A Man’s Guideline to Pick the Right Watch for Your Personality

Guideline to Pick the Right Watch for Your Personality
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A watch is a piece of jewelry that a man considers valuable. Since you practically wear your watch all day, this accessory becomes an extension of yourself. This exquisite timepiece basically defines who you are. So, when you decide to buy yourself a new watch, you should look for something that is a good representation of your personality, aside from being fashionable and functional.

Picking the right watch that matches your personality allows you to complement it with your lifestyle and your wardrobe. Whether you are adventurous or always on the run, you have to make sure that your watch of choice will perfectly suit your personality.

Personality Types to Consider in Purchasing A Watch

1. The Tough Type

If you consider yourself as someone tough, it takes a tough watch to go with your personality. Although some watches have decorative designs, several timepieces are made to give you the masculine vibe you need.

Military and tactical watches are primarily designed to look rugged. These watches are durable and have practical applications. Compared to other types of watches, military watches are more robust as they can withstand whatever is thrown at them.

Military watches have world time features and night lights for evening adventures and are water-resistant. These timepieces usually have a chunky design, but classic and slim military watches have been manufactured for those who are both sophisticated and rugged.

2. The Thrill Seeker Type

If you like spending more time juggling with flights than being on the ground, you are most likely someone who loves to go to places and is a thrill seeker. If this is you, the best watch for you is a pilot watch.

A considerable part of aviation history, pilot watches play a crucial role during the World Wars. As of today, aviator watches have stylish designs and outstanding features which are great for the modern gentleman. With their cool specs, like a compass, GPS, flight timers, pilot watches have been designed to look elegant yet functional.

Either you like to do things with suave or prefer to deal with high-tech and bold designs, you will be able to find the right pilot watch that will make your heart race.

3. The Outdoor Type

If you don’t like staying indoors and you love the idea of being outdoors, then you definitely need a watch that will be your companion as you go to for an adventure.

To choose the right watch, do away with the ostentatious and flashy designs, and look for a timepiece that is more appropriate and functional. Your active lifestyle says that it is much more suitable for you to use running and fitness watches. These accessories have been designed for outdoor purposes since running and fitness watches can track and record your activities to keep you on the go.

If you are into running, mountain biking, or hiking, the right fitness watch will be your best friend. Besides, these types of timepieces are smart gadgets designed for people who run active lives. Some watches have built-in GPS to monitor your location, while others are resistant to water.

4. The Affluent Type

The opulent man needs an elegant timepiece that speaks of luxury and decadence. If you have such high-class tastes, then the perfect accessory for you is a real gold watch like a classic Rolex. This type of watch depicts an image of grandeur and power, which is just ideal if you are wearing a suit. These watches also hold a great resale value, so you can use them as an investment as well.

A gold watch is a bold and straightforward step for you to make in terms of fashion, but this jewelry is classic and timeless. Now, remember, not everyone can pull off an opulent look, and a piece of luxurious jewelry on your wrist may be a bit risky.

5. The Minimalist Type

If you are someone who likes things in black and white, muted color palettes, and clean designs, then you are most likely fascinated with minimalism. Even if you can do away with accessories, a watch is an essential possession.

If you are a minimalist, you will avoid timepieces with flashy and too decorative designs. So, minimalist watches are perfect for you. By keeping everything simple with a clean aesthetic, you will still look sharp and consistent with your style.

When you purchase a minimalist watch, go for a modern and fashionable design. Make sure you avoid models with complicated dials and displays to achieve the perfect look. It would be better if you choose bands that have a sophisticated appeal, so the watch will not be an under or over statement.

6. The Eco-Friendly Type

If you are the type of guy who loves nature, cares about preserving the environment, and believes in sustainability, a wood watch is an ideal choice for you. Aside from preventing you from dealing with a big chunk of metal or plastic, wood watches offer an eco-friendly option, plus displaying a fresh and unique look. Thus, you create a fashion statement while saving the environment.

Wood watches are not common, but they add a distinct edge to your outfits that other watches cannot do for you. These wooden timepieces are comfortable and lightweight, plus they are considered more affordable compared to other styles.

7. The Quirky Type

If you are someone who does not mind catching people’s attention and has always been comfortable with your skin, then you are the quirky type. Your personality needs a unique watch that will make you look more fashionable and sharp.

If you are trying to keep it edgy without compromising the style, the best accessory for you is a skeleton watch. These watches are primarily designed to reveal the mechanism and construction of the timepiece, which makes you marvel at its detailed inner workings. Thus, making skeleton watches different from those styles with conventional designs.

While a more traditional gentleman would appreciate a safer option for a fine timepiece, a quirky man will pull his strings to get an extraordinary watch in his hands.


Knowing your personality gives you the advantage of choosing the right type of watch that suits your lifestyle. Watches are great investments, aside from their capacity to make you feel good about yourself and help you keep a stylish look.

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