Which Is Better: Pagination, Infinite Scrolling, or “Load More”

Displaying all the exciting content on one page is often impossible. If you are using a social network or reading an online magazine, the feed is constantly updated.

There are several ways to display content: through pagination, infinite scrolling, or a load more button. Let us look at how user experience design services use these methods and their pros and cons.


This complex word means that the content is divided into pages. Pagination is better used on commercial sites and resources designed to search for something specific. It is used in Google, Yandex, Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, etc. The advantages of pagination are :

  • ease of search;
  • ability to quickly return to your favorite product or information;
  • visualization

Pagination is the most popular, current, and most widely used option submission of content on commercial resources that offer various products. The disadvantages of this model relate to the navigation system’s details and the subjective perception of users.

Pagination components

The main issue to be resolved is the number of items displayed when page loading. Their number depends on whether the grid or list is used, the values ​​of the elements themselves, and the choice (whether there is a component “number of elements on the page”, which allows the user to configure it independently).

The following important component of pagination is navigation. The user should be free to navigate the pages. It is advisable to use buttons “Next”/”Previous”. The “Next” button is disabled on the last page and the “Previous” button on the first one.

A filtering system is necessary if a large amount of content is offered. This helps you to classify it by specific criteria and set up a quick search. Filters can be placed at the top of the page or on its left edge. In the same vein, the following component works: sorting. The following features can classify content:

  • most relevant;
  • most up-to-date (frequently viewed);
  • starting from the lowest cost / from the highest price;
  • from A to Z and vice versa;
  • having the highest number of ratings;
  • novelties;
  • the highest / lowest score.

One of the most convenient navigation elements is “Go to”. It allows moving to the desired page in just one click.

Infinite scroll

Professional interactive design agencies suggest using constant page scrolling for entertainment resources, including social networks. Infinite scrolling has the following advantages:

  • simple, easy to use, especially on touch screens;
  • loads quickly;
  • great for content consisting of photos, drawings, and images.

The disadvantages of the scroll are:

  • not suitable for searching for information and texts;
  • does not allow you to focus on the content;
  • Inconvenient if the user has a low speed of the Internet.

Infinite scroll is a means to provide information on Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, etc.

Infinite scroll components

It is difficult to configure the page if there is no navigation bar. The user will have to twist the tape to the very beginning, and this is tedious. The “sticky” panel is attached at the top or bottom of the page.

The “you’ve seen all the news” button is very convenient. It gives the user a feeling of scroll extremities and the ability to track your previous search steps.

The “loading Indicator” component shows that information is being loaded, the platform processes a user request, not idle. This indicator is important because it demonstrates the interaction between the website and the user.

Load more button

This content display model is considered inferior compared to pagination and infinite scrolling since it is not as widespread as they are. Button “Load more” is applied in Google images and has the following advantages:

  • allows you to manage results;
  • works great on mobile devices.

This display model is final, and it will not constantly load new gigabytes information like an endless scroll.

Components of the button

The model’s main component is the “show more results” or “Load more” button more. The pattern doesn’t work without it. There are several modifications – “Show more”, More results”, etc.

This model’s loading indicator is also important because it provides information that the platform responds to its requests. ‘‘Recommended search tags’’ and ‘’Scroll’’ buttons at the top of the page facilitate navigation.


The choice of how to provide information depends on the type of resource. For social networks, “Scroll” or “Upload more” is preferable. If you design a website or a news portal, choose pagination.

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