Be a Successful First-Time Manager With These 7 Effective Practices

A proactive management is essential for any business. If people are in a given position to manage the company, it is typically reflective of their work ethics, performance, and intellect for helping and leading others whether directly or indirectly.

Undeniably, management will not be easy, as it demands such skills in some areas that require experience like communication, listening and motivating.

But every manager has to start around, and there are crucial steps that can make the process quite smoother. If you’re new to the management team, here are some of the things you have to keep in mind.

Embrace Proper Communication

Strive to be the best communicator, not only by being persuasive in your speech. As you go beyond, communicate every minor and major detail of a project, official announcements, and orders as precisely as possible. Thus, transparent communication drives a clear direction for your subordinates.

Moreover, consider making a two-way communication where you allow your subordinates to ask questions and give feedback. Through this way, you can get to your point across precisely and avoid all possible misunderstandings.

Continue Learning New Ideas

Perhaps one of the major mistakes you might do regardless of how high you are now in your life is believing that you have already learned everything. Indeed, this direct way of thinking affects your personality and character.

In more precise words, assuming that you have learned all things makes you stiff and arrogant. However, if you will consider yourself as a learner, humility remains a big part of your communication.

Surely, people like humble leaders, but on the other hand, you may already know about the people’s collective perception about irritable managers.

Get to Know The Business


You have to be prepared to discuss all the questions from your direct reports which take into record the broader aspect of the company. From culture to strategies and HR demands, you should know what is occurring throughout the business, so that you can make an informed decision while confidently offering direction.

Hence, spend time with your senior leaders and try to ask questions. Because the more knowledge you have, the more you can lead your team correctly.

Mingle With Each Employee

Being a manager doesn’t mean that you only have to stick on your job. You have to spend time with the employees so you can get to know what their responsibilities are, career goals, likes, and dislikes, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

Further, you may also want to know the names of their partners, pets, children, where they live, and all other things that are important to them so that you can establish a solid foundation of trust with them. Even if any of the employees is not much productive you should not be in hurry to fire him/her and try these five things first.

Remember Professionalism

Probably one of the most typical mistakes new managers can make is that they tend to be friends with their subordinates. This happening is hard particularly when you get promoted above your colleagues, and now you’re managing your friends who were once your peers.

Moreover, remember that you’re now in a position of authority and power, and being friends with an employee and not on another will create a perception of unfairness and favoritism. Still, you can be friends outside the company, but while you’re at work, always keep the professional interaction with everyone.

Have a Productive Meeting

One of the issues that can worsen the connection between the employees and the management is an inappropriate, non-productive, and repeated meetings. Meetings are essential even if other employees may not like them.

However, the only thing that should always be consistent in all meetings is the famous saying “time is money.” Thus, make your meetings productive and only conduct them when there is an urgent need to do so. If there is a minor issue but needs some strict monitoring, you can call a meeting but keep it short.

Opt to Ask Guidance


If your a first-time manager, one of the steps you have to take is to look for a mentor so you can ask guidance and questions if you’re facing a significant issue. In this case, look for someone who epitomizes the kind of manager that you want to be.

Furthermore, look for companies who have enough experience in handling a various set of financial and business related matters such as Ashe Morgan, so you will determine the pros and cons for managing specific situations in some particular ways.


Being a manager for the first time can be both challenging and exciting. It will require smarts to take the corporate ladder, but the transition into your new position involves mastering of a unique skill set. But regardless what kind of business or field you’re working in, those guides mentioned earlier will surely help you in your journey as a manager.

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