What Would Be There In Uber Like App?

Uber business model is trending in the market nowadays. People, mostly the entrepreneurs and startup persons are seeking for an app like Uber to establish their business and get the same success as Uber has got. For taxies, this model is popular of course. But for other businesses also this business model is quite popular. So you can imagine the concern of people with this business model. But people don’t know that what is there in this business model which is making the Uber app so much success. It is good to know those elements which are must for such apps.

How does it work?

When people say that they want an app like uber they need to understand very well that there is not just a single app there. There is a bundle of apps and panel which are working collaboratively for running a successful business. If you are also willing to get successful like uber you also need to get that bundle. Fast and convenient services are the key to success in the case of Uber. You need to be ready for same things if you are planning to have an app like Uber and start serving the customers. The commitment should always be there.

There are mainly two apps one for riders and another for the drivers

Features of rider app

  • Register/Login – The user can login or register from here with two different options, social media login or the manual login process.
  • Booking Interface – This is the screen from where the rider can book the taxi by entering the necessary details for the desired ride.
  • Tracking – Tracking is the most common GPS based facility which is must for every taxi booking app in order to track the taxi.
  • Fare Estimate – The fare estimation enables the rider to know the fare of the desired ride prior to the booking of the taxi.
  • Payments – The rider can make the payments for the ride from inside the app with the help of different online payment options.

Features of driver app

  • Register/Profile/Status – The driver can register himself with the app, maintain the profile and change the status as per the working status.
  • Booking Request – The booking request from the nearby riders would be received by the driver in the request section.
  • Navigations – With the help of navigations the driver can get the path to the rider`s location and then after the destination very easily.
  • Route Optimization – The route optimization is one advanced feature which helps to find the most optimistic path to the destination.
  • In-App Payments – The in-app payment facility helps the driver to receive the payments very easily and they can manage it as well.

Technology for Uber-like app development

Platform specification for Create An App Like Uber is the most important thing. You can choose the platform according to the budget. Either you can go for Android, if you do so you would be able to target only Android devices for your business or you can go for the iOS platform. But the best advice is to go for both and it won’t even cost you much. You can just invest little more to get apps for both the platforms.

Talking about backend development, there is multiple choice available for that. Node.js, Java, Python are some of the most commonly used and widely popular names. For the payment system integration, Stripe is the most popular one. People are also asking to integrate more payment systems, which is a quite good idea. It would help customers to pay easily and easy payments generally help to maximize the business.

Cost components

Here is the list of few components which will affect the costing of your app. It is listed here to give you the idea. You cannot neglect any of that as all of them are must for every Uber-like app development.

  • App Development (Android/iOS/Both)
  • Designing
  • Backend Development
  • Web Development
  • Testing, Launching & Maintenance

It is advised to have the native Android and iOS apps because it would be less problematic in handling the business, easy to use and easy to scale up in the future. So the native Android and iOS are recommended for your startup or small business.

Such apps are not easy to develop for an individual, it is impossible to develop such an app on their own. Expert app development firms may help you here. They are providing ready to use solutions. You can explain to them your requirements and they will make the changes and do the required customization. They will also place your logo and brand name with your favorite color and the theme which suits the best to your business. So go to them and explain your needs. You will get a perfect solution and they will support you for the installation and launch of the app.

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