensure their fast loading, and use the minimum resources. The Android App Development Company will teach you all the processes of developing a quality app.

Finally, as a professional android developer, you must have faith in your abilities. If you have confidence in your skills, all that you must do is put them into work. They and your creativity is the right mix for the development of an exclusive and user-friendly app with exciting features.

So as you can see, there are various upcoming mobile app technologies that you should integrate with your application. As a developer, you should be aware of the upcoming technologies to integrate with your mobile app.

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