6 Things You Need to Help Your Office Run Smoothly

Running an office is a responsible and a difficult task. There are many things to consider and juggle between. No matter how much resources, time and energy you invest, it never seems enough. The reason for that is because running an office is a perpetual strive towards perfection. From managing office supplies, general maintenance, to payrolls and vendors, this seemingly endless list of responsibilities can appear daunting.

Things You Need to Help Your Office Run Smoothly

There must be a very good reason why we go through all this trouble. And there are many reasons, but the most important ones include a significant rise in productivity and employee satisfaction. Here are some key tips to keep your office running smoothly and efficiently.

1. “Sick Building Syndrome

Bad air quality caused by insufficient ventilation in the building can have a very negative effect on productivity and health. This term was coined in the 1970s and is used to describe a list of symptoms. This list includes, but is not limited to: headaches, coughing, disorientation, fatigue, and acute health and comfort issues. At first, these issues do not appear to be linked to any specific illness or cause, until they actually do. A prolonged exposure to a stifled, stale and non-ventilated area is a viral disaster waiting to happen. You do not want a big, two-digit percentage of your office to suddenly call in sick. Keep your office space well ventilated, be it through HVAC systems or by simply opening up windows. It will prove to be invaluable in the long run.

2. Distractions

On average, audible distractions and interruptions happen every few minutes. Through a standard workday, it adds up to quite a lot. If your work scenario allows it, it is very beneficial to be able to tune everything out. Giving your employees their own personal workspace is usually out of limits for most enterprises. Something much more cost-efficient can be implemented. By giving, or at least allowing your employees headphones, you provide them with the liberty to drown out the noise. It will increase productivity and general comfort.

3. Make your surroundings- yours

A sense of autonomy has been proven to make your employees happier and overall, more satisfied. Of course, if the nature of the business allows it, a personal touch can go a long way. A favorite picture on the table, a plant or a stress ball will make your immediate surroundings more personal. Needless to say, a happy employee is a more productive one.

4. Relaxed atmosphere, positive attitude

Whether you work in a stockbroker company or in a more artistic setting, a proper environment is a must. In either case, dealing with coworkers and clients can be a stressful endeavor. That is why it is key to keep a positive setting. Yes, the questions can get repetitive, and employees can seem to be helpless sometimes. But it is your responsibility to be patient, approachable, friendly and to give help where and when it is needed. This kind of culture, cultivated long enough, will result in people being happy to go to work.

5. Office supplies

For the most part we have talked about the psychological aspects of running an office. Equally as important are the supplies that keep everything moving. These include pencils, sticky notes, printing paper, and many more. Some are easier to overlook than others, like cleaning supplies or printer ink. Make sure to always have quality toner ink in stock, as a lack of it can bring everything to a halt. People have a much easier time remembering things that are on paper, rather than the things that are spoken.

6. Digital infrastructure

Today, it is necessary to keep databases of everything. In some countries, even by law, depending on the business in question. Whether it be your suppliers, employee records or client lists, the more transparent the business is, the better for everyone. This way your employees, or relevant personnel, will be able to access your records with no hassle or interruption. That also means having an adequate personal computer, and server setup for everyone. As time progresses, databases can become exponentially large, cumbersome and difficult to navigate. Future-proofing your PC network to a reasonable degree will save you a lot of resources and time in the future.

Managing, maintaining and enhancing productivity in an office is not a simple task. A constant struggle to keep everything well-oiled up and running, while also making sure everyone is kept satisfied. Here we have narrowed it down to 6 simple, easy to follow principles. By accomplishing all of the things listed above, you will have your office run more smoothly and efficiently. As always, be on the lookout for more ways that you can optimize your workspace. After all, every office is unique in its own way.

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