An Introduction To Making Money on Instagram


Ever wondered if all this time which you’re spending online were making your money how financially secure you would have been? Well, you can use this time to make both active and passive income. Even I fun social networking platform like Instagram can help you earn a lot of money. The only thing that’s stopping you is lack of knowledge.

While there are endless ways of making money online like affiliate marketing, freelancing, kindle, Fiverr and much more, the focus of this article is solely on INSTAGRAM.

Let’s see how it actually works?

To be able to make money on Instagram you need a decent amount of followers, and that decent amount is considered anything more than 50k. Now, this may sound a bit daunting as without a proper strategy it’ll take you forever to reach that level.

So, the strategies that we can use to gain followers on Instagram can be split into two major categories:

Free strategy

Investment strategy

Let’s take a look at the free strategy

A fresh page with a particular niche: Nobody wants to fill their feed with random things. People are quite clear about what they like, and those are the things they are always looking for when they jump into their account. I.e., If you’re a photographer and someone has followed you because of the pictures you’ve uploaded, will that person continue to be your follower if you leave that niche and start to talk business there?

Post a couple of pictures: Sooner you’ll get started the better. Tell people what you have got to show them through those pictures.

Find people who share the same niche as you: Follow someone who has a large following in the same niche. Then follow people who have liked and commented on the most recent pictures posted on that account because those are the people high engagement comes from. Those are the users you want to be followed by.

Don’t follow just anyone: The idea here is not only to make money but also to improve your skills too. If you go following every account, you come across. You’ll end up with a bad feed and followers that are not interested in what you’re doing.

The number of people you should follow: If you start following tons of people, Instagram might think of you as a spammer, and your account might get blocked. So, don’t rush things, on your first day following 25-30 people will be fine and then on the next day 50-60 and so on till you reach 1000.

Be consistent with your posts: Don’t post anything that doesn’t fall under your niche, and post every single day to tell the readers that you’re an active user.

Download telegram: Once you hit 10k followers, you can use telegram as a community management application. Get engagement with the people involved in the same sort of things, and you could ask people for “share for share” and “shout-out for shout-out” which is an excellent way of cross promotion.

Let’s take a look at the Investment strategy

Buy shoutouts: It’s an efficient way of getting a headstart, and once you reach 10k follower you can always take the organic approach because you’ll not be that hard once you hit 10k followers.

Pay for automation applications: If you have a tight schedule and you can’t afford to take some time off from primary work, you can take help of some tools that can help you automate the process of following people.

You must be wondering how do I make money after gaining a fair amount of followers. Well, the answer is really simple. When you don’t have followers you buy shoutouts and when you have them you sell them. The price of shoutouts varies with the number of followers (and of course engagement on your account). You can also promote someone’s product in exchange for money.

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