iPhone App Development: Secure Your iOS Device

Today, iPhone App development is at the peak in the digital market as Apple is constantly trying to serve its customers by bringing new and better products to the market which have cool and enhanced features. These days, there is a great concern for keeping the user data not secured by the hackers and intruders that try to enter the system by finding flaws and loopholes. Apple is constantly trying to enhance its iPhone app development by releasing new updates frequently so that the confidential data of the user doesn’t go to the public. There are some tips that can be followed for making the iPhone secured against the potential hackers. Let’s have an overview of it.  


  • Avoid Doing The Mistake of Jailbreaking Your iPhone Device

This is a big mistake done by the iPhone users that the jailbreak their iPhone device in order to access other software and applications that are not provided in the App store. It does give them the access to the required applications outside of the Apple app store but it also brings the risk of exposing the iPhone device to the malware and viruses that can completely damage the stored information. The warranty of the iPhone device will end there once you have jailbroken your iPhone. You won’t get any type of support from the Apple authorities if something goes wrong with the device.

  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication alerts you when some unknown person tries to log in to any device by entering your Apple id account details. For example, suppose you get a new iPad and you are trying to sign in for the first time on the iPad with your Apple id, then you will receive a notification on all your Apple devices that have the same Apple id being logged in. This will send a notification of alerting you by giving you an option either to deny or to accept the request. This security feature developed for the iPhone app development and other Apple devices protects our information from getting into wrong hands.

  • Keep iOS Up To Date

The first tip to secure the iPhone against the potential hackers is a very simple one – make sure you try to keep your iPhone updated with the latest iteration of iOS along with the smaller updates also. The hackers are expert in finding flaws in the code and they frequently try to find the loopholes in the iPhone app development so that they can gain access to your personal data. The new releases done by the company are a way to solve the loopholes that were found in the code and to give better and stable operating systems.

  • Keep Your Data Secure: Find My iPhone Feature

One of the best security feature provided by the developers in the iPhone app development is Find My iPhone feature. This feature lets us track our iPhone device when its get lost or is being stolen by the thief. But, that is not the only usage of it. We can also erase our data from the device when the device gets stolen or accidentally gets misplaced. The hackers won’t be able to access any of our private information as the data will get erased with this feature.

  • The Facility of Auto-Wiping Data

When someone is trying to unlock your iPhone by randomly guessing the password and after 10 unsuccessful tries the person is not able to do it then this feature will automatically erase the data to protect it from going on wrong hands. This feature might be serving for some people as the damage of data loss is a big loss from the phone. But, the good part is that one can also enable the feature of automatic iCloud backup so that our data is safely stored on the cloud and even if the data gets erased from the phone then also there is no such thing to worry.

  • Keep Your iPhone Away From Tracking Apps

There are many tracking apps available in the market which try to track all your information from your device. Any stranger if gets access to your Apple id account credentials then they won’t need the iPhone device on hand, the tracking app can also be installed on your device by logging in the iCloud. Then all your information such as your location, photographs, videos, chats, contacts, card details etc, can be tracked and can be misused. So, one should keep updating the password of the Apple account to keep the device away from such tracking apps.

  • Disable Siri on Lock Screen

To protect your device from data theft, disable Siri on the lock screen. There have been incidents happened when someone finds a loophole in the Apple’ security system and tried to access the private information through Siri. So, if you also think that someone is trying to pick up your phone and get into it through Siri, then it is better to keep it off on your lock screen so that they will require a passcode to enter the device.

  • Don’t Open Unknown Links

This is a very self-explanatory tip that suggests you not open unknown links that come to your phone via message or email. This is one of the tricks of the potential hackers to gain access to your personal accounts and harm your sensitive information. While the hackers might not get a direct access to your iPhone, they might get access to your email account through which you opened the link. So, it is always safer for us to avoid opening such links which we found suspicious.

Thus, these were few tips that can help you secure your iPhone from the activities of the hackers. Try them to make your favourite iPhone secured against the hackers!


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