7 Great Shopify Apps to Optimize your eCommerce Store

“Use Magento rather than going with Shopify”, “Magento provides more features than Shopify does”. We heard so many statements like this, right? But it is all a myth. I am not telling you to stop building your store in Magento and start using Shopify. It is just like that, each platform has its own pros and cons! According to studies by Shopify, “Shopify is powering more than 500,000 businesses in 175 countries” Now, that is spectacular right?

7 Great Shopify Apps

With the increased use of smartphones, there are hundreds of Shopify apps to build eCommerce stores. And it is that simple that without using right tools, you can not expect that your business would grow with high revenue.

Today when eCommerce stores are powering the sales market, this essential list of apps that will help you to promote your stores provides amazing user experience to your customers, and handle all the inventory and shipping so you can earn more revenue.

Chatty people

Chatty people is a FREE available Shopify app by Shopify development company. Basically, it is a chatbot for developing an engaging Facebook merchant account. You can integrate this chatbot while setting up your Facebook commerce. It offers very simple functionality. Without performing much coding you can easily design a functional chatbot using this free app. It is a unique combination of creative technology and user-friendliness. The way it is designed, it is suitable for enterprise customers and small businesses as well.

Integrating Chatty people with Shopify is a great way of making engaging fan pages on Facebook. By incorporating this chatbot into your Shopify store, you can streamline communication with customers, enhancing their shopping experience. Furthermore, ensuring email security through Shopify DMARC implementation adds an extra layer of protection to your online business, safeguarding customer interactions and boosting trust in your brand. Leveraging these tools in tandem can effectively increase awareness of your products and services, ultimately driving more sales.


Optimized images are a must for lower website speed. It can help you to perform better in search engines. To make sure your images are optimized Crush.pic allows you to keep the track of your images and list out the images which are needed to optimize. It automatically compresses images to upload to your Shopify store. Even it effectively compresses the existing images according to your requirements. You have to set the image preferences.

It compresses images up to 30% without any quality fluctuations. If you want to compress images up to 70 percent, there are chances you may lose the image quality but not that much.

Your webpage should load in two seconds or less, according to 47 percent of consumers. More than 40 percent of users are likely to abandon a site which takes more time to load. Crush.pic compress your images, make effective management of images, make easy alt-tags for better SEO performance.


If you are planning to integrate email marketing with your Shopify store Klaviyo is the best solution.  Klaviyo provides easy integration with the user data collected by Shopify. It provides personalized, data-driven marketing strategy to each Shopify merchants.  The average estimated Klaviyo user makes $75 for every dollar they spent on the app.

According to e e-commerce store owners abandoned cart recovery emails are one of the best ways to convert lost customers into buyers. With Calvino, you can even target users who have abandoned their browsing session. With its powerful dashboard, you can even track your website’s user behavior which allows you to make your marketing campaigns more effective.


“63 percent are more likely to make a purchase from a site that offers user reviews” according to Vendasta. You can easily leverage the user-generated reviews to build your social reputation to the next level.

With Yotpo it becomes easy for your customers to give a review of the products they recently purchased from your store.  What makes it different from other review apps is that it facilitate the users to give reviews along with the selection of star ratings without even returning to the site.  This has been proven to have a much higher success rate, which requires less effort for customers. You can even use Mopti to manage user-generated content for your social media channels.


It is one type of FREE 24/7 working virtual working employee. Kit automatically recommend the marketing services according to your eCommerce store and products which can drive more sales. It is easy to set up with Facebook messenger and SMS.  Here, you can create a discount code and promote it. If you have connected your google merchant account here you can even start retargeting your customers

To turn your visitors into real buyers!  Kit helps you manage your Instagram and Facebook ads as well.  You can handle your email marketing, social posts for more sales.

Eventually, these activities will result in high sales and business growth. Really with the kit you can have a time-saving marketing with more sales.


When you own an eCommerce store, it is important to engage your customer. Entertaining your customers and motivating them for your products is a vital thing. Smile.IO allow to set up your own rewards programs with a great user experience on mobile or desktop. Rewarding your customers is one of the most amazing ways to repeat your purchase orders.  It is simply that you can easily create a reward program for purchases, customer referrals, account registrations, social shares/follows and birthday rewards in just a few clicks.

Auto Currency

When you have a big eCommerce store, providing your products to multiple countries, it is mandatory to display prices in their home currency. When customers browse your store from a different country, Auto currency facilitates to display their currency selection box. The checkout remains in the shop currency. The main benefit of this Auto currency App is that it increases any foreign customers’ trust level on your website. It may even result in increased sales along with global customer base.

Thus, developing a Shopify store is not a big deal. Consult your Shopify development company and you will get over that thing. What is important is that you must optimize your store in a right way. You with using such types of apps you can increase your sales cycle drastically.

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