Three Tips for Growing Your Business

The last year has hardly been a golden era for the economy. The emergence of coronavirus has stalled the growth of so many businesses.  Enforced closures, mass lay-offs and reduced spending power have been fixtures of the post-COVID world.

Whether you’ve hit a worrying slump or you’re trying to fight your way out of the worst of the pandemic, we’ve compiled a list of different ways you can grow your business.

From creative, innovative marketing strategies to a decisive rebrand, there are so many methods to try out. Take your pick from the list below to kickstart a surge in interest in your business – even if it’s newly registered with an app like Machfast.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Having an online presence is an important platform for attracting new customers to your business. Between them, Facebook and Instagram have a global user base of 2521 million users. That is a staggering amount. A presence on these platforms gives you the ability to market your product or service to these users.

There are a number of marketing methods available to you through Facebook and Instagram. One of the most popular and effective is paid advertising. The level of specialisation is remarkable and it’s what makes it such a predictably strong way of marketing to potential customers.

You can decide who gets to see your ads. Users can be targeted based on a dizzying array of parameters: from their age, gender, location to their interests, recently viewed posts and more. Because of this hypertargeting, you can tailor your ads to fit your customer profiles perfectly.

Even if you don’t have the budget to explore paid advertising, you can nevertheless create a following of committed users by putting out quality content on social media. That could be interacting with industry relevant groups and bloggers or putting out intriguing polls that provoke debate and drive interactions. You can even use specific tools to help you manage your presence on platforms like Instagram.

Streamline Sales Journey

An often overlooked catalyst for bolstering an organisation’s sales is streamlining the customer journey. If a customer finds the path to purchase too complex or unwieldy, they won’t hesitate to go elsewhere.

By simplifying the customer journey, you can increase your conversion rate. The proportion of visitors to your site that actually go on to buy a product or service will dramatically increase.

That might mean rearranging the layout of your site, emphasising certain aspects of the site through internal linking, colour or font size or even getting rid of a part of the journey altogether.

Enhance the Quality of Your Product/Service

Nothing does more for your brand than the quality of your product or service. Yes, sleek marketing campaigns and glossy rebrands can add a little more sheen to your business but they aren’t a substitute for the product or service itself.

Sometimes, what you are offering to customers isn’t of the requisite quality. It might be time to make a few tweaks to your product or service to breathe new life into your business. All businesses should strive to outperform their competitors by creating a superior product at a reasonable price.

There’s a simple reason certain businesses consistently outperform others: their product or service is better.

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