How to Execute Content Outreach Process for Keyword Rank Improvement

Outreach Introduction

Content outreach process is an important process in which you need to look out for prospects with the prime motive to get quality backlinks from high authority domains. As a marketer, I have worked for years and achieved backlinks from various White-Hat SEO techniques like directory submissions, forum posting, blog commenting, article marketing, etc.

However, I personally feel that getting backlinks through outreach process in the form of blog/infographic posting is the most beneficial way. This adds more value towards your link building strategy and hence helps to enhance the keyword rank of your targeted keywords. The reason behind this is when you get backlink through outreach process:

  • You only focus on high authority domains with DA greater than 35.
  • You search for a prospecting website which is highly relevant to your business.
  • You put in-depth research on prospecting website.
  • You draft a high quality SEO oriented content/infographic for posting on prospecting site.

Now, it is time to go much deeper into the outreach process and understand how it works. Before going into detail, you can also view a video presentation below on outreach process containing detailed explanation of each and every aspect of this process.

Let us understand the complete content outreach process in detail. When you start working on this process, several questions come to mind like:

  • What core steps does a marketer need to follow?
  • How can I find or search for various niche guest post prospecting sites?
  • How can I target the right audience?
  • How to communicate with the prospecting site admin?

Here are the answers of all the queries listed above.

Core Steps to Follow for Outreaching

Before starting outreaching, you need to follow some basic fundamental steps which will help you to drive this process in the right direction, so as to get the most fruitful results of all your efforts. Some of the core things a marketer should follow while doing outreaching are:

  • You should have a thorough understanding of the business for which you would like to outreach. This includes complete understanding of product or service offerings.
  • Once you have a good business understanding, you need to perform an in-depth keyword research for your targeted keywords and generate a primary and secondary keywords list.
  • Third step is to select highly relevant, good quality and better domain authority blog sites on which you want to perform guest posting.
  • Finalize highly relevant sites which have DA>35 and are blogging in a consistent manner with regular incoming blogs.
  • After that selection, find relevant contact information like email address related to content team or marketing team because email addresses related to sales, support or info would not be helpful for you.
  • Start communication with the prospective site admin and successfully close the deal.

How to Find Good Niche Sites

This first step in the content outreach process is to find various niche sites with respect to your or your client’s website on which you are working. This step can be achieved through different ways like:

  • You can find prospecting sites via outreach tools including BuzzStream or Link Assistant.
  • You can directly use Google search with your targeted keyword for guest posting sites.
  • You can personally look through your existing friend connections and ask them for guest posting sites.
  • You can also use your social media interactions via chat or PM to search sites.

How to Target the Right Audience

For any business, the end users are the most important asset. So if you are getting the right user, your business will grow with a good conversion rate. That is why you are required to plan a strategy for the right audience. To target the right audience in the outreach process, you should follow these points:

  • Highly focus on the business or product for which you are outreaching.
  • Do relevant keyword research as per your targeted customer.
  • Select those prospecting websites which are highly relevant to your/your client’s business.
  • Promote your guest blog post or infographic post on relevant groups or communities.

How to Communicate with Prospecting Site

Once you are done with searching prospecting sites, selecting highly relevant sites and fetching highly relevant contact details, you need to start communication with the site admin. There is a well defined process of outreach communication as described below:

  • Get ready with a couple of interactive and to the point outreach pitches.
  • Send those email pitches to the prospective site admin.
  • Switch different version of email content as per the revert rate.
  • Wait for the reply from prospecting side.
  • If you get a reply, carry on the communication by explaining your interest, expertise and by answering their queries, and follow-up after a week.
  • Send them topics on which you would like to write with the name of your authors and ask for writing guidelines.
  • Deliver them content in the specified period of time and successfully close the deal.


Content outreach process is a very effective process under link building strategy because through this you can get backlinks from highly relevant, high authority sites with your content on better prospecting sites. And these backlinks will show quick keyword rank improvements in a short period of time. As this is a quality process, its email responding rate is 20% and the overall outreach success rate is only 10%. Hope I have covered everything in this article, for any missing information, your ideas are welcome in the comment section.

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