14 SEO Lead Generation Tips for Your Vacation Rental Business

Vacations are becoming more and more important to people with the increasing stress of their daily lives. But nowadays, when it comes to vacations, people prefer vacation rental services rather than hotels.

So if you own a vacation rental business, then it is a great time to operate as more and more people are looking for that kind of personal service on their holidays.

The past couple of years has seen a rapid rise in the popularity of this business, so much so that vacation rental management has transformed from a side job to a full-fledged profession.

However, simply running a vacation rental business is not enough as hundreds of other similar services are available. If you want to stand out, then you must market your business properly.

As the internet is the best way of reaching a maximum number of people worldwide, you need to improve your lead generation and SEO factor.

Given below are 14 SEO lead generation tips for your vacation rental business.

14 Tips to Generate Leads for Your Vacation Rental Business

1. Always Upload Real Pictures of Your Vacation Rentals

This is a common mistake that most businesses tend to make. To get more leads and make a good first impression on the potential customers, most of the vacation rental businesses upload an enhanced picture of their establishment.

This is a mistake you should avoid. Make sure that you are always uploading the most accurate and real pictures of your rentals.

If they are not impressive, then make changes in the establishment but always upload real pictures. Customers do not like to be deceived, so the more accurate and real your pictures are, the higher will be the lead generation.

2. Highlight the Best Amenities That Values Guest

Another major aspect that the potential customers are looking for is the amenities provided by the vacation rentals. It is very important for lead generation in the vacation rental business to highlight the different amenities provided to the customers during their stay.

Now do not just start uploading details and pictures about every amenity being provided, highlight the ones that will be the most valuable to your guests.

If the customers see that the amenities being provided value them as a guest, it can considerably improve the lead generation for your vacation rental business. This also convinces the guests that they are not overpaying.

3. Add “Live Chat” Feature in the Website

The “Live Chat” feature has been a very popular idea among most online businesses. The main reason behind this is that it is an improved and faster version of consumer inquiries and gives personal attention to the guests.

There is no need to have a person always working in the chat room, but you can have an AI system up and running so that the guests receive some prompt reply. This feature is very handy for handling FAQs that the consumers may ask.

The live chat can exponentially boost your lead generation as the visitors are now getting a chance to interact with your business and make them more likely to rent your vacation homes.

4. Make Sure Your Contact Information Easy to Find

When it comes to the vacation rental business, lead generation is tough because the customers generally have many questions to ask about the establishment.

So one of the most important things to do for better lead generation is to make sure that your website displays the contact information in the most accessible manner possible.

Ensure that if the guests want to contact you, they get the information required to contact you as easily as possible.

Your potential customers need to feel that they can connect and ask questions very easily, making the whole experience smoother and more personalized, thereby increasing lead generation.

5. Use Social Proof-Like Reviews and Video Testimonials

Social media is the most common place where everyone checks for feedback before making any major purchase decisions. The same goes for the vacation rental business.

You can be sure of one thing that the first thing they do will be to check the reviews and feedback about your services before even thinking about deciding whether to choose it or not.

So if you want to boost the leads generated for your business, you must provide some real reviews from previous customers. Getting some video testimonials from the customers can prove to be monumental for your business.

6. Use Email Newsletter to Promote Your Vacation Rentals

Email newsletters are now the easiest way to spread awareness about your business and get more consumers. Almost every website, irrespective of the business, uses email newsletters to continuously update the consumers about exciting details and updates about their service.

When it comes to lead generation, email newsletters have been here a long time, and you should use this feature to expand your business. When a potential customer visits your webpage, try to get them to sign up for your newsletter. This is a long-run move and can yield exceptional results when done right.

7. Make a Good Use of Facebook Messenger Bot

Facebook has always been known for making social media more accessible than before. So it is a great idea to use the Facebook messenger bot, an AI-based messaging service.

Consumers can use that feature to ask questions and enquire about bookings in real-time.

It helps you connect better with them, and they also get their doubts solved promptly. Nowadays, everyone loves fast service and a little personal touch.

The Facebook messenger bot can make many people interested in your vacation rental business, and this, in turn, will enhance lead generation.

8. Create Helpful Contents for Travelers

Travelers always need guidance and helpful information about the place they are going for their vacations. Use your vacation rental business to provide relevant and useful information to visitors to be more interested in staying at your establishment.

There can be tons of information that you can curate as your content for the travelers. If the customers get useful information from you that could make their stay better, it will enhance your lead generation considerably.

Make sure that the vacation rental content you create is always SEO friendly so that even if the casual visitors are looking for information on something, they are redirected to your business.

9. Produce Downloadable eBook

To build up a loyal consumer base and increase the lead generation for your vacation rental business, the most important thing is to build up a brand image.

Make sure that your brand of holiday homes is the most helpful. People like to get all the relevant information about the place they are visiting in preferably one place.

So it can greatly help your business if you make an eBook with all the necessary information for tourists and make it available for free download.

This makes the people gravitate towards your business. You can also take this opportunity to get them signed up for your email newsletter. This is a reliable way of increasing lead generation.

10. Use Opt-in Form Tools

This is a very nice tool that you should surely make use of to increase lead generation. An opt-in form can be used on your website, asking permission from the visitors to send them further newsletters or promotional mail.

This is effective and helps you separate the loyal consumer base as only the interested parties will sign up for the service.

Also, this instills in the consumer’s mind that your business will not irritate them with useless spam mails. You can use this tool to attract consumers with lucrative offers and services.

11. Offer Quizzes & Assessments

Interaction is the most powerful feature of social media and the internet. People nowadays have a very small attention span, so if you somehow manage to capture the attention of a guest for just only a minute, then there is a high chance you can convert them into a customer.

The best way to do this is to make them participate in different assessments and quizzes on your webpage. In doing so, they learn more about your business, interact directly with the brand, and identify the customers’ different tastes.

12. Use the Configurators tool (Later Stage Tool)

One of the earlier tips for increased lead generation mentioned asking for feedback and reviews from previous customers. Now you can put those reviews to good use by using a configurators tool.

A configurator’s tool does exactly as the name suggests. It configures the product to meet the expectations of the final consumer.

You can use this tool to take the feedback from past customers and figure out what you need to change or improve to make your vacation rentals more attractive to your future consumers.

This is a very important tool for boosting lead generation as most of the consumer grievances will be answered, and your business will get better over time.

13. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

This is a common model used by most of the top businesses all over the world. Internet searching plays a vital role in increasing leads for your business, so most brands adopt the pay-per-click policy or PPC.

In this model, you will be paying a small fee to the search engine for advertising your business based on the number of clicks your business received from that browser.

This can be viewed as buying more visits to the website by paying money. It also ensures that your business will be among the top search results when someone searches for vacation rental services.

14. Use Facebook Groups

Interaction on social media plays a big role in lead generation for any business. If you want to boost your lead generation, then use Facebook groups as that is the most popular platform.

You can create a group or a page for your business and keep sharing the necessary information about your business and services on Facebook.

Also, use it to share useful information for people on their vacations. This can be very effective for spreading awareness about your business and increasing lead generation.


Now that you have enough knowledge to apply and improve your SEO factor for the business, it is time to implement it.

But simply boosting the SEO lead generation is not enough. You need to improve your business. An increased lead generation also means increased interaction with the consumers.

Take the feedback and reviews to upgrade your business and make it more desirable for customers in the long run.

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