How to Integrate Voicemails Into Your Marketing Strategy

Improving sales and revenues can be achieved by utilizing diverse marketing strategies. Some of these techniques are traditional yet remain effective even in these current times, while some are contemporary and can hold great potential for many businesses today. In this article, the main focus will be on utilizing voicemails as part of your marketing tactics. If you’re looking to apply this effective strategy to your marketing efforts, then keep an open mind while reading this article.

How to Integrate Voicemails Into Your Marketing Strategy
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Voicemails contribute to building sturdy sales funnels. You can convert leads and even add new prospects into the pool when done right. The key is to leverage voicemails and target your specific audience using the proper message delivery and tone, leaving them at a perfect time and using the support of ringless voicemail software in the market, such as Drop Cowboy. Doing this will make you discover that an effective voicemail can actually boost your social engagement with your target market.

Stay ahead of your competitors today and integrate voicemails into your marketing strategies through the following steps:

  1. Maximize Your Tool’s Features

By utilizing effective systems and software, leaving a voicemail without calling can be made possible. Moreover, voice marketing has continued to expand and improve its features over time. You can make the most out of these tools to reduce the time and money spent on voice messages and texts. Depending on your system software, some offer different features. For instance, you can use the call recording feature, which allows you to record calls with more control.

Using an appropriate accent or language, you can also use the text-to-speech feature where artificial intelligence (AI) can speak on your behalf. Other features include passwords to strengthen security usage and call audits to analyze calls and develop them better. Taking advantage of all the features available will allow your voicemail marketing strategy to be more effective, measurable, and easy to alter. In addition, make sure your voice marketing strategy meets the mutual needs of both your company and customers.

  1. Keep Your Voicemails Short

When your customers are too busy, chances are they can’t afford to listen to lengthy voicemails. The reality is customers won’t listen to long voicemail messages. Short and direct-to-the-point voicemails show your prospects you are respectful of their time. A 30-second recording should be enough to deliver your message and value proposition. The key is to include all the essential components of a good voicemail. It should come with a brief introduction of yourself and the company, the product context, your value proposition, and state your intention for calling.

Keep Your Voicemails Short
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The prospect isn’t going to listen to a voicemail from a number they don’t recognize, so when the message exceeds 30 seconds, it’s almost certain to be deleted. Therefore, this short span of time is very crucial, and you need to be able to acquire their attention at this given time.

Whenever a call is missed, most cell phones display the number and duration of the voicemail. They can give you a callback if your message has the proper length, which is not too short or too long. Within this timeframe, a voicemail stirs curiosity without requiring much attention.

  1. Prepare A Script

A few scripts should be ready for every call in your arsenal. Many companies utilizing virtual call centers apply this tip for convenience and efficacy. Scripts can also vary in different types, so make sure you have them properly segregated so employees can identify when to use them.

Scripts are handy for voicemail marketing. The reason behind it is that you only have a maximum of half a minute, so you’d want to be able to explain everything you attempt to do briefly. The ultimate goal is to have a callback, so ensure that your short script is clear, concise, and urgent. Having a script will guide you through leaving an effective voicemail, wasting no crucial time. Scripts can prevent dead air or forgetting critical information to be mentioned during the call.

  1. Prepare Customized Voicemails In Bulk

Customization is at its peak in this modern age. People give more attention to companies that offer them personalized goods or services. When you apply customization in your voicemails, this gives a sense of contentment to the recipients. If you can ensure that it doesn’t feel like cold calling, you can create an effective marketing campaign that is highly personalized and robust. Ringless voicemails are the best method to execute this strategy.

When salespeople use ringless voicemail, they create a better customer experience on the other end of the line. There is a considerable percentage of calls during cold calling being transferred to voicemails, so it’s best to save time and effort and leave voicemails in the first place.

You won’t disturb your customer with ringless voicemail, so they won’t be annoyed by the interruption. Their voicemail appears in their inbox, where they can listen at their convenience. This gives you the advantage of being heard at the most appropriate time. A personalized message might even surprise you in terms of response rates. Your prospects are more likely to give you a response because you made your voicemails sound especially intended for them.

  1. Use The Right Tone

The tone of your voice sometimes can make or break your voicemail’s efficacy. You may not realize just how much your voice can convey. The tone can be influenced by so many variables like emotions, conditions, posture, and so on. It’s crucial to use the perfect tone when delivering your voicemail so the other line can feel and understand your professionalism, sincerity, and intention. You should leave a message that sounds like speaking in person. Similarly, deliver the script when you’re talking to someone face to face or through live calls.

  1. Include A Call-To-Action On Your Voicemail

Without instructions, your customers will not respond to your voicemails. Some companies fail to do this last part, as they focus too much on other aspects. When creating a voicemail, don’t leave out the call-to-action part. Clearly explain your intention and what you want them to do.

It could be encouraging them to visit your website, give you a callback, or check out your sales and promotional offerings. Sometimes, you may need them to answer surveys or join a contest. Whatever your intention is, ensure that you motivate them to do the action. A compelling call to action is composed of two parts: the action and the method. Teach them what to do and how to do it, and you’ll realize how your voicemail is effectively successful.

  1. Send Voicemails At The End Of The Day

The time for sending voicemails also impacts its effectiveness. You should schedule your phone activities toward the end of the day since voicemail connection rates increase as the day advances. Some studies show that people subconsciously remember the first and last callers on their list. The same psychology may apply in different areas too. That means you want to be the first or last thing a prospect hears when you’re trying to get their attention.

Depending on your target niche, you probably know when they’ll be back home, when they’re usually free and idle and when they can settle down to feel more at ease listening to voicemails. The key is to understand the habits and routines of your target customers. Ensure that the person on the other line got everything else taken care of, so their mind is no longer busy and stressed upon hearing your voicemail message. You can learn more by watching this video:

  1. Add A Sense Of Urgency

Another effective way to integrate voicemails into your marketing strategy is to add some sense of urgency. In some cases, prospects intend to follow up with you but get sidetracked by more critical tasks. It’s impossible to prevent this entirely, but you can make it less likely by making your voicemails more urgent. The recipient can feel that they’re obliged and need to follow up with you at a given time.

Give them a deadline and make it seem like they must follow through. Set a date and time for them to call you back. They will call back within the specified timeframe if they are genuinely interested in your products or services. One good strategy is to offer a limited-time discount or free trial. The limited-time offer can make them act faster.

  1. Incorporate Your Value Proposition

Value propositions are your business’s lifeline, so you must include them in your voicemails. Your goal should be to secure a follow-up conversation with your prospect when you send your first voicemail message to them.

As a result, instead of focusing on the features and specifics of your product, demonstrate how your product or services will benefit the prospect. Generate a practical value proposition within your company or brand, and don’t forget to include them in your voicemail. With an emphasis on value, a prospective client will be interested in learning more about your product or service.

  1. Speak At Slow Speed And Pace

It’s advisable that you speak at a slower speed and pace when you do this. Chances are, the recipient might not be able to pick up your words or voice when you talk too fast. They want to hear everything you have to say in a clear tone and an understandable accent.

When you’re not rushed to the finish line, you sound more confident and articulate, but you also sound more genuine about the intention of your call. Rushing into a call implies you have been dialing all day and are in a hurry. This will lose the trust of your customers and will most likely delete the message even before they finish listening to it.


When done correctly, voicemail marketing can be a potent source of leads and sales within your overall marketing strategy. As listed above, there are many ways to integrate and apply this strategy effectively. You’ll see the benefits as you start receiving callbacks a little more often if you use a few of these tips every time you make a voicemail.

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