4 Ways That Inefficient Hiring Techniques Are Holding You Back From Employing Top Talent

Inefficient Hiring TechniquesWay back in 2006, Indeed.com made an announcement that it was debuting the very first pay-per-click job recruitment program which allowed employers to generate targeted ads in order to reach specific candidate types.

The initial appeal of these programs is the way that they were designed to make recruiting online much more efficient. As the years have progressed, pay-per-click advertising for recruitment has proven to be another inefficiency within the recruitment process which is holding companies back and preventing them from finding the right candidate.

A recent study found that too many companies are holding on to inefficient recruitment practices as they lack the ability to get away from what they have previously known. If you put the rate at 50 cents per click, then it would cost a company around $500 to hire just one good candidate using a pay-per-click ad and this is not an efficient way to hire employees. With technology now on our side, companies need to now hunt down their own inefficiencies when it comes to recruiting in order to save time, money and improve the quality of candidates they are hiring.

1. Monitor Your Recruiting Activities

Although finding qualified employees is vital to the success of your organisation, you may want to avoid paying too much money when it comes to recurring recruitment activities which bring you little to no value. If your company is just paying money out for tactics that don’t work, then you need to be able to monitor these activities and remove ones which waste money.

Repetitive magazine, radio, and newspaper recruiting ads may no longer be reaching your preferred target audience and may not be bringing in enough viable candidates to justify the costs. If you don’t monitor how many applications you get which are of quality from recurring print ads, then you should begin to start monitoring the remainder of your recurring ads in order to make sure that you are not wasting money.

2. Repair The Process

A popular complaint of hiring technique is when candidates are offered a new job with a company, the hiring technique often drags on for months. Some companies believe that putting in time to assess new hires means hiring better quality employees. Whilst this is somewhat true, it can cost you good employees in the process.

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When it comes to long hiring processes for new employees, you should look at the overall perspective of your candidates. Imagine, if you were waiting months to begin working for a company, would you turn down an immediate offer from another company? The majority of people are not going to turn down other good offers of employment where they are able to begin working right away, even if they are waiting to start work for a different company. If you fear this is the case, then review your recruitment process and make sure that it is not losing you quality employees due to an inefficient process.

3. Look At Your Screening Process

There are some excellent recruitment websites available which have features to allow potential employers to vet and screen application candidates and remove any which do not meet the minimum requirements. There are some recruitment software which enable employers to narrow down a large number of resumes and only select those which meet the employer’s basic requirements.

The problem which many companies face is that they still rely on the recruitment process going through human resources or are using inefficient outsourcing companies or solutions to try to screen candidates in order to find the perfect one. This is even truer when it comes to hiring employees from overseas, as employers tend to overlook the fact that the candidate they have in mind will need to apply for the relevant work visa’s, look up spouse visa requirements for their partner and family and reorganise their whole life to move over. Some candidates don’t have that long to wait.

The process of screening potential candidates, thankfully, has become much more efficient in recent years, but it is only effective if you gravitate away from the old ways in which you used to do your business and transfer over to the 21st-century ways. Carry out an evaluation of your screening process and find if there are any things which you can do better, without having to spend any more money!

4. Do You Have An Inefficient Mobile Approach?

For some unknown reasons, mobile computing is still very much an after-thought within the recruiting world. This is why so many companies are losing opportunities and chances to find the perfect candidate. It has been estimated that around 60% of all job applications are now filled out online, but this does not mean that companies and getting all of those applications through to put into their candidate pool.

It can be hard to understand why, exactly, but many businesses and companies tend to use a pop-up ad or banner on their mobile job application forms, which will then cause a large number of good applicants to not finish or submit their applications. Your mobile recruitment platform isn’t the place where you should put random advertising, so if you want to collect good-quality information for your recruitment process, then you should steer away from trying to make money from the process.

Mobile web development has rapidly evolved over recent years and there are now many ways in which you can make online forms that are easy for applicants to fill out. Unfortunately, there are also many companies who use mobile recruiting forms which were created and designed years ago and it is these inefficient documents that are costing businesses and companies good candidates. By investing in your mobile application forms, you will be rewarded with good quality candidates.

It has been estimated that a company can spend anywhere between $300 to $500 in order to just collect enough applications in order to hire a single employee. Should your company have a turnover rate of 50%, or higher, then you may well be wasting thousands and thousands of dollars each year in order to bring in employees in order to keep your business going.

If you are interested in helping your business grow, then you should re-evaluate your current recruiting process and start allowing technology to help you, and the process, become more efficient. Rather than carrying out inefficient recruitment and employment strategies, as that is the way in which your company has always done things, it may well be time for you to begin updating your hiring process and save you thousands of dollars in the meantime.

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