9 Strategies to Rank Higher for Tough Keywords in 90 Days

So you want to rank higher in the Google’s SERPs. But dubious of the claims that say: “Rank #1 for your main keyword in 10 days!”These declarations may sound spurious….

But, what if this blog post makes actually possible to rank for a tough keyword in just few months or you are guaranteed a spot in the SERPs?

Ranking on the first page of search engines for a tough keyword seems to be one of the fastest ways to make available your content in front of thousand users.

To be transparent, it’s hard to rank for the terms “Google” or “Travel” in few days is not at an easy game. It’s too difficult somewhere. As those are head terms, not keywords and dominated by large and establishes businesses.

But here we are not talking about head terms we are talking about tough keywords.

So, let’s come across the 9 strategies that will make your rank higher on Google for tough keywords.

Find Topic-

Find Topic

It’s easy to tell keyword research is the basics of a winning SEO campaign but many marketers forget about the research. The keywords they get after research is may be hard to rank for, or one that doesn’t have enough searches to justify the efforts.

So, keep in mind the keywords you research have enough search volumes, are not too hard to make your SEO campaign win and get the desired results.

Create Content-


Once the topic is decided start thinking of creating the content. This is the hardest task that seems to be an easy one. While creating the content your goal should be to create something better than your competition.

As an advice make sure when you are going to write writing should be your only task for a few hours at a stretch.

Use Images-

While creating the content don’t forget about the visual interest of your content. Adding visuals to your content will not only make your users engage with your content but will help you from the SEO perspective.

Make sure to add the Alt tag to all of your visuals with the tough keyword. Also this will help break up the content into sections. An image every 4-5 paragraphs will work great.

On-Page SEO-

On-Page SEO

If you want to rank for your selected tough keywords don’t forget about the number of on-page factors that should be in your mind. An SEO-friendly title should be at your priority list. Using keywords in a question form is a smart way of giving your content the accurate title.

Use related keywords in your section heading tags (H1, H2, H3 tags). But don’t use keywords in every header as this may make your content look overly optimized.

Accurate Keyword Density-

Accurate Keyword Density

It might be difficult to understand what actually keyword density means. Adding too many keywords Google might see your content as “overly optimized” and few keywords Google might not have a clear idea what your article is about.

Keyword density is not only the factor to consider but it is important enough having measurable impact on rankings. Adding keywords in a smart way will not make weird for either search engines or readers.



Backlinks would still matter. Just having the best content in the world, but not having required backlinks will not make your content rank for tough keywords. This is why you need to focus aggressively on promoting it.

Social and referral traffic is nice but don’t make it your priority. Instead focus on building backlinks around your tough keyword.

Internal Links-


It’s hard to get external links. But, what about getting links from your own website? Well that’s a business of just one hour. There are many marketers that completely say NO to the power of internal linking.

But, internal linking help discover your new content through your old content as well as they tell Google which pages are important and needs to be taken into consideration.

Press Mentions-

Earning few mentions from press outlet can help you get hundred of links as other publication might pick up your story. Find media outlets that are looking out for stories related to your topic.

The simplest way to do this to take your hands on services like Help A Reporter Out. This is a site where many of the journalists and bloggers post their requests.

Guest Blog-


Guest blogging should be the main ingredient of your SEO strategy. This should not be done with an agenda of getting backlinks or content promotion but to build up your audience.

Make use of this search operator [your niche] + intitle:”write for us”.

Final Words-

The first-page rankings is just a myth. Try out these 9 strategies to rank higher for your tough keywords not head terms. Just master these strategies and you’ll never be short of SEO success.

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