10 Best Marketing Tools for A Small Business

So, you are the new champion in the market and are trying to get yourself recognized and well established in the business world. Starting up a business is already a task and to market, your business that speaks in the market is more crucial. Marketing has been the most conventional and most used tactic to augment the business.

Marketing Is never consistent; it keeps changing and has been evolving since it began. It is important to realize involving new strategies is important for the business and the brand, if not then consider yourself out of the race there are no ways that you could survive in the market as 20% of the new businesses failed to go on in the first two years.

As of now, being stumbled into the world of digital marketing there are more chances that one

could grow its business through digital platforms and including digital marketing strategies as it helps in promoting as well as communicating about the products and services. There are marketing tools available in the market that could ease up a lot of work.

How is digital marketing effective?

  • It can give you more visibility in the market and connect you to people more as marketing tools help in spreading words faster
  • It makes you stand in the competition as by using comprehensive marketing tools you can extract out useful marketing strategies and apply them strategically
  • It helps you in improving your business, as digital marketing tools help in giving feedback and suggestion
  • Everything becomes measurable, this means by the help of marketing tools one can completely analyze and look at the status of the business
  • It allows you to communicate directly with the customers and educate them about the brand more conveniently

A small business needs a good set of marketing tools, but it is more important to ponder what and which marketing they need to use. There is a pool of marketing tools available in the market that are exorbitant small businesses cannot spill hundreds of dollars for their marketing strategies.

Here you will be familiar with some of the marketing tools that have been comprehensive for small business but there is a list of 10 best marketing tools that you may need to know about.


It is cloud-free software free to use and later charges for its services HubSpot is one of the most popular and most liked software to be used by the small as well as the bigger businesses. They provide social media services, SEO optimization out of cost and this is helpful for small businesses. With the help of HubSpot, you can easily make basic analytical reports. Certain services are free of cost.

You can set up live chats, sales meetings, and kickback emails. It is the one place you need to be and don’t have to be anywhere else. At HubSpot, you will be able to have access to tools such as blogging, CTA, mails, and automation.


Hootsuite can help in getting ready in a go for weeks and months. Hootsuite manages and schedules the social media campaigns and sets them for days and weeks, this makes all the work hassle-free. Social media is a platform where everyone needs to be at and maintaining social media platforms could be a task but may take time.

It helps in replying to all comments through the dashboard and one does not need to visit every time. It can take care of all the social media marketing strategies of up to 30 platforms. Hootsuite could be a major page-turner and can help in thriving more success.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the preferred and free tools to use for small businesses. It takes a few minutes to set up and works amazingly. It helps get all the insights and reports of the business that are one of the crucial factors that need to be looked after. It helps in tracking every action of the user and the data helps in measuring the business strategies or tuning them.

When quoting insights google analytics help in looking into the keywords, the geographical data of the visitors and the referral links, the demographics of the users that help out in looking where they spend the most time.


Of course, a business needs a content planner to plan accordingly and review it before posting and for that Trello takes up the charge. Trello is a free service at first and later charges for enterprises, Trello helps to share all creative ideas, make notes, article topics, collaboratively with the teams and review them before posting. It saves a lot of time and frustration and keeps everyone in the loop.

It is an editorial marketing tool that helps in planning out the content and managing the tasks. With the team everyone is well informed about everything. With its distinct feature it one of the most useful tools


Email marketing strategy is one of the most fundamental marketing strategies that has 4400% ROI. Small businesses need to add, especially small businesses. They need to spread their name and create visibility in the market.

MailChimp is an email marketing tool and has some key features, first of all, it is free for small companies. Mailchimp is great if small businesses are willing to start using email marketing it has various templates, tracks the website traffic, names like eWorldTrade uses such strategies to maintain a long-lasting name.

It is free for people who have up to 2000 subscribers so a small business does not have that many. So, with their incredible email marketing services segment and personalize your audience and shoot emails like rockets.

KISS metrics

One of the most crucial things that need to be checked now and then after setting up a business is analyzing and collecting data. There is no need to waste time or spend money on something that is not giving results. KISSmetrics allows you analyze and look deep into data and figure out what strategies are bringing the most ROI.

It is a paid service but has numerous advantages and helps you in adding the strategies that are working cancel the ones that are not working, with overall features and qualities KISSmetrics is the one tool a small business needs to add.


This is one of the best and the most needed tools that small businesses need to use. It can help build themselves up and make a better name in the industry. It is for those who want to learn and keep updated about the market. With the incredible services on offer, Buzzsumo allows you to search and scan at what content is performing best on the search engine and ranking on the top. It can help you in creating better content especially blogs and articles.

BuzzSumo can help you with what to target and where to target so that you can rank in a better position on the search engine and understand the competition clearly. So, it is better to be sure than to guess what is working and what is not.


Canva is where everything becomes beautiful and aesthetic, this is the one that has won the hearts of millions of businesses especially for small businesses as it is easier to use and has incredible features. Canva is a tool that helps in creating captivating and engaging graphics.

It is a hub of graphic designing from logo designing to templates, e-cards, posters, social media, and all the impeccable services are available under one roof.

Canva creates high-quality and crisp photos and for that one does not need to worry about being a designer. Just be creative and all the magic is done by Canva, as it is the one tool to use there are 131 million users of Canva.

Type form

Being updated and aware is necessary especially when it comes to small business, it is one the steps that can help in building and maintaining the name. It is necessary to know and be familiar with the audience. It costs around $25 yearly and allows you to have a survey and feedback forms to hear back from the customers. It has multiple features and has aesthetic forms for customers and leads.

With the help of quizzes and forms small businesses can help in looking deeply into their strategies and business.


Ubersuggest is one of the rising digital marketing tools that are doing rounds in the market. Keywords are what everyone is searching for specially targeted and most useful keywords. But Ubersuggests by Neil Patel have made it easier. It is friendly and cost-free and is paid as well as It is user friendly and one can easily search through the keywords. Simply, entering the root keyword in the search helps extracts out all the data of keywords from present and all the historical data.

Overall, ubersuggest is one of the useful and up to the mark keyword research tools, as it is approachable and user friendly.


To survive and maintain a good name in the industry it is important to include competitive marketing strategies. Well, it is possible with the help of all the digital marketing tools mentioned above.

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