The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

Planning for a wedding, be it two years or six months to the big day, can be stressful. If you are most people, you make endless lists in your head, only to forget them moments later. The conventional wedding involves a wide array of pieces that must fit together, or everything will crumble. With a wedding planning checklist, however, you will be able to do everything in an organized manner and ensure the big day goes as planned. That being said, we have created the ultimate wedding planning checklist from a year to the day before.

Wedding Checklist

12 Months Plus

1. Set the Date

If you want the time to do everything without haste, start the planning process a year or more in advance. At this stage, you should decide whether to plan the wedding yourself or enlist the help of a planner. The latter is often recommended as it gets rid of the stress that comes with wedding planning, especially if you’ve never done it before.

2. Set Your Budget

Ensure that’s realistic and doesn’t put you into debt.

3. Book Your Venues

The sooner you do this, the easier every other task will become. You will need to book a location for the main ceremony and one for the reception. Some of the important aspects to keep in mind include seating capacity, catering options, photography settings, and room hire costs.

4. Book Your Videographer and Photographer

Look for a photographer who provides the style of photos you want (reportage, contemporary, traditional, etc.) Ensure you meet them personally and take a look at their portfolio.

5. Look for the latest Wedding trends

Check online for the latest wedding trends, for instance, the dress code for bride and groom, the metallic decoration, or the wedding hashtags. You can also follow many websites for wedding trends and make a note of what you can choose to do for your wedding. Make use of a wedding hashtag generator online if you fail to generate a hashtag yourself.

6 Months Plus

If you intend to take the DIY route, like making your own table centers, cake, invitations, etc., you will need to create time for practice and production in order to be on the safe side.

1. Make or Order Wedding Invitations

You will have already drafted the final guest list, and this is the time to make official invitations. Do not forger place cards, orders of services, as well as thank you cards.

2. Order the Cake

Whether you plan to have it homemade or by a bakery, this is time to make the order.

3. Purchase Wedding Shoes & Accessories

Make sure you get your shoes by your first dress fitting. Pick the kind of jewelry and other accessories you wish to wear. This is also a great time to buy suits for the groom, best man, page boys, ushers, flower girls, and bridesmaid’s dresses.

3 Months Plus

1. Send the Invitations

Sending wedding invitations 3 months prior will help guests prepare early enough for the big day. Include information on transport, accommodation, dress code, and parking. Include reply cards to make sure they are all RSVP and whether they have any special dietary requirements.

2. Buy Wedding Rings

Ensure they are the right size will fit comfortably alongside the engagement ring.

3. Have the Wedding Dress Altered

From here on, ensure you do not add or lose excess weight.

4. Order the Venue Decor & Table Decorations

This should include wedding favors and table centerpieces.

A Month Before

1. Reconfirm Wedding Arrangements with all Suppliers

Ensure you talk to them personally and confirm the date, places, and time in writing.

2. Arrange the Wedding Rehearsal

Arrange for an evening and invite your bridal party. This is a good time to get them together before the big day.

3. Finalize the Seating Plan

You can have a table planner in place so that guests know where to sit during reception.

4. Get in Touch with Guests Who Haven’t Replied to the Invitation

Your venue and caterers will need to know the final number a week or two before the big day.

5. Write Wedding Speeches

You can do this from the heart or have it done by a professional writer.

6. Enjoy Your Last Nights of Freedom

However, do not do anything that your soon to be bride or groom would not sit well with.

The Week Before

1. Have Your Hair Done

This is the time to have your best hairstyle for the big day. However, avoid experimenting with new colors or drastic changes. Check the best shear and scissor sets

2. Host the Rehearsal

This will help you know when to speak, where to stand, etc. A rehearsal is great for getting rid of nervousness.

3. Pack for the Honeymoon

After all, you are going on the holiday of a lifetime.

4. Create an Emergency Kit for the Wedding

This kit should include lipstick, tissue, makeup, a mirror, etc. Basically, anything you might require during the day. Also, ask the main bridesmaid to carry the kit for you.

5. Hand Over the Suppliers Contact List to the Designated Individual

In case they need to be contacted, this is the person who will handle it.

During the final day, ensure you take enough time to rest as you’re going to have a long day, but exhilarating one if everything is done right.

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