Artificial Intelligence and Online Marketing: The Connection in Future

The world has come a long way in the field of technology. Android, self-driving cars, Virtual Reality are some advancements worth mentioning. AI has emerged to extend the list. AI is, in fact, the most efficient and trending one of them all.

It has been a while now since AI has been influencing different spheres of our lives through the uses of big data, IoT and Machine Learning. The field of marketing is not an exception.


AI and Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the primary applications of AI. The marketing professionals depend on reaching people and cultivating relationships. AI is enabling marketing teams to process and act on customer data in a more efficient manner. AI is capable of identifying all the devices associated with the same person and unify data to track behaviors.

There is already a connection established between digital marketing and AI which is expected to grow with time. Predictive analytics, better customer experience, and target marketing are increasing ROI. Here are some possible predictions and connections that we are already noticing and that might reach new levels in the future:

1. Improved user experience

A great user experience keeps the audience coming to the website. A website should be easy to understand and navigate. With the use of AI in online marketing, it is going to be much easier to predict the behaviour of the buyers like search scope, interests, buyer persona etc. We can use these predictions to customize our websites form a marketing perspective.

Chatbots, automated response, augmented reality have helped increase customer engagement and satisfaction. Customer satisfaction and commitment should always be a top priority. And AI helps to get a grip on all these to provide customers with the excellent user experience. We can certainly hope to have more things like augmented reality applied to the market in the near future. AI is going to be one of the driving forces behind these technologies.

2. Predictive analysis

New data is continuously being generated for every time a user comes to your site. Users need, behaviors and probable future actions get revealed by this data. This information can be analyzed by AI to optimize marketing strategies.

These predictions also let you guess how people may react to a new product or service. Tools for studying the behaviour patterns are already there. Once you review the behaviour patterns of customers, it will be easy for you to create products or services. You can also make the necessary changes to a product before releasing it.

Predictive analysis will slowly reduce customers’ effort to find out the perfect product for their needs. Marketers need to continuously analyze the customers’ data to find out what type of products will work the best. AI will play a key role in the predictive analysis.

3. Content marketing

Content is the critical material for marketers. Content marketing aligned with AI can make a huge difference in business. AI empowered tools can now create contents for you. Substantial business contents are now built using these tools. But the more important application of AI will be content data analysis. AI can predict what type of content drives the most engagement for the particular type of businesses.

4. Personalized advertising

AI makes the search process faster. Customer data is available everywhere now. Machine learning helps marketers determine kinds of experiences customers prefer. Conventional surveys are no more needed.

Why personalized ads? Studies suggest that personal ads motivate customers to purchase products and services. Serving the needs of each customer in the old-fashioned survey-based manual way is not possible. AI takes the responsibility and does it for you. These customized, personalized ads will lead to even better engagement and conversion in the future.

5. Remarketing

We, the customers often tend to surf the internet for different purposes like buying something or get some service. You have certainly come through an incident that you liked something and wished to purchase and later on forgot the name of that exact thing.

You don’t even know where to find it, it just popped up, and you liked it. Luckily, AI has got your back. With AI’s powerful image recognition the next time you visit any of that site or something similar, you get to see that particular thing you liked through the image as AI notices your behavioural patterns.

Through image recognition, human faces and emotions can also be recognized. Image recognition can change the marketing sector a lot in the near future.

6. Enhanced customer service

In the future, most of the customer interactions will be handled without a human. Chatbots are currently providing customer service instead of humans. Use of chatbots ensures uninterrupted customer service. As a customer, you would certainly like to have better customer service. And that your business. With better customer service, comes satisfaction.

The chatbots cannot fully maintain customer service by themselves, but it will undoubtedly serve some conventional problems of the customers and marketers in general.

Thus AI can help marketers do their job more efficiently than humans. This increased efficiency makes it easy to build strong customer relationships and already having a high impact on the online marketing sector.


As stated above, AI has taken over different spheres of our lives, and online or digital marketing has already seen its effects. With the growing improvements in AI and the availability of huge consumer data, online marketing is expected to reach a whole new level in the near future. However, humans marketers will still have their place while AI will be increasing their efficiency.

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