Assessing Whether Audit and Assurance is Worth It for Your Company


As someone running a business, you want to do all you can to ensure you’re operating at peak efficiency. That means running successful ad campaigns and hiring the best employees. It means competing with other companies in your niche and expanding into new markets when the opportunity arises.

You might have heard about audit and assurance services some companies offer for your business. You may even have heard that some of these services can yield excellent results and help your bottom line.

Is it worth it to get them, though? We’ll break down these services and answer that question right now.

What Exactly Does Audit and Assurance Mean?

Audit and assurance services exist so companies can find out how they’re doing. It might seem obvious how your company is doing if you only look at things like whether you’re making a profit or not. That’s only one part of a larger picture, though.

An audit and assurance process is a validation service that a competent entity performs. They will scrutinize every aspect of how your company functions and they will look for inefficiency and redundancies. Once they find them, they can point them out to you, and you can make whatever changes you see fit.

Often, once a company you hire does the audit and assurance process, they will come up with a list of ways you can improve. It is your prerogative whether you want to follow their suggestions or not. Often, though, you’ll want to do what they say since it will mean more profit and a streamlined operation.

Are These Services Worth It?

The real question you’re probably asking is whether this service is worth it. Generally, it’s CPAs that perform these audit and assessment jobs. They know about financial matters and how an efficient corporate structure should operate.

If you just started your company, you probably don’t need these services yet. You have to establish a bit of a track record before any audit or assessment makes sense.

Once your company has been around for a while, though, you’re probably going to want to go through with one of these services every year, or even every six months. Every time you do, you can come away from the process noticing ways you can improve.

Just because you’re making a profit, that doesn’t mean you can’t do better. Also, if you decide not to go through with these services, you’ll never know if your tax status is where it should be. Getting a CPA to audit you is much better than waiting for the IRS to do it because there are some financial irregularities with your startup that have attracted its attention.

What’s the Main Reason to Get These Services?

We’ve already mentioned part of what makes an audit and assurance service worth it, but we haven’t even touched on their most vital function yet. A thorough audit and assurance service can often detect fraud, and that’s something any size company should fear.

There are all kinds of fraud that employees can try to get away with, and you don’t want to fall victim to it. Even if your workers are honest and are not doing anything underhanded, that does not mean one of your suppliers might not try something devious or suspicious.

You want to believe the best of people, but fraudulent activity does take place in the business world, and you need to figure out if any of that is happening within your company. The CPA companies that often conduct audit and assurance use advanced tools that almost always bring fraudsters to light.

Once you have found any fraud that’s happening, you can root it out. You can fire the employees you need to or stop doing business with any dishonest suppliers. You can even contact the authorities if necessary.

The longer your company has been in business, and the bigger and more successful it gets, the more you need these services. You can consider buying them success’s cost. You can also often write off these services, which comes in handy at tax time.

If this article did not convince you yet, look into some of these services to learn more about them. They can be a great tool to help your company reach heights you might not have dreamed of before. Once you get your first audit and assurance, you will probably realize that doing them regularly from now on can only help you.

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