5 SEO Myths Debunked

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most popular word for online entrepreneurs by far. It is considered one of the most talked-about strategies of digital marketers for their online content, campaigns, and promotions. With the increasing number of marketing persons who want to attract an increasing number of leads and sales conversion, they tend to waste time in trusting and following myths in the belief that they will improve search traffic on their websites. Some of these SEO myths are totally absurd and needs to be debunked.

1. SEO is a digital scam.

Some say that it is ineffective and just a waste of money. Why is this so? A great number of “SEO experts” offer their services online and promises that in a short period of time, using a very little effort, you will lead the marketing trade, your brand will be one of the top Google searches and as a result, you will increase your sales. However, after getting their services, you got no result – your brand is still unknown, your website is not showing in the top searches in Google and no significant increase in sales. The reality is, you are working with the wrong people. SEO is still the best online marketing strategy known.  Dodgy services are all over the internet and you must be careful in choosing the best team to work with. If you’re looking for legit companies, there’s a good number of SEO companies in the Philippines offering affordable SEO cost; they will not promise top Google rankings without explaining their strategies and plans.

2. SEO is costly.

They say that it is just an additional burden to business owners. In reality, it is an investment. If you can do what professionals specializing in SEO can do, you can save a lot. However, whether we like it or not, SEO could be the answer to your starting up, operational or even struggling business.  Now, is it expensive? It depends on many things – the level of expertise of your SEO team, level of sophistication of the processes and many more. Being costly may also be relative depending on business owner’s budget.

3. You heard it a hundred times – content is king.

Google has reiterated that well-researched contents usually rank well in the search result. It may be true, but the content is not everything. SEO should not be completely ignored. A well-optimized website and quality backlinks are powerful tools to incorporate with useful content to show up in the top rank of search results.

There’s also misleading information that you need to create hundreds of pages to reach a good rank. The reality is, you should know how to optimize SEO keywords. Fresh, informative, and quality contents are important, but some SEO strategies are needed to maximize the power of your content.

4. SEO keywords and phrases should be the exact match.

This was true. Years ago, content creators and writers needed to use awkward phrases and use such several times in an article. However, with Google updates and developments, search results are now based on context. In reality, writers can now deliver their content naturally without thinking much about loading the content with keywords and phrases.

5. SEO targets the first rank.

There is a notion that being the number 1 is the best because it means more visibility, which translates to more sales and money. The reality, SEO targets to make your content to the on the first page of search result. Being in the top 10 is good enough as customers are not always interested in the Top 1 alone. Most of the time, to get the information needed, several results are clicked and the ones relevant could win a sale.

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