7 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Improving Content Marketing

Artificial Intelligence has endless applications in the marketing domain. Content Marketingin particular is being completely transformed by AI and Machine Learning technologies.

AI-based tools and technologies are helping content marketers come up with unique and personalized content in an automated way.

If you haven’t incorporated AI in your content marketing strategy already, then you need to do something about it. Because if you don’t, you won’t be able to beat your competition.

Most online businesses are now utilizing AI to take their content marketing campaign to the next level. So, if you are not setting up AI-based content marketing systems for your business, you won’t be able to get the edge over your competitors.

There are a lot of benefits of integrating AI with content marketing. We are going to share with you some of the ways AI is proving to be a game-changer for content marketers.

Here are 7 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Improving Content Marketing

1. Improvement in Productivity

The most useful application of AI in content marketing is automatic content generation. Research suggests that in the next few years manual writing is going to become completely obsolete.

Improvement in Productivity

Computer programs are notorious for not understanding and badly interpreting human emotions. This is why it is believed that machines can’t be as creative as humans.

Although this is true to some extent, AI technologies are completely changing these presuppositions.

AI and Machine learning technologies are getting better at understanding human emotions and making decisions based on the stuff that they learn when interacting with humans.

How does this apply to content marketing?

AI technologies are now capable of understanding the way humans write. These machines understand the context in which a piece of content is written and then create their version based on that input.

As a result, AI is getting good at writing content that feels completely natural to humans. This is going to enable content marketers to generate content in an automated way.

With automatic content generation, content marketers don’t have to create content manually. AI content creation software will take care of all the content generation tasks.

AI technologies are getting good at understanding human behavior and if things keep going this way, the entire content creation and marketing process is going to become automated in the upcoming years.

Content Marketers will be able to create and publish unique content at a faster pace which will take their productivity to the next level.

2. Personalized Content

Success in any online business is now all about delivering personalized value to individuals based on their specific preferences.

What this means is, you need to come up with content that meets the wants and needs of the specific section of your audience. Personalized content is the only way you can make your prospects trust your products and services.


For example, you need to send personalized emails to your emaillist if you want them to do your intended action.

This doesn’t mean that they would surely do what you ask them to, but it does have an impact on the CTR as per the latest research.

AI and content marketing combined can help you figure out the behavior for your audience and you can use that information to create personalized messages for that audience to drive them deep into your sales funnel.

The most suitable example of this is when you are looking for a product on Amazon. The site gives you recommendations about similar and relevant products that you might be interested in.

You get the related products because Amazon is analyzing your behavior on the site through AI. And they are using it to give you personalized suggestions based on your interests.

Most online businesses are now choosing this content marketing strategy and using personalized content to cater to the needs of their audience.

Leveraging AI in this way is extremely valuable for content marketers as it allows them to come up with personalized content in an automated way.

3. Improved Sentence Structure

It doesn’t matter how informative your content is, it won’t work unless you make it engaging enough for the reader.

Creating engaging content is the heart & soul of every content marketing strategy. There is so much that goes on when creating engaging content that it can get quite hard for you to keep track of everything by yourself.

When writing content, grammatical mistakes are inevitable. Even if you are a professional copywriter, mistakes are a common part of the writing process that you need to face no matter what.
Improved Sentence Structure

Source: SlideShare

AI technologies can help you identify grammatical and sentence structure mistakes in your content.

Using efficient grammar checking algorithms, AI software can give you suggestions about improving your sentence structure in a way that feels natural to the humaneye.

Poor sentence structure makes for a bad readability experience. If you want your content to be easily readable by humans as well as machines, you need to make sure that it is well-written in terms of sentence structure.

If you have writtena long piece of content, proofreadit to find the sentence structure mistakes can be quite time-consuming.

This is where AI-based tools come to the rescue. AI-based grammar checker software allows you to find and remove grammatical mistakes in your content.

On the other side, there are various paraphrasing tools out there that help you create a better sentence structure for your existing content.

You can check out the Paraphrasing tool to improve the sentence structure of the inserted content.

Paraphrasing tool

This tool usually usesAI and Machine learning to rewrite the input content for you and improve its sentence structure as well as overall quality.

4. Plagiarism-Free Content

AI technologies are proving to be quite effective at detecting plagiarism from a given piece of content.

Plagiarism is the primary reason why most online businesses don’t make it to the top of SERPs. If you publish plagiarized content on your website, it can make your platform eligible for a penalty by search engines.

Online Plagiarism Checker use AI to scan your input text for plagiarism by comparing it to millions of online sources. As soon as these tools detect plagiarism, they inform you about it and highlight the sources of plagiarism.

Online Plagiarism Checker

Now, if you want to get rid of the plagiarism in the content, AI can help with that too.

There are various AI-based article rewriter and paraphrasing tools out there that help you generate unique content from an existing piece of writing.

For example, the Rewriting Tool allows users to generate plagiarism-free content by changing the words by their synonyms.

Rewriting Tool

If you find plagiarism in your content, you can process that content using an article rewriter and you will get the rewritten version of it in a short amount of time.

This is where AI technologies prove to be useful for content marketers.

Instead of having to rewrite the content to remove plagiarism, these tools help you rewrite it in a simple and meaningful way.

The rewrittencontent sounds natural because AI does the rewriting. So, if you ever need to create plagiarism-free content from already existing content, you can use AI-based article rewriting tools to do that.

5. ROI

If you have already spent a lot of money on your content marketing campaign and you are not seeing the results that you had in mind, it is time you start making changes in your strategy.

And the first thing you need to look for is to set up AI-based systems for your content marketing processes.

AI-based content generation is much most cost-effective than hiring manual writing services. AI writing software is much better at creating content in bulk in a short amount of time.

So, with AI you’d get to see a higher return on investment (ROI), than continuing with your previous content marketing approach.

By using AI technologies in content marketing, you can make the most out of the time and resources that you have at your disposal.

AI software work 24/7 to analyze the user behavior for you and keep creating content in an automated way. You won’t have to rely on a particular schedule for creating and publishing content.

AI content marketing tools help completely automate content creation and publication so that you don’t have to waste time and money manually doing everything.

Achieving a high Return on Investment is the ultimate goal of every business. Using AI in content marketing can help you do that.

You can efficiently time your content creation and publishing routine and make it completely automatic so that you don’t even waste even a second of your time. And this will help you skyrocket your ROI.

6. Cost Minimization

By incorporating AI in content marketing, you won’t have to invest in hiring additional personnel for your content marketing team.

This is because AI is completely automating the entire content creation and optimization process.

Content automation through AI will help content marketers come up with unique content simply and more easily.

Even when you have to create many pieces of content in a day, AI tools and technologies will help you do that in no time.

AI will help you cut down costs on content creation and optimization. With the capital that you save on your content marketing strategy, you’d be able to utilize it for the rest of your business operations.

Another way AI helps minimize costs is by allowing you to publish your content to the right audience and at the right time.

AI analyzes the user behavior on a platform and offers insights based on consumer behavior. Content marketers can use those insights to target just the right audience for their products and services through their content.

AI helps content marketers use a focused approach for their marketing efforts.

Instead of going after the entire market as a whole, AI can help marketers narrow down their target market and its specific sections that have the highest potential for conversion.

highest potential

Plus, AI tools and technologies are quite affordable and offer lifetime value. You get to cut down costs on content marketing through automatic content generation as well.

7. Ease in Research

The sole purpose of AI in content marketing is to get the most out of everything that’s been put into making an effective content marketing strategy.

This involves everything from content research, writing, and execution.

The benefits of AI in research sites for content marketing are quite commendable.

Creating personalized content that caters to the individual needs of your targeted audience is a time-consuming task.

Ease in Research

AI algorithms analyze the content trends on the internet and predict the kind of content that people would be interested in. You can use the insights that you get from these tools to come up with targeted content for the specific section of your audience.

Using AI will allow you to cut down the time and resources that you spend on the research when coming up with content ideas.

If you want your content to rank well on search engines, you’ve got to write on topics that people are interested in. This is what AI helps you with.

Through the data that AI gathers by analyzing the user behavior, these technologies recommend you the kind of content that you should go for.

Once you have an idea about the topic that need to write about, you can focus all your energy on creating engaging content which covers that topic in the most meaningful way.

AI promotes ease of research for content marketers and the time you save with the research can be used on improving the quality of the content.

Wrapping Up

Artificial Intelligence technologies are helping content marketers automate and streamline all the processes in their content marketing strategy.

From content creation to optimization, AI technologies are becoming an intrinsic part of every content marketing campaign.

Every information-based business needs AI if they want their content marketing efforts to be a success.

AI-based content creation is improving at an enormous pace. Although AI in content marketing is still going through an evolutionary stage, we are quite excited to see its future impact on content marketing and digital marketing as a whole.

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