5 Tools Everyone in Staff Management Should Be Using

Are you a staff manager? Well, you already know it can be a challenge keeping tab on all the activities of your team members. Thanks to technology, there are ways you can help your team soar to new levels of productivity.


One way staff managers track and monitor employees is through surveillance apps. These apps provide unparalleled employee monitoring capabilities. However, finding the best tool for the job is a challenge for most managers.

To make it easy for you, this post shares the 5 tools everyone in staff management should be using. Read on to find which one you are missing in your arsenal.

#1 Minspy – The best employee tracking app


As one of the leading surveillance apps, Minspy can monitor both iOS and Android devices. The app provides a quick and easy way of monitoring employees. Check how the app operates by visiting its website.

Minspy is a reputable surveillance app trusted by over a million users worldwide. The app has also been gaining the attention of major media outlets like Forbes.

What’s more, Minspy is among the best spy apps for iPhone without jailbreak. The app is equipped with more than 30 surveillance features. With these features, staff managers can track employees’ activities on company gadgets.

Why use Minspy?

Staff managers trust Minspy for several reasons. Here are some of the main reasons.

  1. Location monitoring

With Minspy, managers get a unique way of monitoring all their employees’ whereabouts. The app provides GPS coordinates, street addresses, and Google Streetview of your target’s location.


Managers can even set a virtual boundary for employees thanks to Minspy’s geofence feature. This way, the app sends you notifications whenever your team members cross the set boundary.

So, the app lets you know when employees come and leave the workplace.

  1. Social media and text surveillance

Managers can also monitor the social media activities of team members. This way they know when an employee divulges sensitive company data. Minspy can monitor all the popular social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat.


The app provides details like all the chats and text messages. It lets you access all the conversations on the target device. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about deleted chats.

Minspy archives all the chats on its server. This way, you get to access even deleted chats.

  1. Remote surveillance capability

All the surveillance activities in this tool take place online. The app is web-based which allows its managers to log in to their Minspy dashboard. Minspy dashboard gives you access to all the features of this tool.

So, you get to track employees discreetly and remotely using any web browser.

  1. Safe

Minspy is a safe tracking app that doesn’t gather from third-party apps. Also, it doesn’t require rooting Android or jailbreaking iOS devices for it to work. Instead, the app relies on cutting-edge technology to track employees.

#2 Project management software

An excellent system that helps organize projects enhances teamwork and the quality of work. Excel spreadsheet is great for small teams whose duties are simple. For tasks requiring multiple stages, teams require proper project management software.

Today staff managers have multiple options to choose from that serve both business and development teams. Besides functionalities, these tools provide personalized workflows and a user-friendly interface.

These are comprehensive tools that let you manage tasks, file, track time, schedule, and chat. Also, the software lets managers proof, review, and report under one roof. Such software replaces multiple tools with just one.

#3 Business chat tools

As a team manager, creating communication rules and providing team members various communication tools is important. In some cases, communication within a project management software is redundant.

Staff managers can use instant messaging apps in such cases. Besides, business chat tools provide a simple way of improving communication between team members. Such tools are faster and easier than emails.

Also, team members can engage in direct chats with each other and through groups. What’s more, these platforms allow the sharing of files. Besides, chat tools make bouncing off ideas very convenient since replies are fast.

#4 Video conferencing tools

Sometimes, written communication is not enough. So, staff managers should find a way to share knowledge and discuss projects through video conferencing. Video conferencing tools are great for team bonding and make communication more efficient.

Instead of writing a long email, sometimes it is a lot easier talking and showing how something is done. These tools allow faster synchronization of teams using a simple video group chat.

What’s more, team members can share progress and see how their efforts contribute to the overall goals.

#5 Knowledge base tools

There are some tools that allow teams to collaborate known as knowledge base tools. Today, modern organizations require a single source of truth. So, staff managers should invest in knowledge base tools.

With such tools, they can create a knowledge repository that acts as a reference point for everyone. This is a smart move that most savvy managers have embraced to push productivity in organizations.

Having an enterprise-wide knowledge base permits different teams to collaborate and see the project process. A knowledge base tool ensures everyone understands the project requirements, important information, and documents.

With a knowledge base tool, team members will no longer need to email or contact you for details.


Staff managers have many tools at their disposal. Some let them monitor employees, while others focus on productivity. Depending on your needs, choose any or a combination that you feel suits your needs.

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