Use of Blogging to Promote Your Business

Use of Blogging to Promote Your Business

In today’s busy digital marketplace, it can be hard to make your business stand out from the crowd. With over 409 million people going through blog posts every month, your business needs to find ways to connect with the target audience and choose the right strategy to channelize your business growth.

Blogging for business is an efficient way to boost online presence and create a bond with your target audience, which can, in turn; lead to enhanced conversions, better sales, and higher customer retention.Consumers seek value while going through business blogs.

People perhaps like reading blogs whether they want solutions for any specific problem or just out of curiosity to stay informed.Consumers find blogs to be very useful.

Let’s examine some interesting stats about Blogging:

  • There’s an estimated number of 409 million monthly readers of over 2.2 billion blog posts, as stated by SEO Tribunal.
  • 66% more leads are gained by B2B online marketers who have blogs.
  • 57% of online marketers admit that blogging fetched them new customers.

There’s a segment of internet users who like spending time in reading their favorite blogs rather than watching their television shows or tweeting to their friends.

Knowing your audience also helps you to appeal to your target buyers. For example, selling a highly technical product may provide a solution to people’s needs, but you must assure that you describe your product in a way to be understood by those masses also who may not be a tech expert.

While creating blogs,the content must be crafted in a way to influence people and drive conversions. Further, engaging them for a more significant time in the marketing funnel is the key to brand success. In case you want to convert your visitors to leads and then to regular customers, blogging should be your striking arrow.

The Conversion Funnel:

Considering website visitors at the top of the funnel with broader opening and customers at the narrower end, we have:

  • Top-surface of the funnel:

Visitors who are at the top of the funnel are to be addressed with the full specifications of the product and should be told how it serves as a solution to their problem.

  • Middle-surface of the funnel:

Visitors who are in the middle of the funnel are needed to be addressed by their potential solutions.

  • End-surface of the funnel:

Here at this stage, you need to put a final push to the audience so that they can be turned into potential consumers.

Not only these factors play an important role, but the frequency of posting blogs also impacts the acquisition of customers. Search engines also play a vital role in terms of the number of pages and the quality content it delivers.

The Highlighted Merits of Business Blogs:

With 76% of B2B marketing leads generated through blogging, who wouldn’t want to pull out that scattered populous onto their page?

Now, of all the available tactics, people can either type your firm’s name as it is in the web browser, but they are the audience who are already on your radar, and this surely won’t help you to attract more of them.

Another way to drive traffic on your page can be paying for the traffic either through legal means of placing ads or by illegal means, i.e. purchasing a whole lot of the mail addresses of the people. Still, it is expensive, and sooner or later as you run out of money, traffic will stop coming!

So concisely blogging, search engines and social media are the tools to drive traffic and turns strangers into visitors.

Now, as you got an opportunity, convert your traffic into your leads, and the tool here is call-to-action.Adding call-to-action on your every blog is a definitive way of making leads out of raw traffic.

You can pull traffic to your site and also convert them to leads or consumers, but retention of this traffic is also of utmost importance as it can drive you long term results.Blogging has very little capital involved. The return on investment in business blogging is often positive, and if you prioritize your blogging efforts, than you can observe 13 times more positive ROI.

Blogging Favorable to Grow Your Business

70-80% of people tending to ignore paid search results while paying attention to only the organic search results. One of the most beneficial facets of blogging is driving traffic to the website. SEO techniques if crafted well along with content marketing, can surely drive traffic and index or rank your blogs on search engines.

Say for example you intend to deliver special cuisines of your continental themed restaurants.If you rank at top for continental food then you would definitely be seen by the customers and hence will be able to drive more sales.

The websites which have blogs contain 434% more indexed webpages than those who lack blogs. An establishment of authority with the help of blogs always sounds good, which earns the trust of the reader before he gets to meet in person.

Apart from creating and having more indexed pages, blog posts have a tendency to increase or improve your opportunity to receive more inbound links, these are the links from other sources which tend to improve your SEO and enhance chances of being discoverable by the visitors to other sites.

Analyze and respond to your customer needs by catering them with topics they are interested in.This could be done by using public forums, where inquisitive queries are posted. Once you come across a certain type of issue or problem being asked, then that post or query can be converted into a solution or more precisely into a product.

Creating right content marketing plan or not only help you to reach audience but sway your targeted audiences.This is the biggest benefit of blogging as it allow you to reach people who are already interested in your offerings.

For the maximum potential outcome of your blog, analytics about its performance should be monitored on a regular basis. If there is any post that has higher stats and has generated most engagement over a period of time, then you should continue to update and optimize that blog to have continued traffic.

Key Takeaway

Blogging for business is more demanding than it has even been and its benefits in boosting business value cannot be underestimated.With persistence and the right strategy in hand, blogging can be optimized to its full potential.

Over time, the more quality content you will deliver from your end, the more leads and opportunities will be generated for your business. Content flow with consistency and the right frequency will surely deliver you positive end results. It may take time at the initial stage but will surely pay off with results in the end.

With 67% of blogging marketers generating more leads than those who don’t,it’s a great time to explore this strategy. It is a boon for businesses and can surely fetch you with greater results in the long run.

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