6 Profitable Ways To Use Video In Your Email Marketing

Video email marketing is the process of marketing through emails by including videos in them. According to a recent study, 83% of experts have recognized videos as one of the most effective and successful ways of reaching out to target customers and boosting engagement among the audiences.

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Do you know more than 70% of businesses use videos for marketing to B2B? Not just that, over 65% of companies use videos for marketing to B2C. Another marketing report claims that 57% of business professionals make use of live videos for better interaction with the clients.

According to high-level email marketing services, videos can be a great way to tickle the audience’s imagination so that they can absorb information better through visual representation. Such kind of absorption is sometimes not possible with text-based marketing. Videos can be a sure-shot way to make your topic more convincing and compelling for the viewers.

Benefits Of Embedding Video In Email Marketing

You must be thinking about how video email marketing works to boost your sales. Video emails are different from regular email marketing. They have more power to hook your viewers and encourage them to engage faster. Below are a few benefits that they provide:

Increased Reach

If you are an expert, videos can be a significant way to draw your audience’s attention. As compared to text-based marketing campaigns, subscribers feel more interested in video advertisements and tend to become more active in them. All in all, video emails have a higher chance to impact your viewers and boost engagement.

SEO Improvement

One of the major benefits of marketing through video emails is that they are highly effective in boosting your search engine ranking. Videos can draw much more attention than other forms of ads, and they have the power to become popular much more quickly. So, it’s easier for your audience to share your ads on social platforms, thereby boosting your brand.

Fast Projection

Video emails are time-saving tools not only for marketers but for their audience as well. Videos deliver the intended information in much less time. They also have the power to make a complicated subject an easy thing to comprehend.

Penetration Marketing

Video emails are circulated and forwarded more quickly than other forms of advertisements. So, they reach a larger audience quickly and deliver the intended message more efficiently. Audiences also respond to them with more interest and positivity.

6 Proven Ways To Use Video Email Marketing 2024

Including videos in your email marketing efforts can showcase your business in a much better way and increase your CTR. Here, explore six effective ways to use videos in your emails:

Marketizing Your Events

If you host an internal or an external event, you can record a video of that event, make its short recap, and forward it to your subscribers. This will not only build interest among your audience but also give them an idea of how your business works. The video will work as proof of how many people attended the event, how successful it went, and how it served the industry.

The event that you record can be as small as a local stall or as big as a global conference. Video email marketing can be a great way to spread your word and gain people’s attention. You can give a link to your audience to register for the next event, which can be a great way to increase your brand exposure.

Launching A New Product

If you are a new company, you can create a video and send it to your audience to describe what your company would do and what products it would entail. Even if you have an existing customer base, you can send a video email to your subscribers, announcing the launch of an upcoming product or service line.

Free video email marketing can also be an easy way to announce your promotions, discounts, and complementary products. If you are planning to launch a product line in the next quarter, sending email videos to your subscribers can be a nice way to make a pre-launch audience base. Before launching your product, let your subscribers know about it beforehand. You can make your customers already interested in your product even before it is released.

Include Videos In Newsletters

Newsletters are often lengthy and boring, and no one often cares to read through them, unless they are particularly interested and engaged. If you send out newsletters to your subscribers without any videos, you are missing a large percentage of their interest.

There are lots of ways to include videos in your newsletters and make them productive. They can be an easy way for your audience to catch up with your company content. According to a recent HubSpot Research, almost 72% of consumers are more receptive to videos than text-based marketing information.

Add Personalized Content

Adding personalized content in your email can be a highly effective way of boosting up your response rates. Sales and marketing teams can work together to make such videos and send them to their hot leads. You may even watch an email marketing video tutorial to make convincing videos of this type.

Such video emails can insanely accelerate your buyer’s journey and boost up the chances of high closing rate. Best video email marketing tools can be added to your browser extension, where they can allow you to record yourself and your screen simultaneously. Once the video is recorded, you can edit it and send it over.

Successful Stories

Marketers are paid to market a business’s products, and they are bound to say only positive things about the company and hide its negatives. That’s the reason why customers tend to believe more in real customer reviews than marketing content. According to a study, 72% of customers build trust in a business based on its reviews. So, if you have a few happy customers, ask them to talk about their experiences and record their video. These customer stories will do the promotional part for you and make your job easier. You can even craft and upload using YouTube marketing tools for better reach.

Add GIFs

The key to making a useful video to boost your marketing efforts is to keep it short and simple. With today’s customers so busy with online distractions like social media sites, their attention spans are shrinking. Therefore, it would help cut down your video to a sweet GIF and send it to your customers through email.

GIFs are short animations that you can easily insert in your best video marketing email templates. The best thing is that these GIF files fall under the category of images, and do not consume much space. Take the help of your design expert to create cute GIFs that can spark interest among your audience. The effort you would put into making GIFs would be worth it, as it will encourage your audience to click through it and browse through your offerings.

How To Select The Right Videos For Your Email Marketing


The video you send to your customers through email should tell them what you are offering and how your products or services can benefit them. Product demos, case studies, customer reviews, and testimonials are examples of the best marketing email videos.


Make sure that your video is short, ideally not more than 1-2 minutes. If you have lengthy information to share, split it into series, and send it in parts.


Even a short video can be massive and may slow down your email’s loading speed. The best way is to provide a thumbnail and link to the video that you can post on another platform.

Text Support

If your email contains the only video, then spam filters may see it as spam, and your recipients may not be able even to see your email. So, write some text also that can supplement the video.

CTA Placement

Ensure that your CTA is made at a prominent place in your video and your email text. Whether it is a social media link, contact form, or a download, make sure that it is concise and appropriate.

Final Note

In a nutshell, videos are incredible in engaging your subscribers, both new and old. If you are involved in marketing, try hands at email video and see a massive improvement in your metrics. Create great email content and video, make use of the six tips mentioned above, and gain an edge over your competitors.

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