10 Tips to Scale Up Your Email Marketing Game

Email marketing is the process of using email to target your audience and customers. It increases conversions and revenue by delivering important information to subscribers and customers, enabling them to accomplish their goals.

Its importance can be highlighted by two simple statistics-

    1. Email marketing is listed as one of the top three most effective marketing channels by 79 percent of
    2. There are over 4 billion email users Email Marketing is the perfect way to connect with most clients.

Email Marketing is a field that’s been in the industry for a while now, and yet it can be hard to come across tips and suggestions that actually work. Today I’m going to try and summarize 7+ years of industry knowledge in 10 tips. Hold tight, grab a pen and maybe take some notes.

Tips to Scale Up Your Email Marketing Game

1. Automation is crucial

An essential part of email marketing is automation. Manually typing out mass emails is a waste of manpower that can very well be utilized elsewhere. Not only does automation reduce labor, but also helps incorporate other tools of personalization within. Things like birthday emails, gratitude emails, and other forms of appreciation and personalization can be automated with the help of various tools.

If you thought writing everyone’s name individually was a task, it isn’t. There are tools like GrowMeOrganic and MailChimp that automate this entire process and make Email Campaigning very easy. GrowMeOrganic aids B2B companies primarily in the process of email Campaigning and Email Marketing. MailChimp also works similarly.

2. Interactive content vs Minimalistic content format

Understanding the nuances of email marketing also includes finding a format that works for your brand. Extravagant and Interactive formats are something that has recently come up. This includes the usage of color, buttons, GIFs, photos, videos, and animation. Creating dynamic emails can be highly useful for certain demographics. If it is a B2B marketing campaign, then (potential) customers’ brand voice and aesthetic should also be kept in mind.

There also is a type of formatting that is rather simple and minimalistic. Including mostly black and white hues, lesser usage of colorful gifs and images, simpler methods like bulletin, bold and italicized words, etc. Similarly, with old-fashioned brands whose brand identity is more simplistic, minimalism would be a better approach.

3. Trial and Error is Key!

In the previous point, we saw two opposing ways to format your email. In the last couple of years, most companies have been leaning towards colorful and user-interactive content. This has worked super efficiently; however, there are certain demographics in certain industries, where minimalistic old-school formats work better.

To understand where you lie on this spectrum, it is imperative to test the waters and figure out what works for you. A/B testing, which basically means comparing two different versions of a website or app to see which version performs better, is a highly beneficial technique to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your email campaign. It is okay to make mistakes; experimenting at an earlier stage is better than going years into the field with ignorance. It’s never too late to figure out your brand voice!

4. Social proof- What your customers say

Social Proof is a term coined by the Psychologist Robert Cialdini which essentially means to look to others, usually the masses, to understand ideal behavior in situations. In this case, it means people look for social proof in the form of reviews, testimonials, celebrity endorsements, etc.

Social proof- What your customers saymers say

Social proof is a method that has stood the test of time like no other. We have seen how something as simple as a review from a previous customer can drastically change a new client’s perspective.

It is important to include various types of social proof so that your readers are guaranteed a sense of comfort and assurance. Something as simple as a positive review can drastically improve your conversion rate.

5. Humanize and Personalize

This is a simple one. Don’t talk like a robot as if you’re talking to a robot. Sales-y pitches may have worked earlier but they hardly work in the long run.

Treat your reader like they are more than just an Email ID. Use their names, and personalize your Email as per the individual.

Ex- Hi Alex, we noticed that you showed interest in (company name) and thought that we could tell you more about us.

Show appreciation towards your clients and readers. Send personalized birthday and thank you messages. Small things like these go a long way.

6. Give your reader real Incentives-

As easy as it is to send out emails for the sake of it, don’t forget that the reader will most likely only find value if they have a positive outcome out of reading it. Don’t waste your reader’s time or they won’t be likely to convert to a customer. That’s where incentives come in. Give incentives that are valuable to most people.

Time-limited deals, discounts, the exclusivity of particular products, referral and other discount codes, ANYTHING free, refunds, trial periods, loyalty incentives, VIP executives, and other methods are among the most effective.

7. Don’t go overboard with CTAs-

It’s tempting to keep dropping CTAs within various points of your email. But do remember that an overboard of anything isn’t good, even CTAs.

For those who don’t know, CTA stands for Call to Action; which essentially means using commands and directions like “Buy now” and “Sign up here” and often leads to websites, YouTube videos, newsletter sign-ups, and so on. Usage of buttons and links is common here.

It can get confusing and frankly irritating for the reader to be bombarded with multiple CTAs which usually lead to the same thing.

Use your CTAs wisely.

8. Use negativity to your advantage-

Sometimes all things rosy don’t work out the way you want them to. Sales-y pitches and hyper-positivity can be overwhelming and unrealistic, and may just turn off the potential customer altogether.

Use the common folks’ sarcasm and (solution-based) pessimistic views to your advantage. Be humorous and negatives> positives, especially with younger generations (pay attention to your insights and statistics to find out your demographic)

For example:

10 tips to make your conversion strategy more effective.

Your conversion rates are low during this recession? Here’s how to fix it.

The first example is a common pitching technique; whereas the second one uses a real-life problem that your reader could face, with a solution offered.

Use negativity to your advantage

9. Give your reader a chance to actually talk

A common mistake most Email Marketers make is sending emails from @ no reply accounts. This restricts most communication between your potential customer and you, which is downright counterproductive.

Give people the space to reply, make sure that they at least have the option. Ensure that the account you are sending the email from is an actual person’s account with a name.

Ex- [email protected] vs

[email protected]

10. Make sure it is Mobile friendly-

58 percent of Americans start their workday by checking their email inboxes, according to Emailmonday.

According to Google, 70% of people use their mobiles to check their email.

These two statistics highlight the importance of any email design and formatting to be

mobile-friendly. I’d argue that it should look not only adequate but that mobile users should have an additional design feature that Desktops won’t. You must appeal to and accommodate both ios and android users. Small things like these can go a long way.


To summarize this, I’d like to highlight some of the points that were made.

Marketing is a vast and dense field. Email Marketing, despite being a relatively older field within the Digital Marketing Industry, can be tough to navigate. Because of the influx of knowledge regarding Email Marketing, it can be difficult to find concrete tips.

While formatting your email, one must keep in mind one’s key demographic. With younger crowds, more vibrant and interactive designs work better. Whereas, with old-school businesses and older generations, a minimalistic pattern would be advisable.

Now figuring out where you stand throughout your email marketing journey can be aided by the usage of insights and statistics to help understand your demographic better. And mistakes are your greatest teacher! Trial and Error, A/B testing is something that will teach you more about your niche than any course and youtube video will.

Social proof is an imperative part of any sort of marketing. Reviews, Testimonials can shape the way your reader perceives your brand, and maybe even convert to a customer.

Humanizing and Personalizing your emails can go a long way. Use the reader’s name, express gratitude, and appreciation, and talk to them like they are more than just an Email ID on a screen. And please don’t make your pitch sound too sales-y.

Giving your reader real incentives and providing value is imperative in the process of sales and marketing. Providing discounts, freebies, and VIP features can majorly boost your strategy.

CTAs can be an easy way to get more traffic and conversion. But in this process, many marketers go overboard and bombard their content and emails with multiple CTAs. This can do more harm than good. It can confuse the reader and even lead to a point of annoyance.

We are normally taught to not be negative, let alone use it in our sales pitch. But studies have shown how using negative elements with problem-solving can drastically scale up your marketing game.

This entire process of email marketing and campaigning sounds tough and tedious, right? But automation can ease this and post-programming it, it’s a breeze.

Lastly, make sure that you give your reader a chance to actually reply. The no-reply emails that you have been sending can prove to be a major downfall.

That’s all! As important as it can be to implement these tips, remember that marketing works differently for everyone, and trial and error really is the key!

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