6 Strong Reasons To Use Video Marketing In Your Business!

Use Video Marketing In Your Business

In this growing and grossing world, the video makes everything easy.

You can’t even believe that the video marketing industry and digital video advertising will make over $20 billion in 2024 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 41.1% from 2024 to 2027.

It is a huge market size that is growing like crazy and if you can implement it in the right way you will be able to grow your business like a skyrocket.

Many marketers are using video marketing to generate leads, traffic and even sales for their products that they are creating.

The marketers are using advertising to generate this kind of thing for their websites. It is very simple and legitimate that everyone can do it but there are very few people who are using it in the right way.

Today I’ll give you some strong reasons, tips and secrets that professional marketers are using to grow their business.

Alright, let’s take a deep dive into it.

Reasons To Use Video Marketing In Your Business

There are plenty of techniques and strategies that are being used in video marketing to get 100% out of it.

But here I am going to share some strong reasons and strategies that are widely used and many professional bloggers and digital marketers are using them to generate their leads and conversions.

1. Social media users love videos

The first and foremost reason for video marketing is, social media users widely watch videos. Billions of users stay active per month on every social media platform.

Because the reason is simple, video is more engaging than reading any content. There are many few percentages of people who are reading an article or any kind of content.

Even you might see in your friend circle that video sharing is more common for them than articles or any text type content.

Do you know, Facebook is also slowly converting the platform to a video sharing platform because Facebook knows that people are engaging where video content is available.

So the point is, if you want to grab your potential users then you should make informational videos and share them on these platforms.

Here’s a report of Forbes that says how online video marketing is taking a huge piece of the market in a short time.

Social media users love videos

Video leads the social media

As we discussed how video is taking the market because of audience engagement.

Another strong example is, back then in 2005-2014, when there was not much trend about social media, online marketing, online advertising, that time people are not engaging these social media only because of videos.

At that time social media existed. But I already told you, there are very few people in the world who are interested in reading the content or visualising it.

At that time, pictures and text content was everything. But after 2016, slowly and gradually videos are coming to the market, not because time is changing but people start getting the true value of videos.

The bottom line is that nowadays videos are everywhere and marketers are using videos for their business growth. And you should take advantage of it.

2. Video grabs more attention

There Is no doubt that video grabs more attention than any other kind of content. If I give you an example of website blog articles then, you need to create good content, have to modify the headings so that they attract the user and many more things you need to do.

But in the video case, you need to create an informative video and an attractive title and that’s it. Also, there are other things included like tags, hashtags, video SEO, but those are very few in comparison to text articles on any websites.

Even if you see, there are millions of views coming to videos these days on Facebook and Instagram.

Not because there are billions of users on those platforms but because people love to watch videos.

But it is true that how you can grab the attention of your users, that matters! For this only reason, some people are getting millions of views in the videos on their channel and some are getting very few, like 100-200 only.

How can you grab the attention of your potential users?

For grabbing attention and show them your video, you need to do these things,

  • Write catchy title
  • Use lots of hooks
  • Use of propers images for videos
  • Always start with a question which is work as a hook
  • Videos should be informative

These are some things you should keep in mind while making videos for your audiences.

Video Advertisements

These days video advertisements are trending, everyone making videos marketing a business growth tool.

I’ll tell you why. The reasons are very simple that if you running video ads then,

  • You can generate leads
  • If you have a website then you can send traffic through it
  • If you are selling some products like courses or any kind of products then you can run video ads so that you can tell everything about your program and aware people about it
  • Videos can make a positive impact on the user’s mind so that they can remember you, it’s a huge benefit.

So these are some key factors that video marketing gives you.

3. Mobile users watch videos more than PC

Do you know that video viewability on mobile is far greater than that of a PC user. In these years Google found that video viewability is significant growth by 83% on mobile and 53% on pc.

And as you know there are lots of video ads also running on different platforms by advertisers. Video ads watching are also increased in recent years.

Now you can relate that, how video marketing is now growing insanely. Even if we take the example of OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime video and youtube, these platforms are also growing rapidly.

Here, simple psychology works very well. People always want to get rid of boring moments and videos are the only thing that can give them some happiness. And who doesn’t want happiness?

4. Video describes everything

Here the core part comes into play!

Everybody knows videos describe everything but do you know that you can convince a person by videos? Sounds strange, right?

But this is what marketers are doing right now. They are hooking their targeted customers and making them convinced by their communication skills and taking them to their website for further process like product selling, courses joining and many more things.

If you are able to connect with your customers emotionally or give them trust that you can solve their problem then you can easily convince them to do what you want them to do.

Emotional branding is required while you’re performing any selling activity.

5. Videos drives organic traffic

The second search engine that comes after Google is YouTube. And if you see, YouTubers getting their traffic organically by rankings and subscription.

But now YouTube is not only used for video sharing but it’s used for generating traffic to websites.

Videos drives organic traffic

An eye-tracking study of Neil Patel’s blog states how people are attracted to videos on the SERP section of Google.

Even Google also started taking relevant videos in the main SERP section due to a lack of relevant search results for a particular keyword.

It is not about Youtube and Google but all the social media. If the audience likes your videos and wants to know more then they follow your suggestions.

And at that point, you can mention your links so that they can follow them.

Alright, it’s all about the free method and the paid method is awesome because paid video ads are very useful for driving quality and targeted instant website traffic to your website.

There are many ways you can drive traffic to your blog but for those very few in comparison to google SERP traffic. As you know search traffic is not a very easy way to get. You need several months of effort to rank higher.

But paid ads are simple ways you can drive traffic, you just need to run video ads where you can give people a strong reason to visit your blog.

As I said, video ads traffic is widely used for generating leads, for affiliate marketing products or for selling products. Because if you are running ads then most probably in the return of investment(ROI), you should get some leads that can be converted later.

Another cool thing as I said is generating leads. But do you know you can pitch email subscribers with video so that they can relate their issue and get to interact with your product.

From a study, videos give you sales from email up to 40% more while normal email can’t even reach this kind of percentage.

6. Video gives you high ROI

ROI means the return of investment. In simple language, what you will get from your investments is considered as ROI.

Some best affiliate marketing products, funnels and ads can make it very smooth. Suppose you are running a video ad and people engagement is much greater than that video ad automatically shows to some broader people.

It is happening by the algorithm and also your ads bid is highly important for this to push forward.

It’s not even for individuals but it is also for high-end companies that run plenty of advertisements on social media.

Companies are investing millions of dollars to grab their potential customers and make their product sell.

There are many companies like zomato, dominos and tech companies like Samsung, iPhone, mi and many more.

They are running the same thing which is video ads. They are making videos in such a way that can grab the attention of their potential customers and eventually customers can buy their products.


So here you’ll get all these tips, techniques and reasons to do video marketing in the online world. So start implementing on your website and you’ll get an amazing result.

If you have a website with lots of traffic then you should make a landing page where you can give them some free things that can help your website users to get some tip.

For this, you can use video formats so that it’s very convenient for them to understand that you are providing products free of cost.

Keep blogging, keep hustling!😀

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