Tips for Renting a Car in the Winter Time

Are you planning to rent a car this winter? Well, some people will tell you to look for a four-wheel-drive for your winter driving; and it’s not a bad idea.

As you’ll find out, most car rental in Fort Mcmurray is front-wheel drive. These cars will perform reasonably well in snow.In most cases, braking especially on a curve is the most challenging part of driving in winter. As such, you want to ensure you rent a vehicle with an anti-lock braking system.

Anti-lock braking system helps prevent the vehicle from sliding out of control. Note the use of the word “help,” the system will not prevent your car from sliding completely. So, no matter the vehicle you rent this winter, your option is to slow down.

Are you ready to rent a car this winter? Well, consider these tips for renting a car in the winter time before making your decision.

  1. Consider the Vehicle’s Driving Mode

When renting a car this winter, go for a 4WD, all-wheel drive (AWD), or a vehicle with at least a “front-wheel drive (FWD)”

With a 4WD, all wheels are powered simultaneously. Most cars can switch from 4WD to other modes with ease.

Don’t get confused; a 4WD isn’t the same with AWD. In most cases, the AWD works in FWD where its front wheels power the vehicle. If the car loses traction in any of the four wheels, AWD is activated. But how does this happen?

AWD relies on computer systems to operate. Each wheel will have a sensor to monitor traction. The wheel power is then sent to the wheel that has the most grip.

FWD powers its vehicles through the front wheel. FWD tends to be advantageous than ‘rear-wheel-drive’ (RWD) in wet weather. That’s because the engine’s weight is over the vehicle’s front wheels, thus giving them more traction.

Once you get your ideal rental car, exercise caution while on the road. Yes, 4WD and AWD will be better than RWD and FWD in preventing you from getting stuck. But all vehicles will have a four-wheel braking system. As such, don’t expect your 4WD or AWD to brake faster than any other car. So, maintain a manageable speed and check your surroundings.

  1. Check the Presence of ABS

The last thing you want is your wheels locking up or ceasing to rotate. If this happens, your vehicle will skid uncontrollably. That’s why you should ensure that the car has an anti-lock brake system in place. But how does it help?

It automates cadence and threshold braking to offer better control to any driver.


Yes, you have ascertained that the vehicle has an ABS braking system. You have also selected a car with an ideal driving mode. But this isn’t enough; ensure the tires are in shape. They should be well inflated with a tread depth of at least 0.5 centimeters. Don’t forget to carry a spare tire with you.Remember to keep a safe distance from other vehicles and not to over speed.

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