5 Best Ways To Build Backlinks For New Website

Building Backlink is one of the most important task when it comes to blogging. By creating good number of high-quality backlinks, you can easily rank your content on the first page of the search engine including Google.

Trust me, number of high-quality backlinks is a concluding factor to decide the quality of your content. More number of backlinks means the content is of high quality and thereby it will rank higher in the search results.

Next, a question may arise, how to build high quality backlinks for free for new website or blog? If you are looking for the same answer, then this article will help you. Here by, I will tell you the 5 best techniques for building high-quality backlinks for free.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s start discussing them below.

Social Media Sharing

This is the first and easiest way to build backlinks for free. In this technique, all you need to do is simply sharing your content on various social media networking sites.

Please note, by term Social Media Sharing, we do not means sharing only on Facebook. Social Media Sharing requires a logical strategic planning. Plan properly if you want to boost performance of your site using Social Media Sharing.

Next, we strongly suggest sharing content on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. As per Wikipedia page, there are more than 250 social media networking sites. Make sure you share content on all these sites.

Guest PostingTechnique

Guest Posting is another best technique to build backlinks for free. In fact, Guest Posting is the best technique for building good quality backlinks.

From all the available techniques, Guest Posting is the best techniques when it comes to build high-quality backlinks. But, at the same time, it is the most difficult technique to use it.

In Guest Posting technique, you need to convince someone else to allow you an opportunity to write a guest post. Next, you need to write a good guest post article for that article.

At the same, it is also possible that your guest article gets rejected or the concerned person remove your backlink from the article after publishing it.

Hence, this is the most difficult and the complex technique to build backlinks. But, the impact of the backlink build this technique is really awesome.

Profile Creation Technique

After Social Media, this is another easiest way to build backlinks form high domain score sites. In this case, you simply need to create an account on high domain sites and thereby paste your blog URL in profile section of the given website.

Next, the search engine including Google, will index the profile of this website and thereby you will get free backlinks for your site.

Yes, this is as simple as creating the account on any website. Isn’t it?

Blog and Web Directory

Though this technique does not work well for creating high quality website but still for a beginner this technique works well.

If you are beginner and looking for backlinks for your new website, then you can use this technique to build backlinks immediately.

Trust me, building backlinks through this technique is very easy. All you need to do is simply submit your site to free web or blog directory.

That’s it. Now you will get a free backlink from this site.

Yes, it is quite similar to submitting your site to classified directory available online.

Link Exchange

The last technique in the list is Link Exchange. In this technique you will ask the other blogger to give you backlink in return of backlink.

In simple words, you both will exchange backlinks from already written content available on the respective blog.

This technique work best if the other person gets agreed to your point. Next, the only thing you both require to do is simply edit the article and add your blog URL link.

Wrapping Up

The above all are the best and free ways to build backlinks for free. Using this technique, you can easily build backlinks.

Next, all the above techniques discuss below are very common and generally used by the various bloggers If you worried about its consequence then I strongly suggest using them all without worrying.

Trust me, these techniques are safe to use.

At last, feel free to contact us if you face any problem in using these techniques.

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