10 Most Tech-Savvy Countries in the World:

In this world, with all the violence and the wars, technology is one of the few things that keeps on advancing and getting better. Although there are many people who still do not have access to the latest technology, they still have the opportunity to enjoy the privilege of connectivity by making the most of their limited resources.

Technology offers many businesses a chance to grow by allowing them to achieve their goals and objectives efficiently and effectively. Many countries are adopting the latest technological trends in order to become more technology-oriented and to grow their economy. You can find out more about these countries with a stable internet connection which is fast and economical. Get more information by searching for Spectrum TV on the World Wide Web.

Here is the list of the top 10 tech-savvy countries according to the NRI report:

  1. Japan

The Network Readiness Index (NRI) of Japan has increased from 5.2 in 2013 to 5.65 in 2016, which is quite amazing. These readings illustrate the fact that Japan is moving forward and is making a remarkable progress in terms of technology.

  1. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small European country that knows the value of technology and the benefits that it brings with it. This country has some of the most sophisticated set of rules and regulations related to ICT in the world. The residents of Luxembourg are highly skilled and are well-motivated to work in order to grow individually and together as a nation as well.

  1. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a home to 17 different tech companies and it is working well in the aspects of quality management, capital availability and schools and colleges for the young generation. The businesses in the UK are ranked as first in using technology like the internet in order to offer products and services to the consumers.

  1. Switzerland

Switzerland is the hub of banking, chocolates, and servers. According to some reports, Switzerland was ranked second out of the 10 most tech-savvy European countries. In addition to this, Switzerland is one of the leading countries in terms of quality management in schools and universities and is well-known for training staff and innovating products and services.

  1. The Netherlands

According to the NRI reports, Netherlands is by far the most advanced country in terms of the Internet of Things. Although the prices of mobile internet and broadband are quite high, the Dutch are very tech savvy and advanced in terms of technical gadgets.

  1. The United States

The US is a very advanced country in terms of technology and is progressing on a daily basis. The prices of broadband service are low and the businesses in the United States are adopting the latest technology in order to grow their market potential.

  1. Norway

Norway has the second fastest internet speed in the world, which is an astounding achievement. Moreover, this country is well-known for creating and innovating new ICT infrastructure which is a benchmark for other countries.

  1. Sweden

Stockholm is the second most advanced hub of technology in the world on a per-capita basis. The government of Sweden plays an important role in the adoption of technology which helps the country become even more advanced in terms of technology and innovation.

  1. Finland

It is now a well-established fact that Finland ranks top in the list of higher education and skills. It is also a tech-savvy country as most of the businesses yield good results in terms of profitability and performance. The country is proactively making a progress towards technology and innovation.

  1. Singapore

Singapore is ranked first on the list of most tech-savvy countries in the world. The government of Singapore plays an important role in achieving this position as it promotes the digital agenda of the country. It easy to start a business in Singapore. You may want to engage Finova in incorporating a new company in Singapore.

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