Which is Better? Developing Mobile App in-house or Outsourcing

How does the company understand what operations should be done internally and what operations should be handled externally? The question teases out all the meaty issues that a company can face in past, present and future. Generally, this question is answer using simplistic on/off rules like if the development is related to the revenue then keep it in-house and if its cheaper than develop it externally. Getting the decision wrong can damage everything. Hidden cost and other unknown things can make the project longer time to develop and becomes every expensive to deliver. Also, with the pace in the technology, it is evolving faster than implementation leaving the unique idea irrelevant before the jobs is even done.

mobile app inhouse and outsource

This article will help enterprise organizations to approach their app delivery strategies more critically and will also help them to take more informed decisions that are tailored to their needs. The primary thing is, you should not take the decision as outsourcing or in-house but must define the goals and objectives and requirements and then decide to opt for in-house/ outsourcing. Let’s dig-in some of the advantages and disadvantages of developing mobile app in-house or outsource.

Developing mobile app in-house

Developing mobile app in-house is usually preferable for large organization and is planning to make mobile apps for their future long-term strategy.


• Gives you complete control over the project
• Helps the team to know the organization in much better way and hence, provides necessary learning curve. However, it is possible only if you already have an existing team of mobile developers
• You will be able to build long term strategy of the organization through innovative internal use of mobile technology
• Project flexibility is greater as the number of revisions to design, scope etc. is not limited.
• Brings transparency in operations during development process
• Choose quality developers at affordable prices
• Many options are available while selecting the latest technology
• Faster turnaround time and more efficient communication especially, when it is related to understanding requirements or handling change request. Efficiency can be greater if team is located in same office
• You can have control on coding standards; create and implement processes to be followed; decide which project tools your team will use and more.


• High set up cost including recruitment, training, software tools, licenses, infrastructure costs followed by high permanent overheads
• In-case if the wrong person is hired, company has to hire consultant who can help with the processes which has its associated additional costs and time delays.
• Recruiting the right talent and mobile experience may increase the learning curve but to opt with the process can be very time consuming which organization must think about especially if you wish to develop mobile apps in fast possible time period
• Internal team politics can stifle the creativity and momentum of a project
• Countless modifications in the project can result in delayed in development, abandoned and money/time being wasted.
• Initial cost are high especially to set up infrastructure
• Certificate and licenses that are necessary for buying app codes and software tools are obtained after paying exorbitant fee

Outsourcing mobile app development

Developing mobile app with the agency is usually right for those organizations that do not have much time and money to spend on building a team in-house. Those organizations value the expertise of app Development Company and have fewer time frames to release the app.


• Ensures that minimum time is spent between understanding the customer requirements and project start, something which is crucial for the fastest time-to-market is required
• The cost of the project is decided before the release of the first phase which ensures that customer is in control of the budget at all times
• Less risk is associated with the development as the requirements are discussed with the stakeholders
• Access to the extensive app expertise and established process results into faster and cost-effective solutions. Mobile app development company can create the proof of concept or working prototype for as little as one week
• Mobile app development companies look for emergency technologies and innovative ways of nurturing the app. It makes them more creative and well informed when offering the best possible solution for the budget and timeframe which leads to the competitive advantage
• Provides end-to-end service from idea to app support which allows customer to explore the mobile app space in an expert and safe environment while also concentrating on core competences
• Helps the company to divert their attention elsewhere on other important business operations


• Less control over the project and is relying on the external party to create something that could form the core business operations
• Takes time to understand company’s culture , vision and brand
• Limited number of changes are allowed and if the changes exceeds, it may cost more
• Any additions in the extra feature are based on an agreed hourly rate. If client specifications are poorly defined, it may result into the escalating cost of the project.
• Project management tools are required to manage the project which generally customers are not familiar with.

Primary features of mobile apps are as follows:

• Easy navigation and functionalities with wide variety of choices
• Great communication abilities and high productive rate
• Branded app helps in increasing fun level and also helps in brand popularity
• Choice of developing project in-house or outsource app, depends on the requirements

The decision to develop in-house app or outsource always depends on the cost factor and nature of the project. In today’s challenging and technological advanced world, businesses are under pressure to compete with each other and always wanted to stand tall in the mobile app industry.

Changing phases in the mobile app world

The changing nature of mobile applications makes it difficult for the mobile app developers and mobile app development companies to decide which method to opt for. For most of the startup it is the initial journey to start with the outsourcing and later bring back to the in-house. There are businesses that experiment with both techniques and sometimes settle for a combined package. Some try the do-it-yourself approach, but without trained resources and software tools, it doesn’t get them too far.

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